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  1. bravogolf

    Speaker cable lengths and type

    Am re-doing my cinema room, it's been years since I lost myself in the finer details such as this. I have a loft room, I can route cables outside the partition walls and around. It means I have the shortest speaker having 5M or so, with the longest 20m. Approx 65m all in, that's assuming I don't...
  2. N

    Speaker cable, one core has white inner sleeve

    Hello, I purchased the speaker cable for my home cinema set up. IMAGE ATTACHED. The cable has two cores - so far so good. One of the cores is made up of individual outer copper wires, over an inner WHITE (plastic?) sleeve, that has copper wire within. I tried Googling this, I think that is...
  3. V

    White speaker cable recommendations

    Hi Does anyone have any recommendations for some pure copper speaker cable in "white".Going from sony str-dh790 to wharfedale dx-2 rear speakers ,wont be more than 10 metres.Was going to use TLC 79 grade but turns out its CCA .Im confused about CCA v copper as some sites say CCA fine over short...
  4. S

    speaker cable thickness

    If I have 1.5mm cable (Around 15AWG) what happens if I am trying to run side and rear channels that are 20ft on the left and 40ft on the right? From what I understand this cable is best under 30ft max, so what would happen at 40ft - I am running a lyngdrof MP60 and MK S300T speakers. The cable...
  5. PhilRaw

    For Sale Selling Audioquest Rocket 11 speaker cable (30m coil)

    Hello, I am selling Audioquest Rocket 11 speaker cable in new condition as a 30meter coil for £300. This was purchased for £350 in November 2021 and is still brand new. AudioQuest Rocket 11 speaker cable utilises both stranded and solid 'Long-Grain Copper' semi-solid true-concentric...
  6. P

    Speaker cable, Kef set up

    Hi Please advise what you think I require? Currently have Kef R2C Center Kef ls50 meta as right and left with QED XT40i and welded connectors. Denon AVR-X2700H AV Receiver Looking to add Kef Ci200RR-THX ceiling speakers 7 meters away x2 Kef rear R8a - 11 meters away x2 Already...
  7. jsl20

    Estimating speaker cable run lengths for custom installs

    I'm about to have four in-ceiling speakers installed and want to estimate the total length of speaker cable required so that I buy enough (and not way too much!). Is there any best practice for measuring the length needed for runs that have to go into ceilings and around joists? I can make some...
  8. jsl20

    Atmos ceiling speaker selection (and speaker cable)

    I'm looking at replacing my down-firing speakers to in-ceiling speakers go from 5.1.2 to 5.1.4 in a room that is roughly 4 x 4m. My LCRs are all Kef LS50s so I'd like to stick with Kef for the ceiling speakers, though as my surrounds are B&W M1s I may not be too fussy here. I've been recommended...
  9. V

    Tannoy TFX 5.1 advice - speaker cable clips?

    I have had the Tannoy TFX 5.1 speakers for many years now but unfortunately I find it incredibly fiddly to securely attach the speaker wire to the black and red attachments at the back. Unfortunately when you have children you love to play around with your AV equipment I have to constantly...
  10. Secondhand

    Speaker Cable: Chord Company LeylineX or AudioQuest Rocket 11?

    Hello. So I’ve just about finished the stud walls and I will be soundproofing with Genie Clips, Residual Bar, two layers of acoustic plasterboard with some Tecsound. But now I’ve come to the minefield of speaker cable. Ill be creating a 7.2.4 system using Monitor Audio Silver Range and ceiling...
  11. M

    Which surround sound speaker cable ?

    Hi, Just renovating and need to run speaker cable to two ceiling speakers and two rear speakers, total length of the cabling is 45m. It is being run in ceilings, dot and dab and studs, wanted a low smoke, zero halogen cable and was recommended Chord Company LeylineX but when looked at £5 per...
  12. R

    Speaker cable reel required

    Any recommendations for OFC speaker cable for atmos speaker, I read 2mm-2.5mm would be about right. I'll need to work out length required
  13. T

    Speaker Cable Crimp tool?

    Having just made a significant upgrade to my HT system, I'm about to embark on reterminating all the speaker cables. I'd like to use crimp connectors that work with a standard hex die in a crimping tool - but need to understand which die/banana plug combination works and are recommended (I'm...
  14. D

    Recommendations for a speaker cable

    I'd like to get a speaker cable to connect my Kef HTS 2001 saterlight speakers to my Denon AVCX4700H. I'd like a good quality cable that is also quite thin to that it isn't too viable (I'd rather not use trunking). What would you recommend?
  15. speed1268

    Belden 8761 speaker cable for ATC scm40?

    Hi all, Have read that ATC provide Belden 8761 cables for the actives but wondered if anyone uses them for the passives? Have switched to an Audio Control amp that uses speaker blocks that accept 2.5mm cables max, So as my Quadrax don’t fit am looking for something different. Any help would be...
  16. R

    Advice - speaker cable for going round lots of corners

    Hello all, New house means new listening room! Annoyingly said room will be multi purpose and the speakers Will need to be either side of a door. The only way to route the cable them is up the ceiling and across some beams. Could anyone recommend a cable that is both thin and bends well? I...
  17. B

    Adivice on Speaker Cable on new/old system and upgrads to system....Linn Speakers

    Hi Everyone this is my first post! I haven't had a decent system in 20 years instead I have just used cheap all in one products like sonons etc. however, I am now trying to build a new system using a few of my older bits which I have just taken out of storage (been in the loft room for 20...
  18. D

    How much to spend on speaker cable for this setup?

    Hi all, I'm looking for my first home cinema system (I've had soundbars before). I'm currently looking at something along the lines of a Denon AVR X3700/Marantz Sr6015 powering something along the lines of the Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1, Monitor Bronze 200 5.1 set, or possibly the Dali Oberon 5.1...
  19. M

    Will shielded speaker cable make a difference?

    I have redecorated and had a move around to seperate out my AV & Stereo components and moved the sub into the middle of the room. i run a 7.1.4 system witha Yamaha RX-A3080 av amp and pre out the fronts via my Arcam SR250. Since the move there is a slight hum (it could have been there all...
  20. T

    Dali Oberon 5 Speaker Cable

    Good morning all, just after some opinion here. My system is as follows. Audiolab 6000A amp, Musical Fidelity M2s CD player, Rega P1 and Fono stage and Dali Oberon 5’s. Chord Clearway Speaker Cable and Russ Andrews Timbre interconnect. Question is, would it be worthwhile upgrading the Clearway...
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