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  1. Flyboy583

    For Sale Onkyo TX-NR646 & Tannoy HTS-101 5.1 Speaker Package for sale

    Hi All, Due to building a dedicated cinema room and upgrading, I am selling my Onkyo TX-NR646 & Tannoy HTS-101 5.1 Owned since 2017 and used until March 2019 when it was boxed up (house move) and only unboxed today to check it is all working. All in perfect working condition. Price £400 for...
  2. D

    For Sale Pioneer 5.1 speaker package

    I'm selling my Pioneer 5.1 speaker package due to selling my AV receiver and going down the soundbar route. The package consists of a Pioneer S-11 speaker system and a Pioneer S-21W active subwoofer. The whole setup works perfectly and is in great overall condition, and comes supplied in the...
  3. eyal1506

    Question 5.1 speaker package for new apartment.

    Hey all, I'm new here and looking for 5.1 speaker package for new apartment. The room size: approx. 60 sqm ( Living room + Open space kitchen, the living room is 30 sqm) sound preferences: I like QUAD/KEF/B&W( for example DALI is not for me), never heard MA. Speakers preferences: Front-...
  4. T3C

    Question MA Silver 6's to which bookshelf speaker package?

    Looking for advice and recommendations :lease: My current system is made up from a pair of MA Silver 6's and the matching centre speaker across the front paired with a GSW12 sub and a pair of MA Silver SFX for the rear speakers. All these speakers are powered by a Denon AVR-X3300W amp that will...
  5. NBrice

    Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbar or Wharfedale DX-2 Speaker Package?

    Basically I'm torn between two different options. I'm looking at getting rid of my large bookshelf speakers and this either means getting a soundbar, or getting more compact speakers to use with my existing Marantz NR1506 receiver. I've narrowed down to HW-Q80R or Wharfedale DX-2. The Q80 is...
  6. mcclane22

    For Sale MK Sound IW95 x 1 - **PRICE REDUCED**

    Hi all, I have for sale a MK Sound speaker package comprising of: 1 x MK Inwall 95 1 x Pair of MK M4T's - NOW SOLD 2 x MK M5's - NOW SOLD 2 x MK Inwall 95's - NOW SOLD These speakers are in very good working condition. The M4T's and M5's do show some signs of wear and a few scratches when I...
  7. A

    What to buy...?

    Hi brains trust, I'm upgrading my home theatre and need some help on making a decision on upgrading my speakers. Currently I'm running the Accusound PS100 5.1 setup off a Yamaha RX-V1067 amp. We're redoing the room and in keeping it neater, I'm wanting to go in wall and in ceiling. I've had a...
  8. Herb Raiderman

    RE: B&W MT-60D Speaker Package & PV1D subwoofer v Q.Acoustics 7000i Wit REL TZero SUb

    Hi, I wanted to ask for an opinion on if it is worth spending more to purchase the Bowers& Wilkins MT-60D 5.1 speaker package or if the Q.Acoustics 7000i 5.1 package is just as good with the REL TZero sub woofer? I want a good music sounding system as well as a good home cinema system choice. I...
  9. D

    Budget 5.1 Speaker package with Denon X2600h

    Hi, I am planning to buy 5.1 speaker package to go with Denon X2600h, please suggest good 5.1 speaker package or should i choose 5 speakers and subwoofer seperate, Appreciate your inputs, Thanks....
  10. M

    Which amplifier is best for the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 HCP 5.1 Surround Speaker Package?

    Hello guys So this is the set I'm looking at buying https://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/66199/wharfedale-diamond-9-1-hcp-walnut-5-1-speaker-package/ Though I'm not sure exactly how powerful the amp would be to get the most out of the set.. here are the specs found in the above link...
  11. Steve Withers

    MK Sound LCR750 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The MK Sound LCR750 speaker package offers the studio monitor performance of the S150, but without the associated price premium. Read the review. Write your own review for MK Sound LCR750 Speaker Package
  12. Steve Withers

    Polk Signature E 5.1 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The Polk Audio Signature E Series of mid-range speakers look surprisingly subdued for the manufacturer, but include a host of new features and are competitively priced. Read the review. Write your own review for Polk Signature E 5.1 Speaker Package
  13. Steve Withers

    Acoustic Energy AE300 5.1 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Acoustic Energy keeps things simple with the new AE300 Series, but the result is an excellent midrange package that not only sounds impressive but is also great fun. Read the review. Write your own review for Acoustic Energy AE300 5.1 Speaker Package
  14. F

    Question New speaker package

    I am buying a Denon AVR X2600 amp and looking at speakers, the Monitor Audio Bronze 5 5.1 fits my budget, are they any other speaker packages around the same price I should be considering before pulling the trigger on these? Maybe the Q Acoustics 3050i? How do these 2 stack up. I am going to...
  15. M

    Receiver and speaker package Sevenoaks

    https://www.sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk/p-45636-denon-avr-x2600h-av-receiver-monitor-audio-bronze-b5-5-1-av-speaker-pack.aspx Hi, I was looking at the link below as a bit of black friday bargain? I was looking at the bronze 5.1 package anyway, so this seems like a no brainer? My only...
  16. stassinari

    Question 5.1 speaker package around £500

    I'm about to buy a whole home theatre system, but I don't know what exactly to go for. I have already settled for a Marantz AV receiver, due to space constraints (either the NR1609 or, better, NR1710 for better future proofing), but as for the speakers, I found a few options that all seem good...
  17. C

    Question What's the best package for this space?

    Hello All, I would like some advice. I'm looking to upgrade my speaker setup after 10 years with a £350 Pioneer 5.1 package. As you can see from the pictures, my TV unit does not allow for floor standers. In addition, there is only 13-14cm gap under the TV for the centre, limiting its height...
  18. Steve Withers

    Klipsch Reference Premiere 5.1.2 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The Klipsch Reference Premiere 5.1.2-channel speaker system uses the company's iconic horn tweeters to deliver an immersive system that delivers scale and sensitivity. Read the review. Write your own review for Klipsch Reference Premiere 5.1.2 System
  19. Steve Withers

    Definitive Technology BP9000 Series 5.4.4 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    Definitive Technology's BP9000 Series includes a range of floorstanders with built-in subwoofers, dedicated centre speakers, and upward-firing modules for Atmos/DTS:X. So, can the company's 5.4.4-channel system bring some American muscle to immersive audio? Read the review. Write your own...
  20. Steve Withers

    Monitor Audio Monitor 5.1 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The Monitor Audio Monitor is the company's latest entry-level speaker range that boasts a confusing moniker and unusually-coloured drivers. This Monitor 5.1 system is competitively priced but is orange the new black? Read the review. Write your own review for Monitor Audio Monitor 5.1 System
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