1. J

    Question Bluetooth Headphones for Sport

    I have had a pair of Sennheiser MM100 for a number of years now, and they've served me well, they are good for gym, running and cycling, they sound pretty decent, they fit with a helmet, and they are fully open so I never feel isolated from my surroundings. However they recently got broken, and...
  2. I

    Wanted Now TV Sport pass

    As title anyone got one or two for a fiver each......
  3. A

    For Sale Apple Series 4 S4 Watch - 44mm Spare Gray / Grey GPS Aluminium Black Sport Band MU6D2B/A

    Apple S4 GPS watch in Grey (44mm). Was purchased in Feb 2019 from Argos and only selling due to not wearing it (hasn't been on my wrist in the past 6 months)... Due to this, it is in superb condition with no signs of wear. There are no scratches / dents anywhere that I can see with only the...
  4. lee1980

    For Sale PS4 Pro 1tb White & Gran Turismo Sport, Hidden Agenda games

    For sale used PS4 Pro in white, hardly used as never got back in to gaming, bought as PS3 died and wanted to try 4k gaming. White case has some marks but other wise ok with one white PS4 controller, power supply not sure if have any other cables/accessories it came with and the above games...
  5. W

    For Sale Now TV Sky Sport Day Pass £5

    Hi Guys. I have 7 x Sky sport day pass via Nowtv Happy to send upfront before payment to apply to your account. Just in time for the F1 weekend :) £5 each. ------- Mod Booyaka has given me permission to list x7 Prior to my previous completed post. Thanks
  6. paulyoung666

    Wanted Now tv sport passes....

    As per title , what ya got !!!!
  7. shelfsider

    Question NowTv Sport 3 month for £25. A question. (answered)

    Has anyone signed up for this. I may be missing something but I'm trying to get my head around whether or not I have to commit to the full 3 months? Or can I get it for the 1st month then cancel and just pay the 1st £25? I know it says cancel anytime but that doesnt necessarily mean I'm not...
  8. andy85wsm

    Looking for new 65" (Movies, Sport and general use)

    Hi all, We have a 6+ year old 46" Samsung that I'm looking to replace with an upgrade. We're only sat around 4 metres (13ft) from the TV so I think 75" might be a bit too big, but I'd like to go 65". Most of the use is for general TV, although I watch a lot of football (soccer) and we do...
  9. LeftyXXIII

    Gran Turismo Sport - 2020 Racing

    New thread to keep the TT one strictly for TT talk... Having used the first session as a bit of a feeler and gathering the feedback from here and work, I've got something that'll work. Time: Thursday @ 7.50pm Practice - 10 minutes Qualifying - 6 minutes Main Event - 12 laps Sprint Race - 5...
  10. A

    How to Amazon prime Sport on an Amazon Firestick

    My Firestick is approx. 4 years old. I can get access to Sport on Amazon Prime using the Amazon Prime App on my TV and also on an I-Pad. However on the firestick, the menu is different and Sport is missing. Can anyone please advise how to get Sport on the Firestick
  11. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bang & Olufsen announces Beoplay E8 Sport earphones

    Danish premium audio company Bang & Olufsen has announced its first true wireless luxury sports earphones - the Beoplay E8 Sport. Read the news.
  12. louisg

    32" TV for garden bar. Only to be used for watching sport

    Hi All, I have a small garden bar being delivered this week and would like to fit a 32" TV in there. I'm mainly going to use it for watching sport so motion is my main concern. I know the smaller TV's are not so good. Could anyone advise whats a good budget screen to go for? I'm not concerned...
  13. B

    Any Discovery Sport owners in?

    Looking to sell my Discovery 3 and get a Discovery Sport, any owners on here? Any feedback appreciated.
  14. Torres 76

    For Sale Resident Evil 3, Blair Witch, PES 2020, Red Dead, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Uncharted

    Hi All I have the following games for sale. Either mint or sealed. Resident Evil 3 (Sealed) £30 Blair Witch (Sealed) £20 Uncharted 4 (Sealed) £11 Driveclub £10 Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 £23 Gran Turismo Sport £12 Call of Duty WWII £9 Red Dead Redemption 2 £17 Uncharted Collection 1st design...
  15. M

    The Cheapest You can get BT Sport on Sky TV or any other platform?

    Wanted to see what monthly price other people have managed to get BT Sport on Sky tv or any other platform? Ive been offered BT sport on SKY for £11 a month, is this a good deal Anyone else been able to get it cheaper? I know it's offered via the app for £9 but my dad would have trouble...
  16. M

    43" UHD recommendations - Freesat, Netflix, Plex, iPlayer, Sport c.£500

    Hi all, in a bit of a dilemma at the moment - I am picking a TV for someone else here that I am giving as a gift so my usual criteria is out the window. Basically my brother in law is having a hard time with covid ongoing (recently self employed = no government handout, his wife had a stroke a...
  17. JabbaNut

    Sky Sports, BT Sport no live sport but no refund ( not just football )

    " As well as the Premier League being suspended, the likes of F1, Test cricket, Six Nations rugby, golf and tennis tournaments have also all been postponed. Meanwhile high-profile US sporting leagues including the NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS have all been placed on hiatus, whilst the March Madness...
  18. T

    Question Bt sport app

    Does anyone know how I download bt sport on a Panasonic smart tv?
  19. B

    Anyone owned a Discovery Sport?

    Thinking of going from my 2005 Discovery 3 to a Discovery Sport, anyone got one? Feedback appreciated. Need an SUV, 4X4 and has to have 7 seats, any other alternatives. Thanks
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sky announces combined Sky Sports and BT Sport packages

    Sky and BT have entered into an agreement that will place Sky Sports and BT Sports channels together in new subscription packages for the very first time on Sky TV. Read the news.
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