A soundbar, sound bar or media bar is a special loudspeaker enclosure that creates a reasonable stereo effect from a single cabinet. They are much wider than they are tall, partly for acoustical reasons, but also so that they can be mounted above or below a display device e.g. above a computer monitor or under a television or home theater screen.
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Why use a Soundbar or Speakerbase rather than your TV's speakers?
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  1. Formentor

    Question Sound bar issue after power interruption

    I have recently purchased an OLED55C34LA together with a USC9S soundbar. Although I cant quite recall the steps, it all set up quite straight forward and worked. A couple of weeks later we had a power cut. When the power came back on the TV was off and the soundbar was on. The link between the...
  2. S

    good offer?

    looking for a larger tv for the euro football in june ,few questions to throw out there... 1 . offered the LG G3 77 inch with soundbar just over 3K ,good offer? 2. this tv good for football and movies? 3 id be sitting 3.2m away is that ok? 4 good time to buy?
  3. P

    For Sale LG 77C24LA Plus LGS95QR Atmos soundbar package

    Hi, both purchased April from Curry’s last year. Tv excellent condition. One mark on the subwoofer and surround. Wow orchestra sounds great using the tv and soundbar speakers. Can include surround stands if needed. Collection only or can deliver if not too far.
  4. A

    Question Samsung HW-Q600B soundbar volume control from other remotes

    So I have a HW-Q600B soundbar which has worked fine. It's connected to a QE65S95BATXXU TV via HDMI to slot 3 for ARC, the sky box is plugged into the sounbar via hdmi. So up until 2 days ago I could adjust the sound levels on the sounbar using sky/TV/firestick/Samsung all in 1 remote. However...
  5. S


    I've just replaced my old AV receiver with the Denon X2800H and I'm pretty happy with the sound but i probably won't ever be able to add atmos speakers to the system , not even the upfiring ones. In your experience is it still a better sounding experience than a dolby atmos sondbar with sub...
  6. adonis

    Best 55" telly under £900?

    Hi all, looking for a new tv around the 55" mark, mainly for netflix, freeview...masterchef......usual stuff parents want to watch lol I have a Samsung HW-S800B sound bar I want to use too. Sony KD-55X85L seems to have good reviews. Cheers
  7. C

    Question Alexa as soundbar and speaker

    Hello, I'm looking to connect my Echo to my LG TV so the former acts as a speaker. I've read the instructions as to how to do it but I want to know if when the TV is turned off the echo will revert to speaker mode so I can listen to the radio? Thanks
  8. VorTx

    School me on a soundbar setup (Sammy/Naka/other?)

    A little background: Looking at a new soundbar setup, obviously. Not a super audiophile, so no Naka dragon, or something that's in that range. Looking more towards $1500 at the upper end. My room is 18ft long, by 15ft deep. Furniture setup is theater style loveseat in front of screen (about...
  9. Astraeus

    For Sale Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar

    Selling due to upgrade. Soundbar works wonderfully and is in pristine condition. It comes in its original box with the remote and power cord. Collection preferred due to size/weight.
  10. S

    New 2024 Sony soundbars incoming

    HT-A8000 and HT-A9000 and a version 2 of the HT-A9.
  11. AndyFov

    Advice re speaker setup / sound bar purchase

    I've bought an LG CX Oled for the bedroom, and its A doesn't come close to its V. I'm a bit disappointed in the sound quality if truth be told. Without wanting to spend a silly amount of money I'm looking for a way to make it sound a bit more cinematic. I've an Arcam FMJ amp gathering dust...
  12. missnetto

    Question Polk Replacement

    Hello all, struggling with all the many soundbars out there and a lot of them are so expensive but I am looking for a replacement for my Polk command bar. If you have any suggestions even if they are older sound bars and sub. I wouldn't want satellite speakers unless they were wireless.
  13. M

    Soundbar or stereo for TV under £400?

    Hi all and sorry for my english, I use google translator. I am looking to upgrade an old hi-fi tower and would like to hear others opinions on what would be best for my situation. It should be a setup that I will use 90% of the time for TV sound, the rest of the time for radio or music. My...
  14. simonjenkins


    i was just wondering if you could buy a dolby atmos 5.1 speaker system with no wires, the speakers i have are oldish and at some point need replacing, i just thought i'd ask, the avr is 2500h,
  15. T

    Question OLED 55 C3 And SoundBar LG SP8YA

    Hi all. I have a new LG 55 C3, mi old LG TV are a NanoCell, and the soundbard starts and shutdown wiht the tv. And the volume for the sound bar can be controlled with the magic remote. But , with the new C3, i cant controll de volume or start the soundbar automatically. The sound bar are...
  16. Bory Brason

    Question Samsung S801B Soundbar Issues

    Good Morning All, I have just set up my Samsung S801B Soundbar as a perfect companion to my Samsung Frame 2020 (65"). I seem to be having the same issue that EVERYONE has with this TV with inputs. (When inputs turn off the TV does not go to Art mode) but that is not what this is about. I have...
  17. mrwibble3bw

    LG S80QR vs G1 vs Q930C

    Getting a 55" :G G3 from Richer Sounds and looking for advice on soundbar options. Will be mainly my wife watching Sky / Netflix plus 25% family movies. My options - TV is £1399 with soundbars extra : LG G1 @ £128 extra (down from £200 as I had a quote before 8/4) LG S80QR @ £550 (half...
  18. C

    LG remote no longer controls soundbar

    I have an LG WEB OS TV with a smart remote. I also have a JAMO SB 36 soundbar. I have an optical cable connecting the soundbar and I used to be able to control the volume of the soundbar with my TV remote. I know the optical TV audio output is fixed and you can't vary the optical output. But...
  19. KHousein90

    For Sale Yamaha rxv4a

    Selling as upgraded, comes boxed with power lead, remote and setup mic. First owner, purchased January 2023
  20. DarkDogZA

    For Sale Samsung B530 soundbar BNIB 140

    Hi All I have a brand new Samsung B530, delivered on 05/04 from Samsung UK. I don't actually need or want it. It came with a new TV. The box has not been opened yet. Full specs Can collect from Willesden Green (NW2)
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