1. nonsoloinglese

    BT sport via EE or pay the £25

    Hi all, Having not been on EE for a few years, what are the limitations of the BT sport smart benefit? Am I able to log in on my Samsung tv/Apple TV? I am seeing conflicting information that you can only view on the phone and would need to pay even more to have a login etc. thanks!
  2. la gran siete

    WiFi extenders BT sport programes pixelating badly

    Hi, I recently replaced my Plusnet router and Youview box with one provided by BT and since then the programmes have been virtually unwatchable due to endless pixelating. I use a couple of BT Homespot 600 Wi-Fi extenders( one for the TV the other the router) which are on different ring mains...
  3. S

    Help with pixelating green salad pitch why watching sport

    Help please I'm watching sport through IPTV on fire cube and pitch looks so pixaley and there is a fuzz around the players can anyone please help
  4. A

    is the price enough to choose Hisense 55U8QF

    Hello Everyony, Honestly, I'm going to lose my eyes from reading and comparing the two devices. Today, the exact price for Hisense 55U8QF is 599 euros, and it is an offer on Amazon and Sony 55XH9005 is 830 euros, it is the normal price and there are no offers on Sony at all, the price is fixed...
  5. tonyadamson

    Nvidia Shield Pro BT Sport Ultimate

    Evening all, I've scanned through the forum but can't find an answer to my question so here goes. Can anyone confirm either way if BT Sports Ultimate (4K HDR, Atmos etc) works on the 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro? I have the BT Sport app. I have my BT Sport monthly pass. I have BT Sport channels in...
  6. brandy123

    Sport deals ?

    Hi guys I currently pay around £46 a month for sky tv but no sports sub, so my question is is their a good price going around to get all sky sports channels for a good price, I see it’s around £25 a month on their website but don’t really want to pay that much, I already have Bt sports app with...
  7. I

    Remember the 1962-1963 Winter and how all sport suffered during the big freeze?

  8. D

    Kia Soul EV Sport mode

    I have a Sport mode on my Soul EV. However I can't convince myself whether it actually increases the acceleration or simply makes the accelerator pedal more sensitive. In the absence of a safe strip of tarmac where I can do comparative tests 0-60, can anyone tell me the answer to this please.
  9. S

    heathaze around players when watching live sport on Amazon firestick 4k

    Hi Can anyone advise whats causing this?...I was watching the England match on my OPTOMA UHD51 through my Amazon firestick 4K and the players looked like they had a heathaze around them and the picture was skipping quickly rather than smoothly...can you advise what the settings on the firestick...
  10. GhostRider17

    Easiest way to stream BT Sport?

    Hey guys I'm not a sports fan but my Dad is and he wants to get BT Sport. His tv is a "smart" TV but not android and the BT Sport app isn't available on the TV. Would anyone recommend the cheapest way to get BT Sport on his TV? I suggested buying an Amazon Firestick as I've heard that it...
  11. M

    BT Sport app on Apple TV > Sonos - commentary during games only coming through the rear channels

    Hi, when watching football through the BT Sport app on my Apple TV, during the buildup everything sounds normal. As soon as it's handed over to the game commentary team and the game kicks off all ambient sounds come through the soundbar and the commentary and noise of the ball kicks etc come...
  12. bobbymax

    another 1 day sport pass question?

    I have just purchased a 1-day sports pass through PayPal to watch a specific football match. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to show on either my LG smart TV ( with NOW icon) or my smartphone? Can anyone enlighten me please before the match starts, Or if not, how I can get a refund? Thanks in...
  13. jambomakaveli

    32” tv.... bad frame rate, sport terrible!

    Recently bought a tv for the kitchen dinette area... that way the wife can mostly use the living room tv. Due to space, and it being wall mounted we only wanted a 32”. wife went to Tesco and bought a: sharp 32” lcd. Model number : 32BC2KO seemed ok at first until I started watching any sort...
  14. N

    Sigma 150-600 Sport. Zoom stuck between 500 and 600mm. Help please!

    Hi All. I have a Sigma 150-600mm sport lens that has been well treated and not yet used in any difficult conditions. It's been sat in it's case in a cupboard for the last 6 months. When put away, it was working fine. Bringing it out today for testing I've noticed that the zoom is stuck between...
  15. Howardfh

    Watching sport - the next immediate future?

    Gibraltar FA are allowing fans in for their game on Tuesday v Netherlands. Thought it might be of interest the protocol fans have to go through to get in; From the GFA; Some points - virtually all residents in Gibraltar have had the vaccine; but if this is the new future for the UK even after...
  16. T

    Adding BT Sport to my sky account

    How do I add my BTSport account to y SkyQ account
  17. C

    BT Sport app and UHD on PUS8505

    Hi, Is anybody using the BT Sport app on this TV and have you got access to the UHD channel? I can get the UHD channel on my BT UHD Box but it does not appear in the app....
  18. C

    Bt sport deals

    Hi folks what's the best way to get a deal on BT Sport on sky Q box ? I phoned sky they said £25 a month & BT said £20 and i have BT broadband, I found this quite expensive? Any ways to get a deal? (dont really want to use just via the app,)
  19. D

    BT Sport to air England cricket from West Indies and NZ
  20. D

    Bargain BT Sport offers 26 Premier League game for £25
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