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  1. D

    Question Which system do you recommend?

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm in the market for a new sound system up to around £1000, and I'd greatly appreciate your recommendations and insights. Here's what I'm currently considering: Option 1: Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar I've heard excellent reviews about the Samsung...
  2. neilrlsmith

    Dolby Atmos decoded by TV or Surround sound system?

    Hey - hopefully the title is self-explanatory! Currently, I have a Fire TV Stick 4K Max plugged in to eArc on my TV which can process Atmos. My Soundbar and speakers (also Atmos) is then plugged in to one of my TVs HDMI inputs. This is where I get confused. As I understand it...eArc is...
  3. frenchnes

    Question How to set up an in-ceiling sound system with 4 speakers ?

    I am struggling to find clear explanations online of how to set up a multi speaker system. My knowledge about sound/electricity is close to zero... Basically I have an amp with 2 speakers outputs (so red/white + red/white) and 4 speakers (nominal impedance 8 ohms , mini 6.9 ohms). I sort of...
  4. N

    For Sale Sunfire HRS10 Subwoofer

    Hi, I'm selling my Sunfire HRS-10 Subwoofer, has been in use in our casual room that's used a couple of times a week for a few of years. (Think it was purchased late 2017, about £1100) Since we've moving it's no longer required. Such a great powerfull 1000w sub in an amazingly small box...
  5. R

    Question Configure Pioneer Media Receiver to output sound to Bose Sound System

    Hello, I am currently in a situation, where I am trying to configure an existing, but currently not working (not in use for a longer time by the owner), old Pioneer PDP-506PE Plasma TV that is connected to its corresponding Pioneer Media Receiver to output the sound to the Bose AV28 Media...
  6. B

    Clueless. Should i upgrade my 13 year old Surroind Sound system?

    I hear sound bars have gotten really good. But I've always been a surround sound multi speaker person. I've owned a total of 2 systems over a span of 25 years or so. My current setup is 13 years old. Works just fine. But I can't help wondering if I'd notice a big difference if I bought a new...
  7. D

    Quality Loud sound system remote controllable

    Hi Guys I have a collection of recordings I wish to play. THey are stores on a USB drive but I can move them. I need a recommendation for a loud sound system that will play these recording on a loop. Remote control via a network connection would be a bonus. I guess amplifier, sound store...
  8. 337GUS

    For Sale REL T5i Gloss Black

    Gloss black REL T5i subwoofer, boxed with REL high level cable and mains lead. I can also include a phono to phono sub cable if wanted.
  9. N

    Question Sound System Recommendation - Couch not facing TV

    Hello All - I am looking for a recommendation on a soundbar/sound system (Preferably a 5.1) to accompany my tv in my living room. My sofa (3 seater and 2 seater) are placed against the wall and they don't face the TV. I know this is not an ideal situation, but I was wondering if there is a...
  10. ubistonk83

    For Sale Focal CUB EVO Subwoofer

    As per the title, I am selling this subwoofer. It is in excellent condition and perfect working order. I have attached some pictures. This still retails for £320 so chance to pick up a really good bargain if you after a sub and on a tight budget. Comes with original box, cables and manual...
  11. R

    LG S95QR - Utilising eARC or not?

    Hi, Recently purchased the title sound system to pair with an LG G3. I know that the television supports eARC, as does the sound system, and the sound system comes with an eARC-compatible HDMI cable. The problem - I'm wanting to use an HDMI cable extension that runs behind my wall, and I've...
  12. gava

    Joy, disappointment and relief.

    Went to see The Black Keys at the O2 arena on Wednesday night. They were fantastic. The drums are front and centre with them and oh my goodness did they kick. :) Listening to them on the hifi today I realised the sound in my living room is massively disappointing compared to the O2. Now okay...
  13. T

    Help, problems setting up a new surround sound system

    So, I used to have a simple 5.1 surround sound system, which worked. By the time it died, we had upgraded our TV so got a better surround sound system. We have a 65xd85 Sony TV from 2015 (release date I think) we bought a second hand denon 4311 which can do 7.2.2 and 7.2.4 with external...
  14. F

    Sound system

    Hi all, What sound systems are you using with your PC and why? I'm currently in the process of downsizing from a fairly overkill system for my use (Denon PMA-50 / B&W M1 speakers / Cambridge Audio X201 subwoofer) - I've managed to use some of these bits for my start into home cinema. I've...
  15. M

    Sound system for PS4 Pro

    I am thinking about getting Logitech Z625. Is this a good choice or should I get something else?
  16. S

    Panasonic EX97

    How do I connect my EX97 to my Sound System Amplifier?There are is facility on the back of the EX97 to plug in audio leads ?
  17. T

    Yamaha RX-A6A or Denon AVC-X4800H for amp upgrade?

    Hello all. I have recently carried out a massive overhaul of my sound system. I have purchased a pair of KEF LS 50 Metas and a pair of SVS SB1000 Pros to compliment them. The last piece of the puzzle is the receiver. I am currently using a Yamaha RX-V765 (still going strong after 13 years) and...
  18. Eijin

    Any marantz users that could help here?

    Been using my marantz sr7015 for few years,just recently almost every time I turn it on it is unresponsive for something like 10-20 seconds. I can’t change source/volume etc. changed batteries in the remote and there is no obstruction between remote and receiver. It’s just frozen after being...
  19. S

    Recommend a Receiver

    My Denon X3300 has died so I'm looking to replace it. Any recommendations for around a £1000 ish (might pay more if it's a significant improvement). It's mainly for gaming and movies, occasionally a bit of music. Would consider second hand as long as it supports everything I need for gaming etc
  20. ClarkKent77

    Looking For A Second (Budget-Ish) TV And A Surround Sound System

    Looking for a second TV and surround sound system for our kitchen / second living area. I’ve got the Samsung QD OLED (65) in my living room. Along with the Sonos Surround Set. Very happy with the Sonos set (especially the Sonos Ones as rear speakers). The Samsung QD OLED is good (well, 4K...
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