1. C

    Old Sharp SG-F112 hi fi speaker connection not working

    Hi. Speakers definitely work but no sound coming from right hand one. Tried two different speakers that work and nothing. Any suggestions please? Diolch-Cheers , Daf
  2. theberg

    Audio playing through both speaker and earpiece (Xperia X Compact)

    Hello everyone! I just got a new Xperia X Compact (was looking for a small and relatively cheap smartphone), and it's working like a charm. The only puzzling problem I've encountered, and for which I cannot find any solution online, is that for some reason all audio is played through both the...
  3. B

    Perfect standmount speaker to go with Rega Brio

    Hi all, I have a Rega Brio amp, Rega Apollo CD player and Rega P2 turntable, and now looking for the perfect standmount speaker. I have recently brought a pair of B&W 606 S2’s as I was drawn in by the recent sale (£200 off) and positive reviews but really disappointed with the sound. The treble...
  4. C

    For Sale B&W LCR60 S3 Centre Speaker in Black

    Black LCR60 S3 from Bowers & Wilkins. In perfect working order and as far as I can see completely undamaged. Has been ably matched to my 704s but decided to move to the HTM7 to match them (plus they're all white now!). Ideally this would be picked up from Maidenhead (SL6) as it's a big bulky...
  5. nekromantik

    Speaker Stand Top Plate

    Hello I manged to be stupid and buy speaker stands not checking the top plate size! So the top plate is 127mm x 165mm(WxD) and my speakers are 165 x 240 (WxD) The width I am not too worried about but the depth is nearly 3" too small. My speakers are glossy too and I can use blu tak but is this...
  6. Harkon321

    Where to get movie posters printed on speaker cloth?

    I've got five acoustic panels (4ftx2ft) that I'm considering covering with movie posters. I saw a thread where someone made their own recently, but I now can't find it. Want a decent image but not sure who people have used previously, or the best place to source the images themselves that can...
  7. kenshingintoki

    Atmos speaker channel layout 7.1.4

    So I have a difficult situation with my atmos speakers, wondering on advice. I have 4 atmos channels. I initially had two so I put them left and right middle atmos. My seating is very close to the corner of the room so I did not want to put them the 30cm or so behind me as I felt it'd be a bit...
  8. S

    Wanted Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package

    Hi all. Bit of a long shot, but I am after the Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package in black if anyone could help me, please? Needs to be in good condition. I already have the speaker package but I want to add more speakers to my system so they are all the same. Kind regards, Mike.
  9. kevjf

    Speaker Cable Advice please…

    Hello good people… I’ve reads lots of threads about speaker cable recently and there’s to be something of a consensus on 2.5mm2 Van Damme cables… that said in a desperate bid to not have lines of cable going across the walls and ceilings on diagonal lines to reach the speakers from my system I...
  10. Pianobeetle

    For Sale Meridian DSP5000C active centre speaker

    Photos tomorrow in daylight Meridian DSP5000C centre speaker, believed to be 18 bit version Black finish, superb condition Collection preferred but courier shipping can be arranged for £18 including insurance
  11. D

    Speaker thickness or type for chasing into walls.

    I'm a newbie poster and am starting a refurb of my lounge / diner in my flat here in North London. The room is only 4x4.5 metres approx and with a small proportion of that for my dining space. Anyway, I'm putting my first home cinema project together. I'm in the process of chasing cat6 into the...
  12. A

    For Sale Monitor Audio Gxc350 Centre Speaker

    Lovely condition. Can only see one scratch on it on the base so not going to e seen.
  13. ChrisGTL

    Wanted Terminated Speaker Cables

    Looking for 2.5 meters per pair. If anyone has any they need to move on let me know what they are with price.
  14. V

    Good quality cheap speaker cable?

    Renovating house Looking to have some speaker wires laid out for my 5.1 speaker setup. Would be grateful for any recommendations for good quality cable that does not cost an arm and a leg.
  15. J

    For Sale Bowers&Wilkins plus Martin Logan 5 speaker package

    Selling my home theater package, was able to upgrade to larger space/speakers. All in great condition! https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m15886340295/
  16. Joe C

    For Sale Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Speaker Package

    As I'm redoing my summerhouse and removing 5.1, I no longer need these speakers. 2 x 2020i bookshelf 2 x 2010i bookshelf 1 x 2000Ci centre 1 x 2070Si subwoofer All in graphite colour, in very good condition. Unfortunately I don't have anything big enough to ship them in, and that would cost...
  17. D

    For Sale KEF 3005 SE Speaker Package - Black

    KEF 3005 SE Speaker Package - Black 4 x HTS 3001 Satellites 1 x HTC 3001 Centre 1 x HTB2SE Sub 2 x KEF Stands (Modified - Shortened) SE Version - Excellent Used Condition Original Boxes (Except for Sub) and Manuals Accessories etc. Delivery NOT included in price. Post/Pickup/Delivery to...
  18. C

    Spendor centre speaker: SR5 above TV or C5E below it?

    Hi. As per the thread title really, I am just wondering if anyone has any experience of which would make the better centre speaker and speaker position in a Spendor 5.1 surround set up, predominantly for music but used for some film viewing too, either a SR5 speaker mounted directly above the TV...
  19. C

    TV Stand Recommendation for LG C1 77" TV w/ Center Speaker

    I'm looking for a tv stand so that I can keep my LG C1 77" tv on the tv cabinet instead of mounting it to the wall, but also have a KEF Q650c center channel speaker in front of the tv on the cabinet without obstructing the screen. The cabinet is about 16" deep. The speaker is about 8" high and...
  20. nidonyle

    What does the two ratings specified in the speaker configuration?

    Hello folks, I own Jamo S803 bookshelf speakers, along with S801 surround speakers & S81 center speaker. When I checked the spec details of s803, i found that the power handling details was given as follows: 80W / 160W What does these figures means? I am planning to buy a new AV receiver...
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