1. Quofoot

    Y Splitter from Pre-amp

    Hi, I wish to connect both a sub and a power amp from the pre-out of my Audiolab 8000a with a splitter. Should the pos/neg of the rca connectors be connected as you would normally or can they be connected so they are on the same splitter? I.E the sub is on one splitter the amp on the other...
  2. AntJone

    Should I Remove My Aerial Splitter to Improve Picture

    We have a splitter for the aerial signal which feeds 3 sockets around the house. Only one of these sockets is used. Would I improve my signal by i) Disconnecting the cables to the unused sockets? ii) Cutting out the splitter completely - connecting aerial to socket cable directly. Picture of...
  3. G

    Good HDMI splitter to scart that works.

    I got a hdmi splitter a while back that worked briefly but now the scart part no longer outputs anything and it gets hot. Can anyone recommend a hdmi to scart splitter that works?
  4. metalpaul1000

    4k HDMI splitter

    Hi I have too many devices for my tv Does anyone have any recommendations for a HDMI splitter for my ps5 and series x. I also want to attach my uhd player and Apple TV. So 4:1 would prob be what I’m after. My TV is the 55” Sony xh9505 I don’t want to lose any quality so just wondering if...
  5. BeatleBen

    Can a Hdmi splitter seperate sound for 4K TV and 1080P soundbar for 4K console?

    Hi I have a Panasonic 4K TV which I have a 4K games console connected to. I also have a Yamaha YSP-2200 with 1080P HDMI ports. I currently have the console directly connected to the 4K TV via HDMI and the soundbar delivers the sound from the console via the TV's HDMI Arc. Unfortunately the...
  6. Timmy C

    IR extender, coax splitter picture interference issue, Can anyone help?

    I'll try and keep this brief but don't want to miss out any important detail so sorry if it's a long read for a simple question. I ditched Sky and now have a centrally located Youview box (BT 2100) feeding TV's all around the house via HDMI extender/CAT5 baluns. The box is controlled with...
  7. Z

    4k 120hz Splitter - Connecting MU7000 55in to Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip + One Connect

    Hello friends, I have a 55inch Samsung MU7000. I believe I am looking for a "1 in 2 out splitter" and have a question about if you think it would work, (and where to find the right splitter!). I have recently purchased the Hue Gradient 55in lighting pack for my TV, but completely forgot...
  8. Member 749941

    Is there even such a thing as an rca splitter cable with a diode to prevent signals track the wrong way?

    I have an old analogue amp that ive had since the 70s and now using it in my man cave It doesn't have many phono sockets but have quite a few jiggers running through the aux in, but not at the same time I dont really want a switcher I am using a standard rca splitter cable, which works, but the...
  9. A

    HDMI Splitter help

    I am after a HDMI splitter. I have looked online and see ones for around £15. I have purchased one however due to also connecting IR on them so I can change chanels from the bedrooms. The TV seems to crackle as if interference is running through. All HDMIs are new within 3 months so are the IR...
  10. W

    HDMI splitter with manual selector

    Are there splitters 1 into 2 that have selector switch????I use mirror for TV and don't need 2 screens going all the time...
  11. scromer17

    HDMI splitter and long cables

    We bought the Rocket fish HDMI splitter for 4K we have two Samsung TVs that we want to use this for, one cable is 50ft long and the other is 25ft long because of the size of the room and how we need to use it, are these too long for the signal? If so is there something we can do so it works? Its...
  12. D

    For Sale HDFury 4K Splitter Scaler

    Bought this about a month ago, but I dont need it anymore. Cost £93 from Amazon: HDFury 4K Ultra-HD 1 x2 PRO HDMI Splitter Up and Downscaling Resolutions of up to 4K / UHD / 2160 p Looking for £40 delivered
  13. C

    HDMI 1x2 Splitter Output Loss to Raspberry Pi

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with our issue. Our company uses 1x2 HDMI Splitters and on all 15+ units in use we are intermittently losing feed on one of the outputs. Specifically, the video feed is being lost on a Raspberry Pi module that is encoding our video feed. We have also run the...
  14. K

    Will an HDMI Splitter/Audio Extractor Solve my problem?

    Hello, Just wondering if an HMDI splitter or Audio Extractor will fix my problem. 1. I have a Yamaha YSP-2500 soundbar, it does not support HDCP 2.2 (meaning netflix will not work in 4k when nvidia shield is directly connected to soundbar). The soundbar does support most of the surround...
  15. D

    Which splitter for this setup?

    Also would it even work? The soundbar will send the audio into my satelitte receiver? without any loss of quality?
  16. T

    sound bar arc issues with splitter

    hi, new to the forum, so apologies if posting in the wrong section. we have a samsung 55" tv with a LG soundbar connected to the hdmi1/arc socket. in the 2nd hdmi port on the tv we have the freesat box. all worked fine, soundbar turns on and off with tv, sound fine etc. we have now connected a...
  17. D

    Need a flexible HDMI splitter,...

    I have just moved from Sky Q to a Virgin V360 box located centrally in my house. I have 3 TV's located around the house. Main TV, Samsung 65" supports 4K Secondary TV: Samsung 55" supports up to 1080p Third TV: An old Pioneer 50" Plasma, has HDMI inputs, but highest resolution is 1080i /...
  18. J

    Need help finding: 4k HDR HDMI splitter (matrix) with CEC and HDR to SDR tone mapping capability

    Hi Guys, I am new here. I am currently looking for a 4k HDR HDCP 2.2/2.3 HDMI splitter (or matrix) that has HDMI-CEC and HDRtoSDR tone mapping to 1080P capability that does not break the bank, meaning >$300. Anyone aware of such a device existing? I can only find either devices that have the...
  19. D

    AV Amp vs HDMI splitter

    Afternoon guys, Time for change it seems. My 2 channel stereo amp can no longer accommodate our needs, or does it ??... Some years back I did away with the old AV amp and kept things 2 channel, with a decent Rotel integrated. As my son is now enjoying his games, we have a lack of HDMI...
  20. S

    HDMI Switch or splitter ??

    I have recently installed an Epson projector alongside my tv and am looking to install a switch for alternating between the TV and projector... After looking at a few posts on here about similar products i am none the wiser, ideally i would like the switch to be remotely activated but all of the...
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