Speaker may refer to:
Public speaker, one who gives a speech or lecture
Speaker (politics), the presiding officer in a legislative assembly
HMS Speaker (D90), a WWII Royal Navy aircraft carrier
Speaker, in linguistics, a grammatical person, first person as opposed to the addressee and bystanders
The Speaker, a BBC television series
The Speaker (periodical), a weekly review published in London from 1890 to 1907
Los Speakers (or "The Speakers"), a Colombian rock band from the 1960s
Tris Speaker, an American baseball player

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  1. D

    Wanted Sonos Roam

    Looking for Sonos Roam. @fozziebear39 offered me one on another thread, if still available will take that.
  2. F

    Question Amplifier for Zensor 7's

    I have a Nad c368 and Zensor 7 speakers, and i sometimes wonder if the amp is able to get the most out of my speakers? I started to think about getting an extra power amp like the c268. Also, if i wanted to upgrade speakers in the future, for example Oberon 9, what would be the best option for...
  3. sjackson

    Question Trunking with a Corner Tee

    I need to run 6 lengths of 2.5mil2 speaker cable up a wall and around the edges to where my Atmos speakers will be. The problem I'm having is finding trunking that has a corner tee. So I run all the cables up in one corner of the room and from there it splits along the length and width of the...
  4. acgingersnaps

    Kitchen Music

    Hello all. Some thoughts if you will. The time has come to replace the Sonos 3 in the kitchen and I have very little experience with anything other than Sonos or cheap JBLs when it comes to single box speakers. I'm not looking for much. SQ quality needs to be good, but not stellar. Background...
  5. A

    Upgrade 5.1 system with soundbar or satellites

    Hi I currently have the following equipment: Denon 3300 Yamaha NS-555 Floor standing speakers Yamaha YST-RSW300 Subwoofer 250w Yamaha NS-C444 Centre Speaker Yamaha IC-600 ceiling speakers Sound is average so looking to upgrade. In the process of upgrading Id like to declutter if possible or...
  6. B

    For Sale Denon Home Soundbar 550 (Black)

    Bought 18 months ago, not a mark on it. Cracking Soundbar for those limited for space - it's only 650mm. Have the remote and cables but not the original box. Prefer collection but happy to take to the Post Office if buyer covers postage. Can post photos if any interest...
  7. 845H

    Question Is there anything else out there?

    So I have a pair of Q acoustics 2010i, a 2070si subwoofer and a Sony str-dn1000 AV receiver. I was using this for my WFH setup which involved pairing my Dell XPS 17 laptop to a LG C2 TV via HDMI 2.1 for picture. I then used the LG Optical out to connect it to the Sony receiver amp and thus I...
  8. T

    Question Where to buy Mordaunt Short replacement parts?

    Seeing as Mordaunt Short the company doesn't seem to be around anymore, are there some go to places that might still sell individual replacement parts for their speakers? I've already opened a related post in the classified section but maybe there are some repair shops I might contact as well...
  9. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Castle Windsor Earl Standmount Speaker Review

    Read the Castle Windsor Earl Standmount Speaker Review. The Castle name is back in the UK with a pair of domestically produced speakers and the Earl is here to see if it can win you back to the ways of wood. Write your own review for Castle Windsor Earl
  10. geordie_john

    Question (Solved) Move av receiver

    Hello I have got an Onyko HT-R494 home theater system and if someone moves one of my speakers I do a calibration,but when my wife dusts I lift the receiver does that mean if I move the receiver I have to calibrate again? Thank you.
  11. Wenagade

    Unsure Compatibility

    Hello Amp & 8 ohm 100 watt audio pro a10s speakers, would these speakers blowout on max loudness as spec states can drive 280 watts etc & I'm not familiar with impedence just want simplicity https://fosiaudio.com/products/home-audio-amplifier-receiver-tb10a Thanks
  12. K

    For Sale 1x Monolith THX-365c

    I have 1x Monolith THX-365c (centre speaker) available. I bought a set of three of them from these classifieds. Only had use for 2 (for my Surround L+R's). Selling for what I paid for it £250 and (PP) if not available to collect in London area.
  13. Elbro

    Any subwoofer recommendation

    Hi, My current set up is: Speaker: Dali Oberon 3 Amp: Marantz PM8006 DAC: SMSL SU1 Subwoofer: old Wisdom 12" (soon to be replaced) Cable: Audioquest 14/2 I mainly connect to my macbook, playing Apple Music to listen to classical and modern rock. But occasionally, I do listen to electronics. I...
  14. GMan5150

    Arcam - AVR5 595W - simple question from a simple guy

    Are these plug ins for speaker hook ups or wrap arounds? New to all of this. Many thanks.
  15. ste1010

    Question Receiver amp with bluetooth help

    I am looking to find an amp or receiver that i can connect a turntable to but would also like to stream music from phone or ipad. Final requirement is i am hoping to find something where the speakers can connect over bluetooth rather than speaker cables. Does such a device exist. Can anyone...
  16. salsa-king

    Question where to fit the extra speakers to work correctly for 7.2 on my room size.

    hi, need a bit of advice, I'm splitting our large living room up with a wall and sliding door, making where the tv is with its speakers all in one room. The 5.2 set up is all in the TV room, but the two speakers making 7.2 were a lot future back in the other part of the room. They will now be...
  17. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Triangle Borea BR03 Connect Powered Speaker Review

    Having already provided two different takes on the Borea BR03, Triangle is back again with a spec that feels tailor made for 2024. Does it deliver on the promise? Read the review. Write your own review for Triangle Borea BR03 Connect
  18. P

    Question Equaliser AND AV input - impossible with 9000a?

    Trying to make this as simple a question as possible... Current setup sees Denon AVR-X4700H front l+r pre-outs via RCA to Audiolab 9000a 'Power' input. CD player and Sonos Connect via SPDIF to Audiolab 9000a digital inputs. Listening to AV I set the 9000 to 'Pre-Power' mode to simply take the...
  19. Ed Selley

    JBL Authentics 300 Portable Wireless Speaker Review & Comments

    The Authentics 300 is the smaller relative of the Atmos equipped 500 and does without some of the bells and whistles. Is it a better option though? Read the review. Write your own review for JBL Authentics 300
  20. john9159

    Edifier speaker connection question

    Hi I have Edifier R1280TS speaker which I want to connect to my DVD player. At the moment they are connected to my TV and work ok but I want to also connect them to the DVD. Any suggestions? Thanks
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