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  1. E

    JBL Bar 5.0 - Spotify connect broken

    Hey :) Since yesterday Spotify connect doesn‘t work anymore. I have nothing changed on the setup. I‘ve factory reseted the soundbar and also reseted the wifi many times. Also I‘ve reset the Wifi from the FRITZ!Box. I can only stream music over AirPlay from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Then the...
  2. M

    Spotify Connect

    Is it just me or does Spotify streaming at max 320kb sound artificially bright and processed? Listening on Kef LSX speakers.
  3. E


    Hi all. Been searching for days about this small but niggly issue… I have a Denon Home 250 which I use with Spotify connect on my iPhone. I have the Heos app installed but never use it as a control. First up, I hate queues or Spotify radio or any any algorithms that pick my music. I just...
  4. ahaydock

    Bluesound Node 2i: Apple Lossless Airplay Vs Spotify Connect?

    As the title says really curious to know technically which would sound better when using my Node 2i: Apple lossless via airplay using my iPhone or Spotify Connect?
  5. RBZ5416

    Autoplay on Spotify Connect

    Does anyone have this working on any device? When streaming directly to my laptop or phone, the autoplay feature works as it should. As soon as I connect either to my Arcam SR250 the feature is lost. It still shows as enabled in settings but playback stops at the end of an album. Google...

    Marantz NR1200 Spotify Connect display cycle

    I have the Marantz NR1200 with Dali Oberon 3 and I am very happy with this. When playing from Spotify Connect to the receiver, the display on the unit shows "Spotify". However, when pressing the status button on the unit, I can cycle through artist name, song name and album name. Apparently...
  7. T

    Spotify Connect - Schiit Modi3+ USB vs TV Toslink Help

    Hi Everyone, I need abit of help - Im new to this and abit confused. I've repurposed some old HiFi (Amp & Speaker) into my lounge. I recently purchased a schiit Modi 3+ DAC and have connected my NUC to it via USB and my TV via Toslink. Ive got Spotify on my NUC, and Spotify on my Sony TV...
  8. Wulbert

    Question Yamaha RX-V479 no longer showing in Spotify Connect ?

    My Yamaha RX-V479, A/V receiver is no longer showing as an available device in Spotify. I can connect to it via Airplay but not with Spotify Connect (which I prefer to use). It simply not showing in the "Devices Available" menu in Spotify. It was working yesterday but not today. Earlier today...
  9. the groundsman

    Spotify Connect on Chromecast Audio

    Is it just me or is anyone else struggling with this over the last day or so. CCA's connect and disconnect again after a few seconds. I managed to get music to play by using the google home app to control playback but it all stops working if you open the spotify app on my android phone or on the PC.
  10. Ugg10

    New Spotify Connect function ?

    Just noticed on my PC version of Spotify I can now select connected players (Echo Dot, Chromecast Audio etc.) from the menu in the bottom right hand corner. IIRC this was previously disabled and only worked on mobile devices (IOS/Android) but did not work on PC (Windows) due to MS/Spotify...
  11. J

    Denon receiver, Spotify Connect and Harmony Elite volume control woes

    I have a Denon avr-x2500h receiver which I often use to play content directly via Spotify Connect from my phone. Unfortunately the Spotify app on my phone will only adjust the volume on the receiver by increments of 6, which is far too great. I use a Harmony Elite remote and app which normally...
  12. F

    Cheap(ish) Spotify connect with digital out?

    Since the Pro-Ject S2 Ultra doesn't do spotify connect, I'd like to hunt down a cheap-ish spotify connect stream with digital out (DAC quality not important) so guests can stream and I can easily from spotify. Any suggestions (~£200)?
  13. I

    Marantz SR5013 Spotify Connect issue

    I did a HEOS upgrade in my AV amplifier today. After done, I cannot play music from my mobile phone by using Spotify Connect to the amplifier. Anyone encountered similar issue? I already reboot my amplifier and Spotify can play music when using airplay but not Spotify Connect.
  14. toon10

    Question Integrated Amp with DAC and Streaming suggestions

    I’m looking to upgrade my Yamaha RN-602 amplifier but I want to retain the some of the same features. As good as the Yamaha is, I can’t help but feel I can get a better and punchier sound by throwing some more money at my setup. It needs to be able to drive my Monitor Audio Silver 6 floor...
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