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  1. Braun Audio

    The Braun Audio Thread - for all things design, inspiration, product news and exclusive offers

    Dear AVForums Community, Celebrating 100 years of Braun, we are happy to join AV Forums and be able to bring you design inspiration, first-hand insights into all things Braun Audio, product news and exclusive offers through this thread. Since 1921, Braun has earned a formidable reputation...
  2. LicensedTaximan

    Bargain Multi buy offers at Zavvi on Disney Bd's. 2D as well as 3D.

    As above. This link for 2D, two for £15. Zavvi UK This one for 3D, two for £18. Zavvi UK
  3. M

    The Movie Rooms - News & Customer Comments Thread

    Things are changing at The Movie Rooms. After over 5 years in our old offices we have moved to custom built premises. We have moved out of the City Centre and out to the seaside at Joppa, in the east of the city. The new offices and demonstration rooms are custom built with acoustics in mind...
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