1. P

    Help! Panasonic TX-40GX800B dark spot

    I have a recently new TV (2 years, old this Jan) and it has developed a dark patch just off centre to the left. I have attached a photo, which I hope can be seen. I've played with settings and it appears to not be stuck pixels. I'm curious if it's to do with my wife using a surface wipe to clean...
  2. I

    X marks the spot! Two Total Solar Eclipses in the same area! Only seven years apart!

    A very rare event will happen on the 8th April 2024 in that in one area on that date in 2024 is that a Total Solar Eclipse will happen for the second time in part of the USA only seven years apart as this same area had a Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st August 2017. Considering that a Total Solar...
  3. M

    Yellow Spot on TW5900

    Hi, My Epson EH-TW5900 is nine years old with about 515 hours on the original lamp. A yellow spot has suddenly appeared on the image. Nothing is on the lense and the filters are clean. I know the projector is old now, but any suggestions on how I might be able to cost effectively repair it...
  4. T

    new extension - Alexa, Spot lights, music sync etc. - advice, recommendation

    Hi all i am in the process of having a new extension done, a kitchen and diner area i like the look of the philips hue lights and would consider having something that would set the mood/tone in the room and possibly with music just for fun. we already have Alexa, but can you recommend anything...
  5. A

    Bright spot on my Samsung QN95A, would you return it?

    I believe I have a very uniform panel but there is a white spot that it's bothering me a little bit. I mostly use this tv for web browsing and due to the white background of most websites, I find noticeable when there is a white background or another solid background and I scroll, because...
  6. cliffflip

    Dirt Spot on Sony X800H

    Hi, I have 6 months old Sony Bravia 55" X800H, and I've been using it almost every day. Just a few hours ago when I'm setting it up for remote play (both Steam and AMD Link) I noticed some "dirt spot" on the top right area on the TV. It looks clear on a game menu with solid colors (FIFA 21), and...
  7. K

    LG 65OLED CX black spot remains for few hours and then dissapear.

    My TV is 2 weeks old. This weekend i have noticed, in right corner of tv there are some pixels which are not responding to TV light. After few hours it dissapears. But, when there is anything in TV with black lines/title in 16:9 and then is another content with full screen, it is there again...
  8. S

    oled 55cx6la - black spot on the edge of the screen. Cluster of dead pixels?

    Hi, new member here (with concerns). Yesterday I saw a strange black spot on the right edge of the screen, not sure if it’s a cluster of dead pixels or something else. Took a while to realize that it was permanent. I have switched between different sources (tv and xbox mainly) with no change. Do...
  9. fakhruddinhd

    Phillips TV has White light spot

    Hello, I have a Phillips 49 inch Smart TV and for a few days now, a white light is visible on the TV left bottom corner. Can anyone help as to what it could be and how it could be fixed.
  10. G

    Sitting in a null spot -thoughts?

    So it seems my main seating position is in a bass null spot, and i'm wondering if you have any thoughts or advice as to how best approach / correct it? The LFE is most prevelant along all walls and within 45 - 50cm of these boundaries, with the most obvious null spot occuring in the centre of...
  11. KevMitch73

    White spot on Samsung tv

    We’ve had this UE55HU6900UXXU for around 6 years now without problem or fault. Just today we've noticed a white spot appear near the top of the screen.o_O Is this a common issue and is it terminal?:(
  12. Robothamster

    Black Spot (Zone Blanche) - Netflix

    Can't find a thread about this, but have been watching this French thriller series over the last week, really enjoying it. There's some sublime camerawork at work, the director of photography should be commended. Anyone else seen it? There's two seasons available, 1st from 2017 and 2nd from...
  13. G

    Question Need some advice reagrding darker spot on corners

    So as I've stated in the title, I've recently bought Samsung Ru7100 LED TV, about a month ago. But I can't help but notice that, there are dark corners on the bottom left of the screen. So guys, I just want some suggestion as to whether I should get it replaced. As one of the Samsung engineers ...
  14. u8myufo

    Cormorant eyeing up a potential landing spot.

    My entry for this months comp. Techy bit. Nikon D500 + 200-500mm @500mm ISO-900 F8 1/3200 Custom white balance Basic adjustments in Lightroom
  15. Aggrajag

    Sweet spot is very small

    Hi all, I've got 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos and it sounds phenomenal. It's pretty cheap setup in a small room, using Pioneer VSX 933 and 8 Wharfedale speakers. I live alone so it's not often an issue, but the sweet spot is literally one place in the middle of my settee. If I have guests they lose some...
  16. icemanonline

    Lonesome Cruise ship heading East.... Can you spot it?

    This was shot taken today looking east at a monument just east of Musselburgh..... I captured the most lonely looking cruise ship heading back east ..... Great part of the world.... Shot taken with Pocophone F1 Ice Can you spot it?
  17. D

    SafeKodi: Researchers Help Kodi Users to Spot Malicious Addons ?

    Question Best LED spotlights, which are also best value

    LED spotlights, as there's so many on the market need some advice on what to go for :thumbsdow also best value. Cool White for Kitchen, bathrooms & Warm White for living and bedrooms Help for any help / advice :thumbsup:
  19. L

    Question Dolby Atmos sweet spot

    Hello, i would like to get some Dolby Atmos for home Theater, so i know, that will be only compromise comparison to Cinema. No way to install in ceiling. I could put it only Enabled speakers on the front speakers or hang the elevation speakers on the wall. On the front speakers: Angel of enabled...
  20. mitch23

    Echo Show, Spot or Dot?

    Hi There, Looks like Amazon is almost dominating the smart speaker space. There are different varieties in the market like Echo Show, Spot, and Dot, and they all seem to be doing the same things but differ in sizes. If you are to purchase what would you be recommending?
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