1. elsmandino

    Any first-person shooter games with 2-player split screen?

    Hi there. As per the title can anyone recommend any FPS games with a 2-player mode? They can be of any age - just need to be compatible with Xbox One. Thanks very much.
  2. C

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality?

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality? Stupid question- do the LG OLEDs have any kind of picture-in-picture feature? : OLED (reddit.com) Note: If there are other good forums/ sources where I can post & ask - Pls do advise. Thx...
  3. MSW

    Question Best way to split a Cat7 cable to a double RJ45 socket

    I have a 30m Cat7 cable that runs from my virgin media router to an single RJ45 socket (Apparently there were two types of socket - one for a Cat5e and one for a Cat6 cable - I bought the socket for cate5e but I’m hoping this does not matter) What I now want to do is split the cable so I can...
  4. W

    Split RCA / Phono Input

    I want to split an RCA / Phono input so I can have 2 separate devices (both have 3.5mm jack outputs) running through the same channel. I was looking at a female 3.5mm jack to RCA like one of these...
  5. Wolfkc

    Question Trying to duplicate HDMI to split audio to bluetooth

    I have the best audio that I've ever had. My TV is a Samsung QN65Q80RAFXZA Flat 65-Inch QLED 4K Q80 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model). Samsung TV HDMI(ARC) to Samsung soundbar Samsung Harman Kardon 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q70R with Wireless Subwoofer...
  6. shodan

    Split Second: Limited Edition Blu-ray

    "We are gonna need more guns".. "Bloody great big guns"! 😂 Coffee, chocolate.... https://movieweb.com/amp/split-second-movie-blu-ray-rutger-hauer/
  7. M

    Sonos S1 S2 split system

    Am contemplating the way forward as I have a load of legacy zones - 3 Connects and 2 Amps which even with the discount is a large outlay to upgrade. Already have Move, beam and One S2 ready zones but am unsure of the way to go. We use Alexa for voice control of a number of systems. I initially...
  8. M

    Best Way to Split Audio Channel

    Hello and again thanks all. I have the Pioneer SCLX904 11.2. I got it so my wife could use Zone 2 to listen to the same audio as the main zone. When we were using the Xbox One X and I would turn on Zone 2, the receiver would rehandshake and the xbox would put everything at PCM 2.0 and Zone 2...
  9. Tdubya22

    Question Schedule conflict Recording on Web OS (Freeview, films split by a news segment)

    I’ve attached a usb drive to my tv - 49sm8600. It now successfully records programmes. But I have noticed an issue. On many tv channels, a film is split by a 5 minute news segment. Trouble is, if you set the first segment of a film to record, you cannot set the second segment. It says “another...
  10. J

    Powerline/HomePlug and split consumer unit

    Powerline communications and split consumer unit. Since Sy Q was installed some 3 months ago I have had endless problems with the mini box freezing and failing with a variety of errors. The mini has been replaced twice and I now have 3 boosters, but still problems. I thought I would try...
  11. Zippy77777

    Question PC screen goes black for a split second and I lose a tray icon!

    Hi guys. Not sure how to explain this but its been bugging me for some time. Everyday I use my computer it happens at some stage. I will be doing something, and say open a program or double click on an icon and the PC will hesitate for a second and then the screen goes black and literally comes...
  12. chrisgeary

    What is your split AC cleaning regime?

    Do you DIY clean your indoor unit? If so, what kit do you use and where did you buy it from?
  13. lowercanada

    Can I split HDMI out from receiver

    Hey all, When I renovated my basement I thought it would be cool to have a TV behind my bar and just have it mirror my main TV. Attached is a picture the layout. I have a very limited knowledge of this stuff so I'm not even sure if I can split the HDMI after the receiver. Appreciate the help.
  14. Hixs

    Question Split screen (offline) multiplayer games?

    What are my options here? My GF likes the odd bout on the xbox, but only games we can play together via split screen. She has no interest in any sports games (football etc). I bought Mortal Combat X but she hates that as she always loses...
  15. X

    Split HDMI output from av reciever

    Hello I just got myself an older Pioneer VSX-922, but it only have one HDMI output, so I need to find a way to connect my TV and projector(Both 1080p).. I don't know much about this stuff, so I could use a little help picking the right solution. I've been looking at splitters and found this...
  16. S

    Sky Q satellite aerial split?

    Hi. I Don't know if this is at all possible but here we go. I am moving to my mother in laws next week. We both have sky Q. I am keeping my subscription seperate to hers but sky cant fit the new dish/lnb for 2 weeks. Is there any way i can split the satellite cable coming in to connect to both...
  17. J

    Question HDMI split 7 ways and over distance

    A friend of mine is trying to get 7 TVs all to display the same image throughout a building with long distances between each TV (20-30m). He asked me if I knew any products to do this but I dont have any experience here. I'm aware that HDMI doesn't go well over long distance and HDMI over...
  18. Ruffdogbarking

    Question Humax free sat sound split issue on Netflix

    Hi, my recently purchased (new) setup is basically a Sony AV amp, and a Humax freesat box being projected through a Benq HD projector. I get good sound when playing life live television, or ondemand television. But when I try and play Netflix, I get this weird sound split issue. Basically...
  19. Panos Danas

    mega bass to all 2 surround split from base down to the floor

    I am thinking about tire them up
  20. Noyabronok

    Question Split HDMI into HDMI Video + HDMI Audio

    I know there are adapters that will split HDMI into two HDMI out, but I only need audio in the 2nd HDMI out, and I don't care about audio in the first HDMI out. What is the best option to split HDMI into HDMI Audio in one output, and HDMI Video in another output? Maybe there's a cable only...
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