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  1. P

    DIY BT. Speaker Help please

    Hi All, I am new to all of this, never before have I made a speaker but would like to try. I don't completely understand everything but I'm keen to make this Bluetooth speaker. This is the list of parts I'm planning on buying please can somebody please tell me if this will work. I don't have a...
  2. K

    center speaker help

    hi all, i am looking to upgrade my center speaker (kef 3005), i have only a 200mm high gap to put it in, i don’t want to be spending loads really and i was looking at the polk t30 as it had good reviews. or should i spend more and get a klipsch rc 52? but i have heard these need to be driven...
  3. T

    ProAc Tablette 2000's.

    Hi. I recently bought my first amp (Cambridge Audio CXA80) cheap on eBay and was looking for speakers in the market of £200-300. To my disbelief; I managed to win (AuctionSnipe) a pair of ProAc Tablette 2000's in mint condition (Serial No.0231). The owner was regrettably 'downsizing his...
  4. K

    Can you help? What are these vintage 15ohm speakersspeakers

    Hi Can anyone identify these speakers? They are British made, have a 12 inch oval cone and a 3 (possibly 3 and a half) Inch mid/treble cone and are 15 ohms. Approx size is 58cm H X 21cm D X 31cm W. They have a wooden grille which is not removable, looks like possibly Oak veneer on chipboard...
  5. L

    Complete NOOB- Need Help - Panasonic SA-HE7 no volume-

    G'day, This is my first post in the forum so a quick intro: I always wanted an AV receiver for my home but the lack of knowledge about these systems kept me at bay. I like my music and so far have been getting my fix through good headphones. I recently bought a used AV receiver (panasonic...
  6. O

    Dropped speaker help

    Hi All I have a cheap Onkyo system Onkyo HT-S3910(B) and I managed to drop one of the front speakers, there is only a small mark on the back but the audio sounds awful. I've taken it apart but there is no obvious damage, I contact Onkyo asking if I could buy a replacement but they passed me to...
  7. J

    AV Receiver and Speaker Help

    Hello, My receiver is a RX-V581 and I have a 5.1 system set up already. I can get another 2 floor standing for relatively cheaply to make a 7.1 set up but the speakers are passive speakers. I watched a video on what the difference between that and active speakers and was alarmed to find out I...
  8. S

    Question First Atmos setup - Any speaker help appreciated!

    Current setup = Denon AVR3500x (keeping) & Bose Acoustimass 6 (time for them to go to a new home!) My objective is to get more out of the movies I watch (Blu Ray, Netflix etc.). Don't tend to listen to much music in this room. Room is pretty simple and square - 4.7m length, 3.9m wide, 2.4m...
  9. T

    Ceiling mount help please

    Trying to install my Kef ci3-80qt in ceiling speakers. But tight on space though given how wide the spring clips need to splay (6cm needed each side of the main body of the speaker). Are there other options I might have to get the speakers to stay in the ceiling?
  10. Jamesrohan

    I returned my Buchardt S400s

    They didn't suit my room unfortunately. My listening room is 13x12 feet and the Buchardts were almost "too big" - I was getting quite a bit of bass boom and the sound was quite overwhelming! In terms of the sound profile, I wasn't a massive fan of the mids/highs - I found them a little muffled...
  11. chamonix

    Question Speaker placement, room complicated

    I’m trying to figure out where is the best place to put my speakers. Our living room is a little bit complicated for speaker placement (See drawing below). My speakers are the JBL Synthesis 800 Project Array that I have on 12 inch solid stands. I can't really move the sofa because it will block...
  12. T

    Speaker help!

    Hello everyone! After a long time deciding upon a brand new wonderful TV (which I was about to go crazy trying to decide), I've landed in the same pot again it seems, choosing sound for it! We sit 3 m from the TV. As we're from Scandinavia, prices doesn't always match with UK / Europe prices...
  13. Scottandcoops

    Speaker help

    Hi everyone just thought I'd sign up need a bit of help I've been into home cinema few year now I've got the Sony dn1080 av receiver with the mission 753 floor standing speakers been happy with them. But my dad has gave me his tannoy xt 6F floor standing speakers. Which would be better to keep...
  14. S

    kplisch 7.1 speaker help

    i have a somewhat small finished basement with my set up. all Kplisch with a denon X1300 receiver 2 floor speakers 2 bookshelf rear surrounds 1 10" sub 2 atmos mounted on wall first on my remote should i be in movie mode or pure auto sound mode? i feel like im getting too much volume from my...
  15. P

    Cyrus Speaker help

    Hi all, New member and complete novice here. I've recently been given my Dad's 'hand-me-down' Cyrus 8 xpd qx amp, and and 8se2 CD player. I understand from reading forums it can be a bit tricky to match speakers to Cyrus equipment - which isn't made easier by the fact I'm not really sure how to...
  16. V

    Speaker Help Please -

    Hi I have inherited these speakers and I am trying to find out how I go about wiring these up to amp. I am at a loss as these have 4 connections on the back. I realise that to most of you this is a simple answer but not to me I'm afraid. Thanks in advance
  17. S

    Question small satellite speaker help for 11.1 system - Denon 4500

    Hi All I need to go small speakers (again) due to WAF. Only for movies, no music. I already have Denon 4500 receiver Sunfire HRS 8 subwoofer LG OLED 65" TV Inuke 3000dsp + 2 x Butttkicker LFEs Single 8" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer | Sunfire I am thinking either 2 x Klipsch...
  18. S

    Question Need a (massive) hand over here with my sound system

    Hey all Forgive me the wall of text, and godspeed to those that attempt it all. I didn't put this in the portable section as all I could see there is headphone talk, thought this crowd seemed like the one. I've been trying to read up recently about Hi-Fi's as I've never been in a household...
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