1. d3m0n

    Wanted LG SPK8 - wireless rears

    Evening, I've just picked up a LG SN7CY and wondered if anyone had a set of the above that they no longer use or want - cash waiting
  2. canada16uk

    Anyone bought the SPK8 for Rear sound LG Soundbar ?

    I have recently bought the SK8Y for £200.00 in my bedroom. Whilst I do not get any atmos sound, which I was not really expecting, I do miss my rear sounds. Are these rear speakers worth £120.00 to add to my soundbar? They will be about 90cm from my ear which is each side of my bed. Would...
  3. R

    LG SPK8 rear speakers

    I currently have the LG SN7Y soundbar and very happy with the sound quality, thinking about adding the rear SPK8 kit, which can get for £139. Is it worth it?
  4. Flaggy

    LG SPK8 owners question...

    Please, if there's someone out there with this surround speaker kit, I was wondering if there'd be kind enough to try something for me. If you press manual pair on the receiver unit, then try to Bluetooth connect with your phone or tablet, does the unit appear in your available devices? And if...
  5. J

    LG SK9Y

    Has any body found a alternative set of rear speakers to the spk8 LG rear speakers. I would like a fully wireless set rather than the semi wired set up of the spk8
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