1. B

    For Sale Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition MM Phono Preamp

    Hi all, I recently bought an Era Gold V so have decided to sell on the Gram Amp 2SE. Comes with original box and bog standard power supply. Cracking phone stage, tons of reviews available online. Will take some photos this evening if there's any interest.
  2. Dazzor

    For Sale Marantz CD67 Special Edition

    Been stored in a box in my loft for years- was used sparingly in a system I had before kids came along. I have tested the CD player and it is working flawlessly. Amazing detail in the sound quality- depending on the system/ headphones you are using of course. I cannot for the life of me find...
  3. C

    Question Best center to match with dynaudio special forty ?

    Timbre-matching center with the special forty ? I'm thinking the contour 25ci. What do you guys think ?
  4. Fergal82

    For Sale The Last Of Us 2 Special Edition

    Ordered this ages ago, game got delayed, sold my PS4, game got released, bought another PS4 with this included, forgot I’d ordered this. It’s brand new sealed For sale at cost plus postage £65
  5. M

    Question Need help selecting first TV, special requirements

    Hello! I'm a cord-cutting PC user who is finally looking to purchase their first TV, but I have some specific requirements. The majority of use this TV will see is for old-school gaming consoles so my #1 priority is pretty wonky: 1. TV must have the ability to set the dimensions for an incoming...
  6. metalpaul1000

    For Sale Flight of the navigator special edition

    Sealed £21.50
  7. aVdub

    Bargain Nextbase Special Weekend Offers

    Just bagged a 522GW https://www.nextbase.com/en-gb/special-offer/?gclid=CjwKCAjwlZf3BRABEiwA8Q0qq0kp2Cg-EnENuSxEjuAgKba2tFB7TMCp4M85PnbTZXIgJ6vCxzAuYRoCIYoQAvD_BwE
  8. DrPhil

    There's a special place in hell for...

    We all have those little things that annoy us. But then there are the things that fit into the category that makes justifiable homicide a thing. People driving in the overtaking lane who are not overtaking is a given. But I'm now adding the person at work who keeps leaving coffee granuals in...
  9. F

    Demo write up - Lyndorf, NAD M10, Special 40's ProAc DT8, LS50s, Amphion Argon 1, Rubicon 2, B&W 700 series

    Hello All. In some other threads, I've received a lot of advice on a system set up. I had a demo day yesterday and I thought I would give something back to the community. Here is a write-up on my impressions of a series of speakers and a couple of amps. A few things first - I live in China...
  10. M

    Help - I need to enter special character É using LG TV Remote / Onscreen Keyboard in WebOs – How?

    I have the LG OLED65E7 (from 2018) that is using WebOS 3.5. I use it with the LG Magic Controller that the unit came with. I have a situation here where in order to view a private video (using Vinmeo), I need to enter a password which contains a Spanish word which includes the É character /...
  11. The Sound Counsel

    The Sound Counsel - News, Product Range & Special Offers

    Welcome to our news, product range and special offers page. Will will populate this area to let you know what the main brands we currently support are. Manufacturers are coming on board all of the time, so this area will likely be added to on a regular basis. We will leave the other thread open...
  12. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: CES 2020 Special

    Phil and Steve wrap-up the CES coverage with discussions on the latest TV announcements from this year's show and what to look forward to in 2020. Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers Note: If you are having problems with subscription services and Apps, please deselect and then...
  13. M

    Special requirements for hearing impaired.

    Hi. I can only hear out of one ear. My solution to hearing when I am watching TV or youtube etc is to put a center speaker near my good ear. When you can only hear out of one ear you lose noise cancellation, imagine living your life on a conference call. I use the same receiver for my...
  14. JonnyTester

    Question Japanese Special Editions Website

    I found a Japanese website a while ago, which specialises in collectors editions of movies, with exclusive artwork, collectible items etc. But I've forgotten what it's called and, if course, Google hasn't been my friend searching for it. Can anyone help me out?
  15. nheather

    Bronze Turkey - are they really that special

    We aren’t huge on Turkey and don’t have a large gathering on Christmas day, so we usually go with a turkey crown. Same again this year, and I was wondering whether bronze turkeys really are that special or whether it is mostly hype. We just shop at supermarkets, and from what I can see a fresh...
  16. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted The Hisense Roku TV is here. Find out what's special about this UK first.

    This month Hisense launched the B7120 Roku TV series – the first TV using the Roku OS in the UK. Roku is a household name in the US, where one in three TVs sold has the Roku Smart platform built-in but until now the Roku OS has only been available in the UK across Roku’s streaming sticks...
  17. HabBen

    Disney plus special

    I think I was right to wait for Black Friday to get disney+ subs for discounted price. Question: Gizmodo and CBR reported that users can't access disney+ outside of their region with a vpn? Is there a way around to this problem?
  18. Drax1

    Star Wars Holiday Special 2 (TBC)

    Basking in the glory of The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau has been talking up the idea of a sequel to the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. As most people in a Star Wars Forum already know, the original was a one off episode, made with the original SW cast (Ford, Fisher etc), but deemed so...
  19. raigraphixs

    Friends Reunion Special (HBO Max)

  20. M

    Question Best amplifier for Dynaudio Special 40

    Hi, everyone! I'm a lucky owner of subject speakers switching from the active ones i had before. So now the question with the amplification arise. Any thought on 1.5-2k GBP? As i saw on Dynaudio stands, they often play with SIM Audio, even though my inital though was newly released Cambridge...
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