1. A

    No sound with ring doorbell live view s10+

    I don't speak to people via my doorbell often but have noticed on the last 2 occasions I cannot hear the other person. They can hear me fine. When I view the video back afterwards I can hear them fine. Is anyone else having this issue or can anyone offer any suggestions?
  2. W

    Compromised sound when streaming Dolby Atmos via Netflix

    I recently upgraded to 4K HT System (Onkyo HT-S7800 5.1.2 Atmos) and use an Apple 4K box with 4K Netflix streaming service. Unfortunately, my top download speed is 20MBPS (I'm in the boonies). The image looks fine, but with Dolby Atmos soundtracks the sound comes in and out. For a few seconds...
  3. L

    Question Query about Sonos Play 5 sound output & Trueplay

    Hello all. I bought a Play 5 in December. I just wanted to check something. Should certain parts of tracks be separated by the speaker? Sometimes recently I’ve noticed ’more’ of a track coming from the centre and left of the speaker, but on closer inspection there are other ’elements‘ of the...

    Wanted MK Sound / M&K / Miller and Kreisel M4T Tripole Speakers Black

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of the M4T Speakers (or simular) in Black to match my M7 fronts. Many thanks for any offers. Kindest regards Keir
  5. lunazero

    Question Why has Sky Netflix app poor picture but better sound than LG app?

    Wondering if anyone can offer advice on the following please... After using Sky Q Silver 2TB with my LG OLED 55E6V I noticed that SD content looks terrible especially when viewed on the Sky box. HD looks fairly good and UHD looks exceptional (even without HDR as don't think Sky support this...
  6. P

    video but no sound

    i have a 55inch Panasonic gx800 have it hooked up to a bell satellite receiver i have it connected via hdmi cable the problem is i have video but not getting any audio .need help Thanks
  7. M

    Question Mk sound speaker repair/service near leeds?

    Im looking for someone near leeds to diagnose and service 3 x Mk sound s-150p speakers Any recommendations ?
  8. J

    Kef R3 sound blend and seperation

    I moved from a 2 way speaker to the R3. The R3s are miles better (cost more too) but there is one niggle I keep experiencing. I can tell that the woofer is producing the bass while the coaxial drivers are producing upper mids and vocals, this separation to my ears is the equivalent of a...
  9. B

    Struggling to get any surround sound when set to atmos

    LG 55UJ630V Samsung HW-N850 Soundbar including SWA-9000s Xbox X Hi All Could really do with some assistance as I can't seem to get surround sound from my set up using Xbox X which is set to Atmos and Atmos is illuminated on the soundbar. When I watch Amazon or Netflix on the TV I get...
  10. S

    Question Honor 10 lite sound issues

    Hi hoping someone can help. My honor 10 lite has developed an issue with the sound quality. It sounds very tinny like all the levels are out or echoing. It's does it via Bluetooth also. The wife has an identical phone which is not doing it. We are running the same software. Any ideas?
  11. A

    Denon AVR x2200w no sound

    hi all my first post here and with a very crazy issue... here it goes: Setup is following Denon avr-2200x with speakers on front L and R, center speaker, surround L and R. Cable tv box connected to hdmi 1 Xbox connected to hdmi4 and optical 2 Avr connected to LG C8 via hdmi1 on avr to...
  12. giggsy1950

    Question Sound quality through CCA

    Hi all, I asked on here some time ago about upgrading my amp (15 year old Marantz) which is connected to Q Acoustics 2050i speakers and a Chromecast Audio. I use Spotify Premium and the sound quality is pretty good. What I'm wondering is...I'm looking at a Yamaha RN602 for more power than my...
  13. GarethW85

    New Build Wired Multi-Room Sound system advice

    Hello all, I've seen various threads with advice but I suppose everyones needs/requirements are slightly different so I've started my own thread. Just in the process of planning our house, building will start in the next couple of months, and I'm trying to figure out what is best for the...
  14. B

    Speakers sound different

    I apologise if this is stupid, but wanted to get peoples thoughts. I just got a new (2nd hand) amp/dac - Cyrus 8 Dac. It replaced a Marantz all in one with an external dac. It seems to have totally changed the characteristics of my speakers, I specifically got them because of the wide...
  15. R

    Question Move from AVR to Stereo amp + Speaker upgrade, how will movies sound?

    Hi All, I live an apartment (living room about 41 sqm²) and pretty much use my sound system to watch movies or listen to music 50/50. Right now I have a Denon 1910 with 2x Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 and a KEF tdm 45b sub and I have been looking to upgrade for some time now. As I will most likely...
  16. J

    [solved] Yamaha RX-379, no sound over ARC

    Hello sound gods, I have a Yamaha RX-379 Receiver hooked up to a LG 55UF6450. I had a LG Soundbar before hooking this up and just moved the ARC HDMI from the Soundbar to HDMI 1 on the receiver. The TV and Yamaha communicate over arc but no sound. Here is a video of the issue: I am stumped...
  17. T

    Sound out of sync Netflix and Amazon but not iplayer and Curzon

    I have a 6 year old Samsung UE55HU7500. I have it connected to a Sony STR-DN1040 receiver, and try as I might, the sound from certain apps is out of sync. I have tried both HDMI and optical connections. So the problem is with Netflix and with Amazon Prime. If I watch BBC iPlayer or...
  18. Y

    Cheap 5.1 sound bar

    Hello all i am sending video around my house using an old hdbaset matrix i picked up off eBay (works well), however have the standard problem if I watch a film in the sitting room projector and turn on multichannel I don’t get sound through any of the other TVs as they only support stereo. any...
  19. E

    Problem with sound card

    Please tell me if this is not posted in the most appropriate forum! I'm trying to transfer legacy audio recordings from reel-to-reel tape to mp3. I have the correct audio output from the tape recorder connected to the VIA HD Line In socket at the rear of the PC. However, this input is listed...
  20. Zulfikar

    humming sound denon discreate amp AVR

    hi need your urgent help!!!! recently my denon AVR creating 60 Hz static humming/buzzing noise coming through speaker. i checked everything like source/HDMI/speaker/ cable/grounding but nothing anomally found. the AVR is running normally except humming whenever connect any sp cable to any of...
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