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  1. O

    Speaker Cable "theory"

    I've recently upgraded my TV, AV receiver, BD player and am wondering whether my nearly 30 year old Monster Cable speaker wire I have should be upgraded. I ordered some 14 AWG Kabeldirekt speaker cable and was appalled by the difference in my old cables and the new ones. With the old Monster...
  2. Waynester

    Question Speaker cable upgrade, is it worth it? Advice?

    Hi guys Just checked my speaker cables that I’m using to connect my Monitor Audio Bronze 6’s and Bronze Centre to my Denon AVR, I must have had these years🤦‍♂️ see picture of my current cable I’ve now upgraded my floorstanders and centre speaker to the new Bronze 500 floorstanders and Bronze...
  3. AMc

    Question Conservatory rear speaker cable - conduit, self ahesive or gluegun?

    We have a very large conservatory. Solid tiled floor - exposed, white painted brick on one side, plastered dwarf wall and painted woodwork on the other 2. The TV and AV receiver are at the gable end with the TV mounted on the wall. Centre on the AV stand and two floorstanders either side. When...
  4. F

    For Sale FS Black Rhodium Twirl speaker cable 2*3m RRP £279

    Black Rhodium Twirl speaker cable 2*3m terminated with high quality Rhodium Z Plugs .I can send it free delivery within the country.Price is £160 Give us a twirl!.. Twist just got better with thicker conductors for a full on rockin' performance! Cable manufactured in England 2 core cable...
  5. Scott_Mac

    For Sale Chord Rumour X Terminated Speaker Cable

    For sale as I’ve upgraded to Epic X I have an LCR setup for sale: 2 x 2m 1 x 1m All dealer terminated with Chord Ohmic banana plugs and purchased in November 2019 from an authorised dealer. All of the Ohmic plugs show some signs of tarnishing as is normal with these, this is only where the...
  6. M

    Question Speaker Cable recommendation please

    Hi all, I have a Denon AVR2311 Receiver with a pair of B&W 685 S1 front speakers, B&W HTM61 S1 Centre and a B&W ASW10 Sub (no surround speakers.) My question is, what speaker cable would you recommend on a budget of £15 or thereabouts (or more if you think worth while) per metre. My current...
  7. H

    Choosing between Siltech G5 Siltech LS 188 Classic MK2 SSP003 OR G7 Classic Anniversary Speaker Cable

    Hello Everyone, I'am currently looking to upgrade my Speaker cables. My system consists of a Monitor Audio Pl300 with a Bryston 4BSST2 Power Amp + Pre Amp and Power Supply connected to a Naim Dac and Leema Antilla 2S Eco. I have the option of buying a second-hand G5 LS188 Siltech or a new G7...
  8. K

    Extending speaker cable

    Hi All, Just joined! I have cavity cabled wall mounted speakers and want to be able to, from time to time, plug in my better quality floor standing speakers (and back again). I have been looking for female to female banana plugs so I can simply unplug male BPs from wall speakers and then be able...
  9. V

    Speaker Cable Suggestion

    Hi all, Im having some wood flooring laid next week and I've only just thought that I may wish to upgrade to a 5.1 system in the future so its logic to get some speaker cable laid at the time the flooring goes dow, for the rears. Going to need about 2 runs of 9m. Its going to have to be...
  10. A

    Replacing 20 Yr oldFront Left, Right and Centre speaker cable

    Hi all, I am looking to replace the 20 Yr old Speaker cable going into my Front Left, Right and Centre B&W CDM speakers. The Front Left and Right are BI-Amped. Can I get some good quality recommendations including decent banana plugs. I'm looking to replace with cable that will see through...
  11. K

    Question Speaker cable faceplates

    Good evening all! I’m about to re-wire for 7.1.4 speakers, with wall mounted speakers, and wondered what most popular method of exiting speaker wires from the walls is... if you see what I mean! A length of wire hanging out of the plaster? Some sort of ‘faceplate’ with a small hole/grommet in...
  12. A

    Bi wire speaker cable or 2x 2.5 mm cable for install

    Hi, I need to wire 7 speakers currently my setup is as follows: Denon avr x2600h 4x Wharfdale diamond 9 book shelves Tannoy centre speaker Cambridge audio sx120 subwoofer On its way when released monitor audio bronze 200 floor standing. I know my speakers are a bit of a mismatch but only...
  13. F

    Really very stupid speaker cable question

    Hello DIY speaker cable. If I want to save a few quid and do my own cables - is it really as simple as buying a stretch of solid copper cable (14AWG. plastic coated) and sticking some banana plugs on the end? I hear lots of talk by the manufactures about shielding, oxidation etc. Can it be as...
  14. DodgeTheViper

    Speaker Cable Spade Connectors

    Who uses them and which ones do you have ? Cheers
  15. oaklandraiders

    Question Speaker cable lengths LCR, all the same or no difference

    Hi Should I do the Fronts in similar lengths or it really doesn't matter ? 1st number is proposed cable length with actual distance in brackets I don't really want to do them all at 7m and have cable coiled up Van Damme Blue 2.5 Details below: actual distance is in brackets Left 5m (actual...
  16. martinhenry

    A strange speaker cable idea ?

    Wondered if anybody else has ever tried this ? Just bought a pair of A6 Spendors ( lovely , but that the subject of another thread here ), and as a result reviewed the cables I was using ( ....Rega Duets), because on putting the Spendors into my Rega system I found that some music was lacking...
  17. Beaker 2016

    Yet another speaker cable question!!

    Hi, I'm going to use some old hi-fi as a second system in my new man cave probably a Kenwood 550D stereo amp with a Pioneer dvd as a cd transport, an amazon dot connected via phono to the amp and Wharfedale delta 30 speakers all very old I know but will get me going anyways - would I be...
  18. F

    Connecting Speaker Cable to Marantz PM6006UK Amp.

    Hi! Ever since I bought a new system a while back I have been having terrible trouble with this. The holes in the binding posts on the amp are so small that it is really difficult to twist the wire tight enough for satisfactory connection - and when I attempt to tighten the screw fittings they...
  19. CaptainPlaid

    Low-Profile Speaker Cable (Black)

    Hi guys, I'm asking here because i don't understand why i can't find any of this cable online. I'm looking for some of this low-profile stereo cable, in black. Everywhere has white. It's absolutely everywhere. But i can't find any of it in black. Is there a reason for this? And can anyone...
  20. A

    Question Speaker cable "sticky"

    Hi, I tried to cut and strip my old speaker cable so as to install banana plugs and realised that the insulator left a dark, sticky coating on the copper strands. Do I clean it with something before attaching the plugs? Is it irrelevant? Or is it bad news and I need new cable? Thanks, AEKostas
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