1. F

    Which bar is best

    I currently have a 5.1.4 setup using a Denon AVR X3600, monitor Audio bronze 5, bronze centre and bronze 2, Dali Alteco C1 and Monitor audio CP CT380. I am looking to down size to a soundbar (mainly to please the wife and declutter). Looking at the options there seems to be 3 contenders to fit...
  2. O

    Which of these 3 soundbars?

    Hi guys, which of these three soundbars would you recommend? Sonos Beam, Bose Smart Soundbar 300 or Denon Soundbar 550 One of the obove would be used with an LG 48CX and a PS5. Thank you! D
  3. antsims

    Samsung HW-Q950A Thread 11.1.4!

    Hi everyone, As this new soundbar has been announced at CES 21, I thought I’d start a discussion thread for it. I have the HW-Q950T, but this new bar sounds really interesting with 11.1.4 set up. Hopefully it will be released soon so we can get some reviews/first impressions on it. I for one...
  4. DaveBro

    Question Soundbars with Atmos for a reasonable price?

    Evening all, looking for the above wondered if anyone had any recommendations? TV is a 65” Philips that will be wall mounted. Mrs isn’t having speakers all over the gaff so it’s a Soundbar for me. It supports Atmos, is that the best way to go or not really needed? cheers 🍻
  5. P

    Do 5.1/7.1 soundbars work in an irregular shaped room?

    Having had a good old 5.1 surround sound system for many (many!) years, I've conceded that I may need to update to take advantage of the new formats. I like the sound of Atmos, and I don't mind spending a reasonable sum, but having been used rear speakers, and not really being very genned-up on...
  6. N

    Question What's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars?

    Has anyone heard what's happened to the Q900T and Q950T Samsung soundbars which were originally talked about? I see in the latest Samsung release they mention the Q800T which is on sale but seems the talk on the Q900T and Q950T seems to have gone silent. Anyone got any news on these? I'd like to...
  7. S

    2.1 vs 3.1 soundbars

    I was told that for better dialog clarity that the soundbars with a center channel (at least 3.0 or 3.1) offer the best clarity for the spoken word in movies. Has this been your experience? Thanks
  8. htslough

    Question £100 Soundbar recommendations ????

    Without being able to audition anywhere due to lockdown, soundbar reviews are a bit of a minefield. No real conclusive winners until you start spending serious money. Don't want to spend more than £100, don't need a sub, not too keen on bass heaviness , prefer a quality/balanced sound. Need...
  9. H

    Panasonic SC-HTB488 or Panasonic SC-HTB258 Soundbar?

    Hi all, Very new to buying soundbars, so I have no knowledge. I have a Samsung UE55NU8000 TV which I bought a year ago. As usual, the sound isn't great at all and I've been needing to buy a soundbar. So, I have a £40 John Lewis Gift Card and thought why not buy one from there. I don't want to...
  10. W

    LG 2020 Soundbars

    Was any more info released at CES about LG's 2020 soundbars? I'm hoping they are out sooner rather than later.
  11. O

    New LG Soundbars for 2020

    For those that are fed up waiting for Samsung to sort out eARC and other issues with their sound bars. LG are launching next year a new range of sound bars which include the top of the range model with rear speakers.
  12. Mayandi2

    Question Soundbars with Atmos but no DTS

    If one is using a Soundbar like Sony HT ST 5000 that has Dolby Atmos but not DTS decoding facility, can one play DVDs and BDs with DTS but not Atmos availability? (Assume that the BD player has DTS facility and is connected to the soundbar by HDMI)
  13. Z

    2 Soundbars for 2 different rooms/uses!

    Hi all, I need your help! i will purchase the LG OLED 55 C9 and i want to get a good SOUNDBAR for it and the other soundbar will be for MY 50" inch SONY XF9000 for my PC Soundbar 1 will be used ONLY for MOVIES Soundbar 2 will be used ONLY for GAMING My choices are: JBL BAR 5.1 POLK audio...
  14. Gosxicotet

    Soundbar Samsung HW-Q70R VS LG SL8GY

    Hello! Has anyone compared these models? They are more or less the same price and features and I have doubts which to choose. Regards.
  15. J

    Best Sound Bard for hearing aid wearers?

    What is your experience ?
  16. S

    Question Can you get Atmos-supported, upwards firing rear speakers for samsung HW-N860/HW-N850?

    Hey, So I bought this soundbar at a really great price and I like it so much. So I was wondering if you can get anything else that works with the soundbar other than the SWA-9000s, that have upwards firing rear speakers, so I can get a fuller Atmos experience? Or should I just go with those and...
  17. Jabolo

    Question Best budget sound system under £250

    I am not in the UK and have little choice within my budget through local stores. This is for upgrading from (Hisense 55" A6100) TV speakers, to use with PS4 Pro (4k gaming), Netflix, USB movies and music from phone/tablet, in a moderately large. irregularly shaped and empty bedroom except for a...
  18. caulkehead

    Question Samsung HW-N400 Soundbar is clearer when we switch on the Humax PVR

    Hi - non-techie newby here - hope someone can help. I have just bought a Samsung all-in-one compact sound bar HW-N400 and it is connected to a Samsung Smart TV - UE40KU64. I had no problem with connections or configuration and opted for the HDMI-ARC so that I could use one remote control handset...
  19. N

    Question Better sound from TV

    I have a friend who is not that tech minded. I tend to help get his setup with all things technology wise - PC, mobile phones, car Bluetooth, TV etc. He had a 50" Panasonic TV mounted on a wall bracket with the TV turned across the corner of the room. The room was too small for the TV but in...
  20. Exophonics

    Answered 55”: Q9FN or C8

    It’s that time of year again. The time when tons of people question what TV would be best for them at what is (hopefully) a great price. I’m no different. I’m sure it’s possibly one of the more commonly asked questions around, so I apologise if it seems like I’m wasting your time. LG C8 vs...
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