1. VieiraG

    55'' TV for restaurant <600€

    Hi, My family have a restaurant and 2 of the tvs are reaching their end. Given the fact that black friday is almost here and some discounts are already up, is there any sugestions on which TVs we should aim for? They dont need to be fancy, but low latency would be good since its mainly for...
  2. I

    Coronavirus: Unvaccinated Adults Could Be Barred From Sports Venues If Pandemic Worsens! As in the title: Unvaccinated adults could be barred from sports venues if pandemic worsens. I wasn't sure whether to post this thread in the AV Sports...
  3. E

    Sony KE-55A UHD

    Hi Forum Recently purchased the Sony KE-55A8, I have used Calibration settings found on this website but having some issues. When I watch any UHD content via my Sky Q box the picture goes very dark and colours seem to be muted. Also the picture does not appear to be very sharp. I'm looking...
  4. BorisBlade69

    Please help! On a rollercoaster with tv choice and want to get off!

    I purchased a 75 inch LG nano90 from Costco that took 16 days to arrive and then broke after 2 days, I swiftly returned it for a full refund. To be honest I rushed in to that purchase because the tv had all the features I was looking for a lowish price. The tv will be used for watching football...
  5. S

    Which 55” tv for sports please?

    Hi Everybody, I hope you’re all well. :) I am looking to purchase a 55” tv predominantly for watching sports, mainly football and tennis. I’ll be using virgin media and Amazon prime, with some Netflix and other streaming. I do watch some other non-sports programming too and the occasional 4K...
  6. S

    Sky sports news

    Any thoughts about watching sky sports news on oled. Any worries about burn in I thought it would be ok as adverts every 10 / 15mins
  7. markb1980

    Sky Sports UHD low volume

    Can anyone else confirm if when you go to UHD on sky sports footy the volume level is lower than the HD version? Only noticed this over the past week?
  8. funkyirishman

    TV For Spare room Streaming/ Sports / Wall Mount

    Looking for recommendations for 32+ tv or nothing to big for spare room for use as spare tv for streaming and sports. Will be attaching a Chromecast to it so also looking for tv with usb hubs and hdmi and wifi enabled. Also want to mount it on the wall Any suggestions? Cheers
  9. TheyCallMeTJ

    Looking for a sports/fitness buddy for various sports VR games on such as Eleven or Racket Fury

    Hi guys I have a PSVR and Quest 2. On PSVR have lost several pounds during lockdown, playing Racket Fury with a regular buddy. We set time and day and meet up 3-4 times a week for average one hour sessions. Making specific timed arrangements for matches and being competitive with sports...
  10. M

    43" for movies and sports

    Viewing distance is 10.5ft although the maximum size I can fit against the wall is 43". Viewing angle is 20 degrees from the centre point. Content is movies/TV series on Blu-ray and watching football. I've read the guides and various threads and wondered the following: 1. Since the general...
  11. A

    Best for Sports viewing and reflection, where to see in a shop

    Hi I am looking for the best TV to deal with reflection from a window and for viewing of sport, i.e. football and cricket. Also where to actual see the picture on a TV. I have been looking at a 55" Samsung 90T or a Sony XH950. Trouble is I can't find anywhere that has a setup that lets you...
  12. Slugsy01

    Is BFI really useful for Sky Sports viewing?

    Hi all I want a 77” set and to be quite honest, I want a Sony or Panasonic as I prefer their motion processing. That being said, Panasonic don’t do 77” sets so it’s back to a Sony. I can get the AG9 at a really good price but it’s a 2019 set and there is something irrational inside me about...
  13. plucas62

    New LG sports alert feature. Will the 2019 lg's get this feature also?

    I was wondering if the 2019 LG oleds will get the new sports alert feature like the 2020 models.
  14. TheyCallMeTJ

    Keeping/getting fit at home with competitive VR sports and fitness games

    Hey guys Being a very active competitive sports person (squash, cricket, badminton, table tennis) for 4-5 times a week, this lockdown had initially got me pretty depressed! Thank god for my Playstation VR headset. There are VR sports games on all VR platforms that give you quite a workout and...
  15. Q

    Question Samsung QE43Q60 Best setting for Sports

    Watching football via any Sky HD channels on this TV is fine however when watching football on a non HD channel the quality of the picture is poor. Especially on the traditional high pitch shot, the players look blurry and it isn't great. Does anyone have a list of settings I can try to see if I...
  16. cervo06

    Question TV for sports/gaming

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new TV (50" 4K). I'll be mostly watching sports and playing games (PS4, eventually PS5), with movies/TV shows occasionally. I've read, that 100Hz is ideal for sports, however I'm not sure how much of a difference it is and if it's worth the price. I've been looking at...
  17. T

    Sports Photography

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? We are looking for a new camera which will primarily be used for taking photographs of our sons rugby matches and then sharing online. We are currently using a Canon SX510 but we are looking to upgrade. We have a budget of around £500. Any help...
  18. petow23

    Advice for a 65" TV

    I am in search of a new 65" TV. My biggest concern is that it looks good when watching sports, especially hockey and motocross. I would also like it too look good for TV and movies, but sports are definitely more important. Low input lag would be a plus, but don't game that much. My budget would...
  19. KidGnome

    Question Considering 55' NU8000 and Q7FN, what is the best choice?

    I'm about to buy a 55' model and I'm stuck with the choice between NU8000 and Q7FN (I have a good deal for these 2 television at my local shop). The Q7FN would cost me 50% more than the NU8000 model, 1.135 euros vs 740 euros (respectively 1314 dollars and 857 dollars). The tv would go in my...
  20. CanoePolo

    Set up for 4 Live Streaming Cameras for Sports event

    Hi I'm planning on setting up a live stream for a large sporting event. We would like to provide 4 static cameras on individual youtube streams. All I have so far is running Cat6 to a computer and somehow connecting to 4 IP cameras (probably HD-IP Mini Bullet Camera 4MP, IR 15m, POE) with...
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