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  1. R

    Reasonable value projector + surround sound system

    Hello all, I am banging my head against a wall at the moment! We recently purchased a house, it has a lovely area that they left set up with a fairly old projector (Optoma H180X) that still works pretty well. I had such dreams of watching movies on it with surround sound but the audio element...
  2. J

    Building a sound system for an iMac

    Hello there ... As I spend a vast amount of time at the computer, my music on iTunes kees me going. I have been using a Bose Companion 5 as my sound system for the past 13 years. As times assed on, the unit deteriorated and I was contemplating between getting a newer unit which is a Companion...
  3. H

    Seeking to Improve Audio and Surround Sound System

    My system consists of the following (most of it is 17 years old): Sunfire Ultimate Receiver Oppo BDP-93 (blue ray player) B&W Nautilus 803 (main speakers) B&W HTM2 (center) B&W ASW 675 (sub) Mirage Omnisat (rear speakers) Boston Voyager Pro (outdoor speakers) CI Audio VHP-2 (headphone app)...
  4. IWC Dopplel

    Why projection and a large screen and good sound system matters

    I thought I'd share the comments I had from my other half last night. We are tidying up my Mothers place (she passed away in 2020) and sat to watch a film on a Samsung 42" TV, Jane said "I thought this was a film ?" I said it is. She was in shock at how it looked like something shot from an...
  5. S

    Help Deciding on Surround Sound System

    Good Morning Everyone, We have recently moved, and our new living room feels like it lends itself quite well to have a home cinema/surround sound system. It is quite big and is split into a living area and dining area so the sofa is in the centre of the room. We will also be redecorating the...
  6. F

    Cannot connect to sound system

    Hi All, have a problem that have occurred twice now and I don't seem to able to rectify it. I have a Philips 58PUS7555/12 and a Samsung HW-K551 soundbar. Been working fine for months together, no problem With ARC or anything. No suddenly it's not working. Turned it all off last night and this...
  7. Grunchymunchy

    Please help me with home theatre / Stereo setup! ( what is the best sound bar / surround sound system )

    Hi guys! I really really want to incorporate a great stereo / home theatre setup. After doing tons of research, I am leaning towards getting a Kef LS50 W, for my stereo setup. And just getting a seperate really good sound bar with rears and sub woofer. How does that sound? That way space wise...
  8. K

    Sitting Room Sound System

    Looking for some suggestions on a setup for a small system in a sitting room off of the master bedroom on a house we are buying. The room is about 13'6' deep by 9'6" wide. My wife and I will be watching tv here in the evenings and the ability to play music in bedroom and possibly attached master...
  9. BK77677

    Surround Sound System for PS5

    I'd like to buy a 5.1 surround sound system to use with my PS5, PC and Switch. Prefer a traditional home theater setup with a receiver but would consider a soundbar. It's needs 4K compatibility for the PS5, I need 2 or more HDMI ports (preferably 2.0 or 2.1) and an optical port. I need small...
  10. S

    Max 72 CM Sound System for a Static Caravan

    I'm looking to update my Static Caravan setup with better TV and music. TV, is likely to be a 32" LG Smart TV but it's the sound that I need help with.I currently use a small Denon 5.1 surround system (A500SD) that has been ideal but it's time to move in to the 21st Century: Needs to be less...
  11. rhysdavis90

    How to play normal tv sound through old LG dvd surround sound system

    Hi I have been gifted a old LG dvd surround sound system recently I have purchased a scart to hdmi lead to go to the TV everything works fine now along with red/white audio cables for good sounf I am basically wondering how to use the surround sound to play everything that comes from the tv...
  12. NewbGuy77

    Bose Frankenstein Sound System and it's issues

    Hello Folks, My goal is to have a simple, family friendly system that provides great audio/visual experience. I want the speakers to be not so noticeable, but with great sound. I'm sort of a newbie for the most part to sound systems. I have a bit of a Frankenstein system I've put together that...
  13. G

    Looking for a TV amplifier (old style - see photos)

    Hi - I have the attached current Sony amplifier for my TV speaker wires. I need one thats not as tall but still allows the old fashioned speaker connections. Can anyone recommend something thats not the Marantz very expensive type ? Not too bothered about the sound quality but want it to fit...
  14. D

    Samsung Q9FN surround sound system?

    Hi folks, I’ve been lurking for a while now but am now hoping the community may be able to help me. I am new to home cinema and am looking to purchase a surround sound system. I got myself a Samsung QE55Q9FN in 2019 but am now looking for a surround system. The TV has a OneConnect box. Do I...
  15. M

    New sound system advice for Mini One 2014

    Hi, I have a Mini One, 2014, and my radio/CD player will not turn off using the on/off button, it only goes off when I turn the ignition off. And I also should, in theory, be able to play music via the USB but that doesn't work at all. Can anyone give me any advice as to what would be a good...
  16. N

    Sound system for a hall

    Hi, my friend is hosting some wedding events at a hall and would like to know what would be the best option for a sound system? There's speakers all around the hall but nothing else, they would like something that could read memory cards, plug in a phone, stream from the internet, play a cd...
  17. F

    Can I link PC and Panasonic TV to soundbar?

    Hi guys My TV is a TX-P50GT50B and my sound system is a PC. Is it possible set everything up so that the PC and TV use the same speakers? Been thinking of getting a Panasonic SC-HTB600 soundbar. When I connect the hdmi of the PC into the TV the sound from the PC comes out of the TV speakers...
  18. C

    Best Surround Sound System For Dialogue

    Are there any surround sound systems that are known for being good with dialogue? When I say "good", I mean systems that offer dialogue that is sharp and clear. Preferably ones with satellite (or "wife-friendly") speakers.
  19. R

    Surround sound system works with cable but not Netflix

    Just purchased a new LG NanoCell AI. I have it hooked up to a Samsung surround sound. The surround sound works with cable but when I turn on Netflix, I can only get sound from the tv speakers. I have the surround sound hooked up to the tv with an HDMI cable. Suggestions?
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