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  1. Edgie70

    Audio settings sky HD to sound bar

    Hi all , I have sky HD ( not sky q ) connected to TV via HDMI then optical from TV to sound bar . HDMI output from sky box to tv is Dolby digital ( option of Dolby digital or normal ) Optical output from TV to bar is Dolby digital ( option of pcm or Dolby digital ) . I presume I have this...
  2. W

    For Sale LG GX 3.1 sound bar - new and in box

    Brand new and sealed LG GX 3.1 soundbar for sale. LG GX Bluetooth Sound Bar with High Resolution Audio, Dolby Atmos & Wireless Subwoofer, Charcoal Fabric & Aluminium at John Lewis & Partners Ideally collection from Shepherd's bush london as its a big box, but can look into posting with...
  3. Edgie70

    Sound bar bass & treble

    Hi all , do they do an all in one sound bar that has bass and treble adjustment , not just sound modes like movie / sport etc etc be nice to have that extra sound adjustment , thanks
  4. D

    What to choose for TV LG G1 between sound bar LG SP11RA or Samsung HW-950A

    Hello, :) I'm in a dilemma, I currently have an LG 77G1 Evo TV and I'm hesitating between 2 sound bars: - LG SP11RA - Samsung HW-950A I consulted a lot of tests and reviews, the 2 bars are excellent but the sound of the samsung bar seems to be above the LG in the tests I read. On the other...
  5. I

    Atmos Sound bar for small room

    I wanna add a sound bar to the panny tx58dx902b that sits at the bottom of the bed. The room is 2.7w x 2.2l x 2.0h. I can kick the TV with my foot if I want to. The TV has optical out and ARC. Im using an Xbox one s for 4k content. So, is there a sound bar; preferably with Atmos, that would be...
  6. mmoore46

    Do I have the wrong sound bar? Or the wrong cart?

    Greetings -- I recently purchased a Samsung 50" QLED TV, a cart with wheels for it, and a sound bar from Best Buy. It'll be delivered next week. As I look at the invoice, it's not clear to me how the sound bar will work with this card. Here's a photo of the cart and of the sound bar: It's...
  7. T

    What £200ish sound bar from richer sounds

    We were given £100 in Northern Ireland in a shop local scheme to boost trade for the shops that were closed. I want to use it in Richer Sounds to purchase a sound bar for around £200. Anyone got any suggestions?
  8. A

    External Sound bar for LG 2018 C8 OLED

    Hello, need help where to go next. Purchased a Samsung Q950A sound bar, but my 2018 LG TV (OLED55C8PUA) states in a message that ATMOS is for Internal speakers only. So it turns off ATMOS when I send sound through the HDMI ARC cable to my sound bar with internal App or not. Do I need a TV that...
  9. zeddie999

    For Sale Samsung MU8000 55” TV with Denon sound bar and sub - package

    Samsung MU8000 55” TV - Excellent condition with warranty. Comes with the Denon sound bar and sub shown which is pure quality. Sound bar needs the Denon app I believe but it’s already linked and works fine. I’m really not sure about the sound bar connectivity, all I know is that it’s paired and...
  10. L

    7.1 help with devices please

    Hey guys I have a new surround system (to me) and am a bit lost. Before I bought the sound bar I had the following set up LG oled 55 B8 slc. With 4x hdmi ports Sky q with 1x hdmi port and 1x optical Xbox 1x with hdmi in and out Apple TV Old Xbox v1 using av to hdmi cable only plug in...
  11. M

    Sky q Mini Box to Sound bar via Optical cable doesn't work

    I'm trying to connect Sky Q Mini box's to sound bar via optical cable but it doesn't seem to work, it gives noise. Connecting sound bar to tv via optical cable works so optical cable seems to be working. Does optical out work on Sky Q Mini Box? Is there any settings to change? Anything else to...
  12. N

    Advice - swapping receiver+satellites for sound bar ??

    moving to a rental so need to ditch the current AVR2500H with a full kef ‘eggs’ 5.1 package for something wireless. Setup includes A new(Ish) smart LG 4K OLED connected through the receiver to these sources - sky Q, home cinema pc, chromecast, and all the usual tv streaming services. Looking...
  13. pressslav

    4K120hz hdmi 2.1 setup + sound bar question

    Heya quick question - I'll be connecting the LG C1 OLED tv to my 3080ti pc in the next room via HDMI 2.1. In order to use an Atmos capable soundbar I would need to plug the HDMI into one of the TVs eARC ports and then another HDMI cable between a second eARC port and the soundbar's eARC port? Is...
  14. jsony

    Heat Popping/Cracking from HTST5000

    From the research I have done, this unit is notorious for cracking and popping from heat expansion. Mine does it for about an hour after shutoff and boy does it get hot. Pops and cracks throughout the night. While I have seen many people with the same issue, I have yet to find any solutions for...
  15. C

    LG sound bar volume issue

    Afternoon, I have an LG model number SL6Y. It encounter an issue when the volume will randomly dip. And this can happen 3/4 times a day. The actual volume number will stay the same. So for example if the coke is on 10 the volume will dip but still show 10. Will then need to be put up to 14/15...
  16. Grunchymunchy

    Please help me with home theatre / Stereo setup! ( what is the best sound bar / surround sound system )

    Hi guys! I really really want to incorporate a great stereo / home theatre setup. After doing tons of research, I am leaning towards getting a Kef LS50 W, for my stereo setup. And just getting a seperate really good sound bar with rears and sub woofer. How does that sound? That way space wise...
  17. Hartley72

    Sound bar dropping out HTX 8500

    Hi all, so I bought this soundbar, really happy with the sound, but my issue is the sound stops working, for it to start working I have to switch to TV speakers back to Audio and then the sound comes back on, my T.V is the Sony KD65XH9005BU, I have the hdmi in the eARC port, any advice would be...
  18. D

    No to JBL 9.1 Soundbar

    I am on my third one. First, rear speakers would only hold a charge for about 4 hours. Second, rear speakers were not recognized, and I would get a message that they are not supported. Third, rear speakers will only charge with USB cords, and will not hold a charge for more than about 5-6 hours...
  19. m0t0k0

    Atmos sound bar for LG CX with DTS?

    Really baffled by what's out there and how to compare/work out what's best. My current setup is an LG CX 55" paired with an old 3.0 setup (AE 109 floor standing and an AE centre) As I have the CX which does not support DTS even passthrough (great screen but would have never have bought it if I...
  20. T

    Sony A80J 65 Inch OLED Sound Bar

    I just purchased the Sony A80J OLED 65 Inch TV. I'm looking for a quality sound bar, sub woofer, rear speaker combination with good dialogue as well as good bass. I would like to spend no more than $700.00. Does anyone have any suggestions or am I going to have to up my spending limit...
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