1. illkelly

    Speaker advice needed for long and narrow room

    Hi All My room is 2.5 x 5m, the speakers are going in the corners of the 2.5m wall either side of a window. How do I add speakers? Do I go bookshelves or floorstanders? I like lots of bass heavy music, reggae and dnb but also This Mortal Coil, Grouper, Wings of the Sullen etc. Budget is...
  2. L

    Speaker Upgrade Advice

    Having recently moved to a detached house I'm currently looking at upgrading my Onkyo SKSHT588 speakers. They are currently driven from a Yamaha RXV581. I've been looking at the Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 package from RS as its currently on offer there. Could my money be spent better elsewhere...

    Wanted PMC Centre speaker

    Help after PMC centre speaker let me know what you have. Thanks Wayne
  4. tigermad

    Denon 3700h clicking speaker test

    Hi. I have manually setup my new receiver using a 5.1.4 setup. I will run audyssey later. When I use the test tone the amp relay clicks when I select either the front heights or rear heights. I am unable to find a resolution. It even clicks when those speakers are not connected when selecting...
  5. wuffles

    Question Atmos 5.1.4 speaker placement in a square room

    You'd think it'd be quite easy to work out speaker locations, but referring to the Dolby Atmos placement pictures, I've got myself confused. First image has overhead rear Atmos speakers effectively behind the rear surrounds. Then further down the same document that appears reversed. I'm...
  6. n0chex

    For Trade M&K ( Miller & Kreisel ) FULL 9.0 Speaker Setup.

    I have for trade a FULL 9 Channel M&K speaker setup for trade. I am wanting a nice Dolby Atmos Sound Bar in Part Exchange cash either way. M&K K4 Surround Tri-poles in Silver x4 in excellent condition M&K K15 Satellites in Silver for front wide or heights in excellent condition. M&K S85-C...
  7. HurleyFX

    Centre speaker advice.

    I currently have a old Marantz SR6003 i brought over the USA with me ( which im using a step down converter on ) I have decided to treat us to a upgrade and get a Denon X3700H. speaker wise i have 2x QUAD 12L2 Rears and 2x L2 centers for the front ( i got a really good deal way back when ) and a...
  8. PixelofDoom

    Question Speaker recommendations for complicated room (in-ceiling projector screen in front of sliding glass door)

    Like the title says, I'm planning a home theatre setup for a rather complicated room (see attached image). The projector screen will drop down in front of a 180-cm-wide sliding glass door, leaving no room below or behind for speakers. L+R channels could be wall-mounted or floor standing if...
  9. stimpystimpelton

    speaker cone scratch

    Hi there, yesterday my cat worked out her frustration on one of my B&W 603 speakers. I was able to intervene quickly, but some damage was made... as seen at the picture. The cone isn't pierced all the way through, but some marks are made. Will this effect the sound? Personaly I don't think...
  10. T

    Best position and type for surround speaker

    Hi, I'm planning to build a 5.1 (or 7.1) surround system in my living room. Since I have a very high ceiling, I will first have to fix issues with room acoustics. However I'm in serious doubt about where to position the left and right surround speakers. The blue squares on the photo is how I'm...
  11. C

    5.1 surround speaker positioning

    Hey all, Currently remodeling living area before moving in. I have a Yamaha YHT-4950UBL 5.1 system. I have electrical going in and was hoping to run wire through ceiling as well while the drywall is open. The room setup isn't the greatest, I'll post the picture below. I'm not looking for the...
  12. Crazymerio

    Question Receiver and Speaker Setup Advice

    Hello all, I haven’t posted on the forums yet so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong with my thread. And my questions definitely pertain to multiple forum locations but I thought it made sense to just do one thread. To quickly summarize my issues I’m getting into Vinyl and figured I should...
  13. j1singh

    Speaker Area (Room Size)

    Hi all, What area (room size) are the following speakers designed to cover: 1: MA Bronze 100 - 8" driver 2: QA 3030i's - 6" driver Have the manufactures released this information? All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks J
  14. G

    Question Home Audio System - Compatible with Control 4

    Hi everyone - Hope all is well. I am trying to configure my home Audio system and want to select something which is compatible with a Control 4 Network. I have a large open plan room which I have wired a 2 core speaker cable for; 2 x in-ceiling speakers, a sound bar (with cables for left...
  15. burnsybhoy

    Question Speaker Options.

    I'm moving house next month and looking to get my Home Cinema set up dialled in. I'm upgrading my TV from a Sony KD-55XE8577 to a Sony 65A8. My current AV amp is a Yamaha RX-V781 which I want to keep using. Speakers are JamoA102HCS5 5.1 but this is what I'm looking to upgrade. I've not been...
  16. K

    Upgrade question: In which order would you recommend? DAC/Speakers/Sub

    Hello All! I need some advice as to what I should be doing in what order. This year is the year of upgrading my system, it's nearly been about 15 or so years for me and usual gear stays with me for a long time. So lately I upgraded my record player to a Rega P3 and got a new amp (I went from a...
  17. chamonix

    Rear/Surround speaker recommendations for a JBL Projet Array setup

    I have a system with JBL Synthesis Project Array with a pair of JBL 800, center speaker 880 and the subwoofer 1500. I wonder what rear speakers and ceiling speakers (in an Atmos set up) I could match with this system. The room is pretty small 15 m2 (square meters). The surround speakers need...
  18. C

    New Centre speaker required-what should I buy?

    Hi all, I'd like a new centre speaker.I'm running two Q-Acoustics Concept 40 towers, but tried and didn't like the Concept Centre, so instead, bought a Klipsch 34C.I like it, but now would like something bigger and better!I have a budget of £500, so any suggestions would be gratefully received!
  19. G

    Speaker wire

    Hey, just got new Denon AVR x2700H with mass 5.1 speakers. Now I need speaker wire. Furtherest speaker with be a <10m run. Help please. what do I need? Where should I buy? Different wire for subwoofer? Don’t want to break the bank <£50 all in please. Thanks in advance
  20. Ellisdj

    For Sale KEF REFERENCE 3 Kent & Foundry Copper & Black with IsoAcoutics GAIA II installed / KEF REFERENCE 2C Centre Speaker Kent & Foundry Copper and Black

    I am selling my KEF REFERENCE 3 Speakers they are in the Copper and Black Kent and Foundry Edition Finish. I have owned them from new for around 2 1/2 years ish. I have IsoAcoustics GAIA II Speaker Isolators Installed on them and I will include these in the sale. Condition is very good, the...
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