1. Elonian

    Question Advice needed regarding audio equipment (choice & placement)

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this specific post, if I overlooked a more suitable one please move my thread. I've recently gotten my own apartment, I'll be getting started on painting walls and throwing in flooring soon. My question is mainly regarding the speaker placement in the...
  2. M

    Question Mk sound speaker repair/service near leeds?

    Im looking for someone near leeds to diagnose and service 3 x Mk sound s-150p speakers Any recommendations ?
  3. G

    Wanted Polk s30 centre speaker

    Hi guys Looking for some help I am after a polk s30 centre speaker to match up with my polk s15 front speakers if anyone is considering selling please get in contact Many thanks Graham
  4. T

    Monitor Audio Silver 100 - speaker stands

    Some advice please: I am due to upgrade my stereo speakers and will be demoing the MA Silver 100s amongst others. I currently have the Atacama Nexus 5i stands in situ - would these be a sufficiently stable platform for the 100s, given the somewhat larger dimensions (particularly depth)? The...
  5. Bigfingers

    Wanted Monitor Audio Centre Speaker In Natural Oak

    Looking for preferably a BX in natural oak, but will consider other models. Based in North West UK
  6. burtonpark

    For Sale LCR Meridian P330 In Wall Speakers - Quality Architectural Speaker

    I bought these a while back as LCR to go behind an AT screen in my cinema, as they are an ideal format for that being slim and inbuilt solid case, so you don’t have to worry about the structure affecting the sound. Never used them, as I’ve gone a different route with Procella P6, but I did wire...
  7. nallapup

    Question wemax A300/one/pro projector speaker in standby mode with Bluetooth.

    Hello, I have Wemax A300 new model in 4k laser projector TV. In description they said we can use its speaker in standby mode with Bluetooth. I was able to connect and play music from my phone when projector is running but I'm not able to connect to it when it is in standby. Did any one able to...
  8. Andywilliams

    For Sale Qed XT40i 3 metre speaker cables. (Brand new)

    For sale a brand new unused pair of qed xt40i speaker cables 3 metres long metal airlock banana plugs these where purchased and never used as in the end used a much more expensive cable Ewa- ls25 these have 96 hours burn in as shown on the ticket also proof of date brought I think I paid £106 so...
  9. A

    Speaker upgrade for HT

    Denon X4500 (no power amp) Room size 18ftx14ft Good afternoon! I'm looking to upgrade my L&R HT speaker, these will be used 80% TV & movies and a wee bit of music. I have an XXLS 400 sub and an HMT61 S2 centre. I would ideally like to retain the centre and match the timbre of the L&R to...
  10. J

    Yamaha RXA3080 or Arcam AVR10??? Also speaker location

    Hi all I posted I was looking at a few amps well I’ve demoed quite a few to day and basically I think I need to spend some money, I know for a lot of people on here paying out thousands is no big deal but for me at this point it is. I have had two Yamaha and the current one is an RXV673 which I...
  11. alitech

    Wanted B&W M1 speaker stands in black

    If you have some spare, I would like to purchase them please. They are easily shipped and UPS will take them with no issues, I am based in London Thank you
  12. unknownsith

    Question upgrading SPEAKER and AVR advise

    Hi all, I’m looking for some advice/best options. I have the upgrade bug which started with wanting a new AVR to now also wanting new speakers. I currently have a dedicated cinema room with an EPSON 9300 projector, 95” fixed screen, Yamaha RX-A1030 and KEF 3005SE 5.1 speakers. The room...
  13. R

    Question Move from AVR to Stereo amp + Speaker upgrade, how will movies sound?

    Hi All, I live an apartment (living room about 41 sqm²) and pretty much use my sound system to watch movies or listen to music 50/50. Right now I have a Denon 1910 with 2x Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 and a KEF tdm 45b sub and I have been looking to upgrade for some time now. As I will most likely...
  14. G

    Wanted Sonos Play 1 or similar

    Looking to upgrade our ancient kitchen DAB radio/speaker as the aux-in is starting to fail us. Ideally after a Sonos 1 or similar basic speaker that we can stream to via bluetooth or wifi. Smart features would be a bonus but not essential. I'm in (south) Manchester so would prefer local...
  15. S

    Challenging speaker positioning

    I am in a rather challenging position, I currently have a pair of Kef Q15’s sat on Atacama stands driven by an Arcam solo mini. The speakers are positioned either side of the Tv but they are tucked away under the stairs. The bass is quite good, it’s controlled and not boomy, the treble is also...
  16. M

    Question Speaker purchase advice!

    Hello Everyone, I am back again with another purchase advise question! I have a 10-month-old daughter and she has recently started standing up and starting to reach my Rega Planar 3 turntable and the Rega Fono mm mk3 RIAA in the living room. Due to this, I am thinking about moving the...
  17. P

    Pre-emptive speaker advice

    Long time reader, first time poster, HT novice. Will be moving house soon (not sure where yet) and looking to set up my first home cinema in the living room. Already bought a Samsung Q80 55 inch QLED and negotiated with the significant other for a (potentially unslightly) surround sound set up...
  18. F

    Question New speaker package

    I am buying a Denon AVR X2600 amp and looking at speakers, the Monitor Audio Bronze 5 5.1 fits my budget, are they any other speaker packages around the same price I should be considering before pulling the trigger on these? Maybe the Q Acoustics 3050i? How do these 2 stack up. I am going to...
  19. F

    Wanted Monitor Audio Speaker CP Bronze In Wall

    I'm looking for one of these old Monitor Audio Bronze CP in wall speakers. I have three and looking for another to complete a set of surrounds. Just on the of chance someone has one lying around gathering dust. Thanks
  20. D

    For Sale Dali Oberon 3 Speakers in White - Like New

    I have reluctantly decided to sell my recently purchased Dali Oberon 3 speakers. The 2 week old speakers look and sound great and I'm very pleased with them. But after a chance hearing and testing of the Dali Rubicon 2 speakers in my local Richer Sounds store, I have decided to bite the bullet...
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