1. S

    Question [SOLVED] HDMI 2.1 Splitter (for PS5) - any available?

    I've got my PS5 connected directly to my LG C9 OLED through HDMI 3 input. Works well, great picture, reasonable sound through TV's optical out. My 2012 Pioneer LX-85 has everything else (region-free blu ray player, Nintendo Switch, HTPC, retro-games console) connected to it, then to the TV into...
  2. S

    Question [SOLVED] HDMI 2.1-capable splitter for PS5 - does one exist?

    I've got my PS5 connected directly to my LG C9 OLED through HDMI 3 input. My 2012 Pioneer LX-85 has everything else (region-free blu ray player, Nintendo Switch, HTPC, retro-games console) connected to it, then to the TV into HDMI 2, which support ARC (*not eARC). Trouble is, with this setup...
  3. S

    HDMI splitter issue

    Hi, I have an issue with the HDMI splitter on my current set up. I have a Samsung smart tv with 3 HDMI sockets & wanted to set up as follows HDMI 1 Amazon firestick HDMI 2 splitter (ONE FOR ALL - SV1630 3-Port HDMI Switch) for Sky Q box & SONY - UBP-X500 4K Ultra HD 3D Blu-ray & DVD Player...
  4. H

    HDMI splitter recommendations

    I have bought a Sonos Arc to go with my Hisense 65u8qftuk TV. I know there are known issues with lip sync with Sky Q and am thinking of getting an Arcana HDfury to resolve this. Can any recommend an HDMI splitter to go with this, ideally 3 in 1 out?
  5. Teggo


    Hi all, my brother as a tv with only 1 HDMI port ,anyone recommend a splitter for say 3/5,he got this off ebay but its u/s so going back.
  6. bellso

    HDMI splitter?

    Hi all I have a new Series S in the kitchen that i connect to my 4K 60HZ TV for casual gaming. Also have a 1440p gaming monitor that i wheel in attached to my racing cockpit for racing games. Is there a cost effective splitter out there that can split 1 in to 2 out to satisfy the above and...
  7. eastsoutheast

    Question HDMI splitter

    My LG77CX only has 4 HDMI inputs and my processor is too old to have HDMI inputs. I am looking for a high quality 3/4 in 1 out HDMI splitter. I have one which I used with my pioneer KRP600 that claims it supports 4K but it does not work. I want it to pass audio via HDMI as well as video so the...
  8. B

    Splitter Buying help 2 monitors 4k60hz and 1080P 120hz 8M cable to 4K

    Hello all, I am in need or help. There is so many options out there for splitters and I am having trouble finding what I need buying in Canada. I have Xbox Series X 1 - 4K 60HZ TV on 25ft HDMI 2.0 Cable 1 - 1080P 120HZ gaming monitor 3ft away from Xbox I want to have both monitors hooked up...
  9. B

    HDMI Splitter Query

    Hi All Quick question for you lot that I’m hoping you can help me with regarding HDMI splitters. Does anyone know if there are any HDMI splitters on the market that support 4K at 120Hz, and if so where can I find them? It must be a splitter, not a switch, and ideally would like it to accommodate...
  10. INXS

    Single 4K HDMI output on AV so will a 'normal' splitter get a signal to a projector 10m away?

    Might treat myself to a 1080p projector and fancy screen in the new year but don't want to get a new AV just to have two HDMI outputs. As you can see from my sig, I have the Sony STRDH790. Forgive my ignorance, but is a POWERED splitter necessary to get the signal to the projector - which is...
  11. cineman

    Confused dot com (over 4K/UHD/1080P hdmi splitter)

    Hi. I have a system where I had a Sky HD box and a Sony blu ray player feeding into both a Sony HDTV and an Optoma/Themescene 720P projector. I had a perfectly fine switchbox handling these feeding duties, with no problems and thought that it would still work for my new setup. This is the same...
  12. daba1955

    Inexpensive video splitter - 2 TVs

    Hi all, couldn't find a suitable category for this post, if it needs moving, feel free to do so. I'm looking for a video splitter (HDMI) to split a video signal across 2 portrait orientated TVs. The TVs will be "side-by-side" (actually top-to-bottom) and located in a restaurant window. The...
  13. T

    HDMI Splitters

    Hi All, I use my Sonia Bravia effectively as a monitor, getting its signal via an HDMI lead from my Virgin V6 Box. I want to send the same signal, from the same single source, to a nearby (about 2 metres) smaller LG TV, which has an option to receive a signal via an HDMI port. Is there any...
  14. HelloShaun

    Question Freeview and Freesat passthrough?

    I have a new LG TV which has built in Freeview and Freesat tuners but I also have Humax 2000T and Foxsat boxes. I'm being lazy here and wonder if anyone knows if I can pass the aerial feeds from each box in to the TV to feed its tuners as I would like the options to record on each box but...
  15. Music Video

    HDMI Splitter with audio output

    Could anyone recommend a good HDMI splitter, possibly with analog audio output? Thanks.
  16. A

    HDMI Splitter - Connecting to 3 monitors help needed please :)

    Is there a HDMI splitter out there that provides 4k @ 60hz and 1080p @ 120hz while connected to 3 outputs? The outputs I want to have connected to my PS5 are: 1. 1080p 144hz monitor - used for competitive gaming 2. 4k 60 hz monitor - used for casual gaming 3. 4k Smart TV 60hz - used when I...
  17. G

    HDMI Splitter

    Hi, I bought an HDMI splitter () to connect a PS3 and PS4 to a Yamaha soundbar. The PS4 is fine but the PS3 is not displaying on the TV. The PS3 was originally connected directly to the soundbar and the PS4 also works fine on it's own. Is there an output setting for the PS3 that needs to be...
  18. B

    PS5 HDMI 2.1 / HDR / optical splitter box?

    Afternoon. My PS5 will be turning up on Thursday, and with the lack of optical output on the console, I need a good HDMI 2.1 / optical splitter box as my amp is quite old and doesn't support HDR passthrough I think (Pioneer VSX-924). In the past, I've always connected my PS4 Pro straight to the...
  19. sjackson

    Recommend Sky Q UHD HDMI Splitter or Switch

    I'm considering ordering Sky Q UHD but I'll need it in multiple rooms. Not that multiple people want to watch it, but I want the ability to watch sports in the sitting room or while I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen. Ideally it would be a 1 in, 3 out device but I could live with 2 outputs. I'm...
  20. b7evan

    HDMI Splitter 16 port

    Hi all, Hope you can help, I have purchased a 16 port HDMI Splitter for my TV wall. The wall is made up of 9 40" LG screens with all HDMI cables going back to the splitter. The Tv's are set to tile mode with three columns and three rows but it looks like the splitter is looking for 15 screens...
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