1. J

    New av reciver or soundbar ?

    Hi I've been looking at replacing my 10 year old Yamaha av reciver I've never been able to get the full 5.1 experience as the tv is in a corner so I was looking at a soundbar my budget is around £300 and I would like one with a sub can anyone recommend one Thanks
  2. maxwell

    For Sale Sony HT-ZF9 Soundbar

    Ok so I bought this on here a few days ago because I was looking at it as a possible replacement for my full setup, it is excellent but it is not for me I'm afraid, I just cannot get my head around comparing it to my full 7.2.4 system. Don't get me wrong it is a fantastic bit of kit and I was...
  3. Oily

    Question Hard wiring an active soundbar?

    Just wondering if you could hard wire an active soundbar to a AV receiver by bypassing the soundbars own electrics,i.e not being plugged in etc ? Just seen one on fleabay and wondered if it's feasible? Might open up my options if I can :)
  4. M

    Connecting JVC Soundbar to TV

    I have a query about connecting a JVC - TH- 227B soundbar to my TV using the supplied 3.5mm cable. Does anyone know the reasons why JVC state in thier instruction manual 'DO NOT connect the soundbar and TV by using the AUDIO IN socket'? I cannot find an answer to this question hence I have...
  5. Pompey78

    Soundbar Recommendations for hard of hearing

    Hi, my f at her in laws hearing is deteriorating and we are looking at getting a soundbar to enhance TV dialogue. He wears a hearing aid, and I'm wondering if there are decent soundbars that would suit someone with hearing loss using a hearing aid. Mostly watch standard TV as opposed to...
  6. richfinch

    Question Using Amazon Echo Studio as a soundbar

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help. I recently purchased an Echo Studio to replace a very old Panasonic surround sound system. I was hoping to use the echo studio as a soundbar, however I’m having a little issue with sound from my SKY+ HD box. here’s how I have it setup: I have a fire Tv...
  7. Darrenj69

    Soundbar being hijacked

    Hi Hopefully an easy solution exists. Whilst watching TV our q acoustic media 4 soundbar keeps being hijacked by someone (a neighbor I assume). It's happening daily and we have to keep turning it off and on 4 or 5 times until it seems to cease. How could I go about fixing this ie is there a...
  8. C

    Sennheiser Ambio soundbar stuck at Setup Microphone

    My Ambio is now permanently in the Setup Microphone state. It goes into this state directly from turn on. App can’t find it. Reset button does nothing. It won’t even turn off; I have to unplug it. Anyone else had this problem or ideas what to do about it? Thanks.
  9. andykara2003

    My soundbar doesn't support dolby digital plus. Will it still play 5.1 channels when streaming Netflix?

    Hi all, My soundbar only supports DD, not DD+. Netflix uses DD+ as it's format. Will my bar still play audio in 5.1 sound when playing DD+ content on Netflix? I would guess there's probably a downmix/conversion process somewhere in the chain that would automatically convert to standard DD for...
  10. M

    Atmos Soundbar with existing Subwoofer

    Whats the best soundbar for under £1000 which will allow me to use my existing subwoofer? Thanks
  11. D

    Want To Replace Denon DHT-FS3 Soundbar

    I have had a Denon DHT FS3 Soundbar since it first came out over 10 years ago - it still sounds amazing but its fans are starting to strain a bit so I am thinking I must prepare to to replace it. But what with? Has anyone else moved on from the Denon and found something that has proven to be a...
  12. rck010

    Mounting height 65" TV/soundbar

    Before i'll start this writing this post, let me apologies for yet another 'What height should my TV be at' thread. I've read dozens of websites, forums and such. But i'm still not sure at what height i should mount it. Some advice "the center of the TV at eye-level", others say "the bottom...
  13. andykara2003

    Samsung HW-Q70r Soundbar + LG CX OLED = problems?

    Hi all, After much research, I finally settled on what seems to be the Soundbar within my budget for the LG CX 55” I’m about to buy. This is the Samsung HW-Q70r.The problem is that I now see some reports that these Samsung Soundbars don’t play well with LG TVs. I’m not sure what the problems...
  14. R

    Which way to connect devices and soundbar + Passthrough options

    I have a Samsung Q70R Tv and am planning on buying a cheap soundbar (as a stop gap). Probably the Q60R or the Sonos Beam. Leaning towards the Q60r at the mo. Which way is the correct way to connect everything up. I have a firestick, a console, my pc. 1) All devices into tv and then a hdmi...
  15. R

    Soundbar or tv...

    Hello there people, Recently I purchased a Samsung ru8000 and q70r soundbar. I have connected them using the HDMI arc feature but am confused slightly when it comes to connecting the gaming console. If I run it through the tv I get HDR settings but sound is limited to linear else I get a sound...
  16. gunner84

    Soundbar for my LG CX

    HI I have recently upgraded my TV from a B6 to a CX and have the Yamaha YSP2700 soundbar. I currently have my games console and apple tv 4k direct to TV, and just my oppo203 bluray player into the soundbar. I want to eventually put all devices into TV, but it depends if the CX gets DTS...
  17. M

    how do I connect a Optoma 1080e to a Samsung Soundbar

    hi everyone im a bit thick when it comes to audio and the myriad of options and terminology and was wondering whether someone could shed light on connecting the above projector to a Samsung Soundbar HW-MS550 It has 1 x HDMI IN port 1 x HDMI out (TV-Arc) port 1 x audio out port (3.5mm?) i think...
  18. Caveman49

    QE49Q80T soundbar?

    Hi guys As the title says, does anyone have any recommendations for a good sound bar for the Q80T. Bear in mind it is only the 49" model. Thank you
  19. S

    5.1 or soundbar recommendation for 16" x 12.5" room

    I bought a set of SVS speakers back in 2008 via this site (SVS 25-31 PCi, SCS-01 front and center, and SBS-01 rears I think) which have served me well, so it's been a while since I've done any speaker research. Problem is they are a bit big for the new house I'm moving to hopefully, that has a...
  20. Caveman49

    QE49Q80T soundbar?

    Hi guys As the title says, does anyone have any recommendations for a good sound bar for the Q80T. Bear in mind it is only the 49" model. Thank you
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