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  1. sdkyron

    Sound Blaster X7 question

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. So, i have a Sound Blaster X7 plugged in USB, with my internal sound card disabled and it works fine but, i was wondering, is this the best way or should i have an internal sound card to feed the X7. What's the best way and why ?
  2. Nishchals

    HELP!! PS4 / Sound Blaster X4 - cant get surround sound to work

    G'day mates! I am looking to use PS4 and Soundblaster X4 for a 4 speaker setup. Not sure what I am doing wrong - I am not able to get surround channels to produce any outputs. Please advise. The setup is as below PS4 > USB or Optical Out > Soundblaster X4 > Speaker outs (Front & Rear stereo)...
  3. Q

    Creative Sound Blaster x-fi 7.1 PCI Sound card

    Creative Sound Blaster x-fi 7.1 PCI Sound card Will this card (which i believe is PCI 2.1) work in my Dell pc which has the following motherboard slots PCle x16 Slot(s) 1 PCle x16 (wired x4) Slot(s)2 PCle x1 Slot(s) 2
  4. N

    Sound Blaster Direct Sound doesn't remain enabled

    I have a dedicated music server from which I get S/PDIF output to my DAC. Optical output from the motherboard produces junk, so I use a Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1. With Direct Sound enabled, my system sounds great. Unfortunately, the card sometimes disables Direct Sound for reasons unknown, and...
  5. TheGinjaNinja

    Question Making the Most of PC Audio

    Hope someone can guide me here! I have the following bits of PC kit: MSI X570 Mag Tomahawk Motherboard Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card (mother and daughter cards) Sound Blaster Crystal Voice microphone RTX 3080 GPU Hyper X headset 2x16GB DDR4-3600 (not sure if relevant!) AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU...
  6. Jay2020

    HELP!! Noise when using my Creative Sound Blaster K3+

    Hello friends! I need your help! every time that I use my Creative Sound Blaster K3+ (USB port/ Macbook pro 2016) I get this annoying noise. Check out the sample on this youtube video I made: it doesn't matter if I'm watching youtube or giving a class online on zoom or google meet, I get that...
  7. andybond

    Question Sound blaster Z upgrade.

    Hi all. I have a sound blaster Z from a few years back - Sound Blaster Z I have seen the rather expensive, but well featured Sound Blaster AE-9 - Sound Blaster AE-9 I listen to a lot of various quality music on my pc as I find it helps me concentrate at work. I also play a fair few games. I...
  8. M

    Creative Sound Blaster connections

    Hi, Im considering purchasing a Creative Sound Blaster sound card to install in my computer but a little confused how to connect the two Tos-link inlet and outlet Tos-link connections For instance, when abroad I use my Mini computer (no Tos-link) connected to the TV to watch...
  9. C

    Is there a way to connect my Sound Blaster X3 to my LG C9 TV?

    I've been loving my new headphones which is connected to my Sound Blaster X3 which is obviously plugged into my PC via. USB. Is there a way to hook the SB X3 up to my OLED TV (LG C9) in the lounge room so I can reap the sound benefits of watching movies using SXFI off my Nvidia Shield without...
  10. D

    Question Impedance Difference

    Hi I have the M40x headphones and want to get the Sound Blaster Z sound card (I'm currently using onboard audio) I don't understand very well the technical terms but the impedance of the headphones is 35 ohms, and I noticed that the sound card has a headphone amplifier rated to handle 600 ohms...
  11. A

    Sound Blaster Z 600ohm headphone amp??

    Hi fellas, no idea if this is the right place to post this, apologies if it's in the wrong place. I've wasted hours trying to get some definitive info on this but can't find an answer anywhere. How would this card work with normal (38ohm) headphones as there is no gain options included...
  12. Haze

    Question Any opinions on how the Creative Sound Blaster ZX and Audioengine D1 stack up next to each other?

    As the title says, any opinions on how these two stack up next to each other in terms of pure audio quality? Would a Dragonfly Red be better than both? Thanks.
  13. L

    Question Connecting Sound Blaster Audigy 5/RX to Sony STR-DB 940

    I am about to try and connect a home built HTPC to my venerable Sony AV amp. The amp is pre-HDMI so this is not a route to pass audio through. The amp supports 5.1 surround sound. My plan is to use analogue audio; 3 * 3.5mm line our ports (each with 4 conductors) should be able to connect to...
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