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Bose has been selling stereo speaker packages since 1966 and surround sound speaker packages since 1992. Since that time the company has produced a range of stereo and surround sound speakers to be powered by a receiver or amplifier.

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  1. J

    Updating System - Advice on equipment and positioning

    For about 5 years I've been running a Bose Lifestyle 650 system which has been OK but I'm starting to have a few issues with compatibility with ATV4K and Samsung QE75Q90R. It'll pass 4K HDR video but not HDR10+ so that causes an annoying random flicker. I also get issues when switching...
  2. cyan28

    Question How good is this speaker package? 5.1.2 Home Speaker Setup

    Hi Everyone, I've been speaking to some AV shops etc and have been offered this speaker package for a fairly good price. Just want to know opinions and if it's a good. For context I will be using a Sony XW5000ES along with a 100/120inch acoustically transparent screen. I've also attached a...
  3. Doug Pyper

    Ascendo Home Cinema Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Ascendo Immersive Audio has quite a bit of hype about it at present, both for its stratospherically priced offerings and the ‘entry-level’ passive system, tested here. Should we believe the hype? Read the review. Write your own review for Ascendo Home Cinema Speaker Package
  4. J

    A sense check on proposed new multi-room receiver/speaker combination

    First post in a very long time on here - hoping the resident experts can provide some verification on what I'm considering. I have a new build that I need to kit out. I would like to put an AV receiver and a surround sound speaker w/ subwoofer package into each of three rooms (so three...
  5. Doug Pyper

    Perlisten Audio R-Series Home Cinema Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Perlisten’s Reference series offers much of the same tech as featured on its far more costly Signature series, and sports similar THX Dominus certification. At around half the price, is the Reference series the better buy? Read the review. Write your own review for Perlisten Audio R-Series...
  6. vic106

    Adding speakers ?

    Hi all i am curently looking to add speakers to my existing setup. i have a dennon AVR-X3500H receiver with a monitor audio bronze 2 speaker setup two front bookself , centre , sub w10 , and two rear surrounds. looking to add two more mid room surrounds and another sub woofer. as the bronze 2...
  7. M

    Looking for a Dolby Atmos AV Receiver with Speaker package combo (require Wireless Rear speakers)

    I have tried the Samsung Q990B soundbar, but was not impressed with its BASS performance. Also the BAR was too long for my 49" TV. So returned it back. Now I am in the market again for a Dolby Atmos AV Receiver with Speaker package combo (require Wireless Rear speakers)? Also please suggest...
  8. K

    Speaker package recommendations for JBL SDR-35

    Hi All I am looking to find a suitable speaker system to work with my JBL SDR-35, in a 5.1.2 configuration. I'm currently considering PMC, KEF or B and W. I'm a huge music fan (both vinyl and tidal) so need some lovely sounding floor standers for the fronts, but with regards to other speakers...
  9. WeaponX

    Best Soundbar / Speaker package £500-700 Budget? Sonos Beam, Polk Signa 4, Denon DHT-S517

    Hi, Purchasing a new LG C1 65 inch, and looking to purchase a new audio set up as well. Currently use an Onkyo HDX22HDX, which I'm happy with, but it's starting to go off intermittently, so deciding to upgrade. Some options I've looked at are: Sonos Beam 2 with One SL Speaker set...
  10. D

    Denon 2700 and Q acoustics 3030i 5.1 speaker package setup

    I have purchased a denon 2700 receiver and q acoustics 3030i 5.1 speaker package with a b12 sub and 3010l rears I have run the Audyssey setup and have used these settings in pictures below but I haven’t a clue if they are correct or not could some please suggest the best settings or do I leave...
  11. A

    It’s upgrade time. Need you advice.. Receiver and Speaker Package.

    So…. I already have a x2400h and KEF 3005 5.1 setup in my living room. Receiver is on its last legs with some issues some time to upgrade. I was debating the x2700h vs x3700h and then I saw the richers bundle deal of the x3700h with Monitor Audio MASS 5.1 speaker package for £1450. Not to bad...
  12. Steve Withers

    Paradigm Founder Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The Paradigm Founder Series of speakers are the first new speakers released since the company was reacquired by its original founder (hence the name). While the entire range is impressive, the new 70LCR is of particular interest to home cinema fans. Read the review. Write your own review for...
  13. Grunchymunchy

    About to buy the Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 - how good are they anything better?

    I only have a denon avr-x550bt, its an entry level AVR. There are I could spend a little more money, would it be worth it to get one of those more expensive speaker packages off Richer sounds or Peter Tyson. There is Q Acoustics, Dali Spektor, Cambridge Audio, Monitor Audio. I could go up...
  14. 2

    Is the Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 package a good deal?

    https://www.richersounds.com/q-acoustics-3010-5-1-graphite.html Is this a good spend of £500? I’d prefer to buy new instead of second hand just for peace of mind. They will be paired with a Yamaha Rx V575
  15. bilbosmeggins

    Denon AVCX4700H with B&W Speaker Package. Good deal?

    Looking to get a decent Atmos capable setup. Whilst browsing around, I came upon this bundle...
  16. R

    Speaker package help

    Hi I am looking for speakers to replace my existing ones which I got along with my denon avr 2400h. There are 2 sets advertised locally a Tannoy hts 101 and a kef hts 5001 system. Has anyone any thoughts on whether these would be suitable, the room isn't that big. Thanks in advance
  17. M

    Yamaha HTR-2071 and Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package

    Hello, I recently purchased today a Yamaha HTR-2071 along with a Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package. I struck a good deal at Harvey Norman bargaining the Speaker package down from $895 to $750 and the Receiver down from $500 to $295. My question here is does the HTR-2071 give enough...
  18. P

    Please suggest a good speaker package for the Denon 2700

    I'm putting together a new system for a relatively small room (4m x 4.70m). I'm thinking a 5.1.2 or 5.2.2 system with the Denon 2700 AVR. I'm looking for suggestions for a speaker package with bookshelf or compact floorstander speakers. Local dealer has suggested something from KEF Q, B&W 600...
  19. spiderman01

    Replacing Onkyo system. Can I use current speakers?

    Hi guys. My old Onkyo HT-S3305 AV receiver/speaker package is not working properly anymore (front channels not working - probably a relay problem-) and I would like to change the system. However, I have space restrictions and this makes my choices more complicated. Taking space limitations in...
  20. Rayjones

    Speaker package under £15k

    Hello all, Finally getting the chance to realise a long term passion. Looking for advice on best 7.4.4 speakers for a dedicated cinema room 4.8m wide by 8m deep with a ceiling height of 2.7m with no windows. Budget for speakers around £10 to £15,000. Looking to create the room with a 150" AT...
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