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  1. Shaun1985

    Wanted Monitor Audio Floor standers + Centre + Sub

    Hi i am looking for some Monitor Audio or Dali 5.1 speakers, i would like Floor standing Front L+R and ideally Black and also including the Sub. budget is around £300 - £400 depending on colour as if not black i will have to get them all Vinyl wrapped. Thanks
  2. S

    Wanted Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package

    Hi all. Bit of a long shot, but I am after the Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package in black if anyone could help me, please? Needs to be in good condition. I already have the speaker package but I want to add more speakers to my system so they are all the same. Kind regards, Mike.
  3. J

    For Sale Bowers&Wilkins plus Martin Logan 5 speaker package

    Selling my home theater package, was able to upgrade to larger space/speakers. All in great condition! https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m15886340295/
  4. Joe C

    For Sale Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Speaker Package

    As I'm redoing my summerhouse and removing 5.1, I no longer need these speakers. 2 x 2020i bookshelf 2 x 2010i bookshelf 1 x 2000Ci centre 1 x 2070Si subwoofer All in graphite colour, in very good condition. Unfortunately I don't have anything big enough to ship them in, and that would cost...
  5. D

    For Sale KEF 3005 SE Speaker Package - Black

    KEF 3005 SE Speaker Package - Black 4 x HTS 3001 Satellites 1 x HTC 3001 Centre 1 x HTB2SE Sub 2 x KEF Stands (Modified - Shortened) SE Version - Excellent Used Condition Original Boxes (Except for Sub) and Manuals Accessories etc. Delivery NOT included in price. Post/Pickup/Delivery to...
  6. M

    For Sale KEF 7.1 speaker package: Q7, Q1, Q9c, Q2ds

    7 matching maple KEF speakers in excellent condition KEF Q7, Q9c, Q1, Q2ds Perfect for a 5.1 / 7.1 setup (with the addition of a sub if required, though these speakers all go very deep and controlled) The Q speaker series gained numerous 5 star plaudits at the time of their release. Optional...
  7. C

    For Sale Denon AVR-X4200W (Silver) and KEF T305 (Black) 5.1 Speaker Package

    For sale as titled above. The Denon Amp was purchased circa mid 2016, and has seen pretty light use since the beginning. It has developed one quirk I'm aware of - If powered on manually it cant be powered off (it's been this way for a long while). No box unfortunately, but the remote and...
  8. Grunchymunchy

    About to buy the Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 - how good are they anything better?

    I only have a denon avr-x550bt, its an entry level AVR. There are I could spend a little more money, would it be worth it to get one of those more expensive speaker packages off Richer sounds or Peter Tyson. There is Q Acoustics, Dali Spektor, Cambridge Audio, Monitor Audio. I could go up...
  9. 2

    Is the Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 package a good deal?

    https://www.richersounds.com/q-acoustics-3010-5-1-graphite.html Is this a good spend of £500? I’d prefer to buy new instead of second hand just for peace of mind. They will be paired with a Yamaha Rx V575
  10. bilbosmeggins

    Denon AVCX4700H with B&W Speaker Package. Good deal?

    Looking to get a decent Atmos capable setup. Whilst browsing around, I came upon this bundle...
  11. R

    Speaker package help

    Hi I am looking for speakers to replace my existing ones which I got along with my denon avr 2400h. There are 2 sets advertised locally a Tannoy hts 101 and a kef hts 5001 system. Has anyone any thoughts on whether these would be suitable, the room isn't that big. Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Yamaha HTR-2071 and Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package

    Hello, I recently purchased today a Yamaha HTR-2071 along with a Yamaha NS51 5.1 Channel Speaker Package. I struck a good deal at Harvey Norman bargaining the Speaker package down from $895 to $750 and the Receiver down from $500 to $295. My question here is does the HTR-2071 give enough...
  13. P

    Please suggest a good speaker package for the Denon 2700

    I'm putting together a new system for a relatively small room (4m x 4.70m). I'm thinking a 5.1.2 or 5.2.2 system with the Denon 2700 AVR. I'm looking for suggestions for a speaker package with bookshelf or compact floorstander speakers. Local dealer has suggested something from KEF Q, B&W 600...
  14. spiderman01

    Replacing Onkyo system. Can I use current speakers?

    Hi guys. My old Onkyo HT-S3305 AV receiver/speaker package is not working properly anymore (front channels not working - probably a relay problem-) and I would like to change the system. However, I have space restrictions and this makes my choices more complicated. Taking space limitations in...
  15. Rayjones

    Speaker package under £15k

    Hello all, Finally getting the chance to realise a long term passion. Looking for advice on best 7.4.4 speakers for a dedicated cinema room 4.8m wide by 8m deep with a ceiling height of 2.7m with no windows. Budget for speakers around £10 to £15,000. Looking to create the room with a 150" AT...
  16. Steve Withers

    Focal Chora 5.1.2 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Focal's new Chora range of more affordable speakers will literally elevate the audio in your home cinema with the addition of the 826-D floorstander and its built-in Dolby Atmos driver. Read the review. Write your own review for Focal Chora 5.1.2 Speaker Package Review
  17. J

    Does a decent 'lifestyle' AV speaker package exist?

    While renovating our lounge, i'm taking the opportunity to add 5.1 wiring & buying a full setup. I nearly bought a Monitor Audio Bronze 50 AV package but the rear speakers are a bit of a marmite look IMO... Radiator placement might put a stop on them too. I've been trying to find something...
  18. eyal1506

    Question 5.1 speaker package for new apartment.

    Hey all, I'm new here and looking for 5.1 speaker package for new apartment. The room size: approx. 60 sqm ( Living room + Open space kitchen, the living room is 30 sqm) sound preferences: I like QUAD/KEF/B&W( for example DALI is not for me), never heard MA. Speakers preferences: Front-...
  19. T3C

    Question MA Silver 6's to which bookshelf speaker package?

    Looking for advice and recommendations :lease: My current system is made up from a pair of MA Silver 6's and the matching centre speaker across the front paired with a GSW12 sub and a pair of MA Silver SFX for the rear speakers. All these speakers are powered by a Denon AVR-X3300W amp that will...
  20. NBrice

    Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbar or Wharfedale DX-2 Speaker Package?

    Basically I'm torn between two different options. I'm looking at getting rid of my large bookshelf speakers and this either means getting a soundbar, or getting more compact speakers to use with my existing Marantz NR1506 receiver. I've narrowed down to HW-Q80R or Wharfedale DX-2. The Q80 is...
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