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  1. TB303

    Polypropylene Conduit for in wall/cieling speaker cables - should be fine?

    Just wondering, I don't think it has electrical/magnetic properties, right? Thank you,
  2. T

    Question Is there any speaker cables (silver?) can "clean" the fluffy/turbid bass?

    Hi Guys, thanks to your help, we bought a setup consisting of of KEF R3s and a YAMAHA RN803D connected by a pair of Audioquest Slip xtrm 14/2. All in all, everything is perfect, and it produce the sound that we are looking for - a good proper balance between vocal and music. The only little...
  3. georgeccole

    Question Help required - Dali Zensor 1

    Hi everyone, I have recently been given two Dali Zensor 1 speakers and a Monacor SA-100 amp and after a bit of researching, it seems like I have gotten myself a nice little bit of kit. The problem is - I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sound. Built many PC's and systems...
  4. R

    Question Speaker cables advice

    Hello everyone, i am about to pull the trigger on the speaker cables. For the two surrounds behind the sofa i would need some flat speaker cables as they need to run under the sofa and straight to the tv unit in front, with a carpet on top to hide them. Distance is 4 meters. For the remaining...
  5. A

    Speaker Cable and Signal Cable for Tannoy

    Dear Brothers, Could you please advise which speaker cables, AV cables and signal wires (USB type B, optical, coaxial..) should I choose for an audio system: CD Marantz ND 8006, Speakers Tannoy xt6F and Amp Roksan K3/Elex-R? As a beginner, I have no experience on this. I just want to buy...
  6. H

    Speaker cable

    Dear all, We are in the process of replacing old electrical fittings with Aurora E8 LEDs all over the house. This work is likely to start next week. I want to leverage this to put speaker cables as the guys will open the ceiling to run electrical cables. I plan to buy Denon x2500H AVR and...
  7. Pjblackadder

    Which speaker cable should I consider?

    Hi I have a Denon PMA720ae driving Mission LX2 speakers. The speaker cables I am using are fairly old Chord ones I had with my previous system. Having looked at various manufacture web sites I admit to being somewhat confused as what cables to consider - any comments would be much appreciated!
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