1. P

    TV + PC = Sound bar not working

    Hi all, I hope that somebody could help me with getting my sound bar to work when I have the PC connected via HMDI. Equipment: TV: kdl-55w755c Sound bar: ht-ct780 Graphics card: GeForce 1080 Ti HDMI cable: DELONG 10m fibre optic HDMI So until now I have had the TV connected to the sound bar...
  2. D

    Wanted WANTED: Samsung HW-H750 soundbar

    With or without sub, but must be in very good condition (not scratched or damaged) and come with remote.
  3. S

    Soundbar with Sub and Rear Speakers

    Try as I might, I just cannot fit a typical amp 5.1 surround sound system (let alone Dolby Atmos) and previously when I had a Yamaha YAS107 Soundbar, the dialogue wasn't great, but I attributed that to the fact that the one soundbar is pumping out all channels in its 2 or 3 small speakers. So...
  4. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Philips TV Launch Event, Soundbar vs AVR, Samsung EzCAL and more... (27/01/21)

    This week we discuss the latest TV announcements from the Philips European launch event, look at whether a soundbar or AVR with speakers is the best option for home cinema and examine Samsung's EzCAL calibration software for their 2021 TV line-up. Plus, we have the latest Album of the week, TV...
  5. J

    Bluray CDs to soundbar needs TV to be on?

    Hi all, I have a Sony BD player connected via HDMI to a Yamaha YSP2100 soundbar and then via HDMI to a Samsung TV. I want to play music CDs through the BD player and soundbar. I switch on the BD player (which also switches on the TV) and set the relevant input on the soundbar. All works fine...
  6. J

    Cable to connect soundbar to existing sub

    I'm still procrastinating over which soundbar to spend a little money on and one thing that has become apparent is that I might be able to opt for something with a sub out to hook into an existing sub I have lying around. My only question is on cabling. The sub has dual RCA inputs on it and...
  7. I

    Wanted Samsung Q60T soundbar Costco deal

    Hi all, Anyone purchase this and not want it? Thanks, Dan
  8. Riddick1977

    For Sale Flexson TV stand for Sonos playbar soundbar - black steel

    Hi, Have a Flexson TV stand for the Sonos playbar. There are a few marks on the item. Postage is not included due to the weight of the item. Collection is welcome, but please follow Covid-19 Government guidance. Cheers ridd
  9. W

    Wanted Mid-high end soundbar

    Morning all, looking to do a bit of a refit in the lounge and considering a soundbar to tidy things up a little. Before I splash out on something brand new though I'd turn to the AVF community first! Been looking at the Dali Katch One (would be used in conjunction with my BK400 or Monolith)...
  10. Bradley72

    For Sale Sony HT-Z9F Atmos soundbar. £430

    Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar. 1 week old with receipt. Only selling as I had a Samsung soundbar which kept cutting out. Returned it to Currys who could not find a fault and offered a swap or the Sony. It's not what I wanted, therefore it's up for sale. Sounds superb and is in perfect condition.
  11. S

    soundbar under £500

    sorry for the potentially repeated question. I am looking to buy the Sony 55XH9505 tv. I would like to add a soundbar to the package and would like some recommendations. I have £500 to spend. want to keep remotes down to a minimum ideally just use the virgin remote day to day, so something that...
  12. MazGMJ

    Wanted Sonos Beam soundbar / similar alternative

    Looking for a Sonos Beam, preferably in black, but would consider white. Any similar alternatives considered. Thanks! I would love an Arc, but it's slightly out of my price range!
  13. M

    Question Best soundbar for under £500

    Got another thread about getting a soundbar for my bedroom but now I want one for my living room. I don't have a ton of needs, just great sound for movies, tv, and games. Atmos would be a very welcome bonus but not a deal-breaker. So far I've been looking at the:- 1. Yamaha YAS-209 2. Sony...
  14. M

    Bose Smart Soundbar 300 or Sonos Beam

    Anybody got any experience with the speaker in the title? I'm trying to choose between it and the Sonos Beam but reviews are pretty non-existent. Basically, I'm after a compact soundbar with great sound. I watch movies and play video games mostly, hardly any music.
  15. lbphillips

    For Sale Denon Heos HomeCinema HS1 Wireless Soundbar

    This has been sitting around for a while, and I need the space back. Great sounding soundbar with HEOS support. It was a beta test unit provided several years ago. Works perfect, but the one thing to note is that it shows up as a 'beta' unit in the HEOS app. You can just ignore this message...
  16. D

    Soundbar suggestion

    I'm looking to purchase a new Dolby atmos soundbar. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  17. C

    Soundbar/TV/XBox series X set up help

    Hi All, I currently have an LG 55UF950V coupled with a Yamaha 5.1 home theater amp and XBox series X (upgraded from one X), currently all HDMI's (incl Sky Q) are plugged into the amp and then up to the TV as it allows 4k passthrough. Due to remodelling of the front room I have purchased a...
  18. Bungle73

    Question Bluetooth Soundbar for a Kitchen?

    Hi. I'm looking for a cheap, but good sounding, bluetooth soundbar to pair up with my Echo Flex. It's only for the kitchen while I'm cooking or ironing, so I'm not looking for top tier sound quality, just something that sounds good for a low price. I'm thinking I could stick it on top of a...
  19. S

    Question samsung q90r soundbar ARC connection issue.

    Hi guys i could so with some help please if i explain my tv setup first. i have a samsung Q9 tv with the one connect box. this paired with samsung Q90R soundbar, i have them connected via hdmi cables. the hdmi cable connects the ARC on my soundbar top the ARC on my TVs one connect box. i...
  20. mclingo

    Question bluetooth soundbar with some sort of auto on - anyone using Bose solo 5 for bluetooth movies?

    Hi, i'm looking for a bluetooth soundbar or dual TWS bluetooth speakers for my tablet in my bedroom to watch movies etc. I had been using an echo but i'm sick of it shouting at "now connected to Galaxy S5" when bluetooth goes into standby, which I cant prevent (tried several apps, none work) I...
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