1. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bowers & Wilkins 705 and 702 speakers gain Signature status

    Like a rite of passage or a graduation ceremony, Bowers and Wilkins puts forward its best-of-the-best for Signature Status and the two newest graduates are from the 700 Series range of speakers, Congratulations, come on down and receive your award, the 705 and 702. Read the news.
  2. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Marten unveils Parker series speakers with isolators

    Swedish premium loudspeaker company, Marten, has unveiled its Parker series of speakers: the Parker Duo, the Parker Trio, and the Parker Quintet, which all feature isolators made by IsoAcoustics. Read the news.
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Wharfedale introduces flagship Elysian speakers

    The Elysian 2 and Elysian 4 speakers from renowned UK speaker company Wharfedale are the culmination of three years of R&D and are designed to match their heavenly name. Read the news.
  4. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: KEF announces additions to Architectural Range of speakers

    KEF adds to its recently announced Ci3160REF-THX custom install speakers with new additions to its Architectural Range, including the Ci160RR-THX in-ceiling and Ci130QSfl square and Ci130QRfl round flush-mount speakers. Read the news.
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Denon Home wireless speakers now available in UK and Europe

    Ahead of a showcase demonstration at the Bristol Hi-Fi show, Denon has announced that its Home 150, Home 250 and Home 350 wireless speakers are available for purchase in the UK. Read the news.
  6. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Focal adds new home cinema speakers and subwoofer to Chora series

    Focal adds new three new home cinema speakers to its Chora series, including its first Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, the Chora 826-D Atmos floor stander. The new Sub 600p subwoofer completes the launch line up. Read the news.
  7. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Definitive Technology adds D15, D17 and D5C speakers to Demand Series

    Definitive Technology adds the floor standing D15 and D17 speakers along side the new D5C Centre Channel speaker to the Demand Series. Read the news.
  8. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Vizio announces Elevate soundbar with rotating speakers

    Vizio has unveiled a full array of soundbars at CES 2020 including the 18 driver Elevate, plus M- and V-Series soundbars. Read the news.
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Denon introduces Home series of wireless speakers

    Denon announces their new Home range of HEOS based wireless, multiroom speakers, consisting of the Home 150, Home 250 and Home 350. Read the news.
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Wilson Audio's £330K Chronosonic XVX speakers ready to ship

    Compared to Wilson Audio's £700K WAMM Master Chronosonic speakers the ready-to-ship-in-the-UK Chronosonic XVX speakers are a steal at £330K. Read the news.
  11. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Google Home update leaves smart speakers dumb

    A scheduled background update is causing some users of Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers problems as it renders them useless. Read the news.
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Thonet & Vander launches Kugel 700W Bluetooth speakers in Europe

    German multinational audio brand Thonet & Vander has announced availability in Europe of its latest speakers, the Kugel 700W Bluetooth Studio Monitors. Read the news.
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Klipsch launches latest WiSA Certified Reference Wireless speakers

    Klipsch launches their latest WiSA certified wireless home cinema speakers, the RW-34C, RW-51M and RW-100SW. Read the news.
  14. Phil Hinton

    NEWS: Braven launches BRV rugged portable speakers

    Consisting of the BRV-XXL/2, BRV-XL, BRV-X/2 and BRV-MINI, Braven Audio launches the BRV range of rugged bluetooth speakers. Read the news.
  15. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Jamo launches S 801 PM active speakers

    Jamo launches the S 801 PM speakers, a new compact active speaker that joins its popular Studio 8 speaker line. Read the news.
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Focal unveils Chora range of speakers

    Consisting of the 826 and 816 floorstanders and 806 bookshelf loudspeakers, the latest range from Focal features a new driver material called Slatefiber. Read the news.
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Philips TVs and speakers to adopt DTS Play-Fi standard

    TPV is on board to manufacture its Philips branded TVs and audio products with DTS Play-Fi multi-room technology support. Read the news.
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Martin Logan announces 7 new Motion speakers

    Renowned speaker manufacturer Martin Logan has wasted little time after their UK distribution deal in adding 7 new speakers to their Motion range. Read the news.
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Thonet & Vander launches Kurbis Bluetooth speakers

    German speaker firm Thonet & Vander launches their latest offering to the Euopen market - the Kurbis Bluetooth bookshelf monitors. Read the news.
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Klipsch launches The One II and The Three II wireless speakers in UK

    Klipsch goes for a retro aesthetic for its Heritage series wireless speakers, The One II and The Three II, available in the UK from August. Read the news.
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