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  1. raigraphixs

    Spider-Man Spinoff Dusk (tbc) Sony
  2. Q

    Denon avr-4500h sub problem while streaming from TV

    Hi all, HELP NEEDED!!! 🤷‍♂️😅I'm a newbie in Hi-fi world, so looking for advise... Recently setup my avr-x4500h receiver (at the moment 2 front-Definitive speakers,B&W centre speaker and active subwoofer - Yamaha NS-SW300-connected through mono and subwoofer 1 with double shielded RCA Pro series...
  3. C

    Sony xh9005 or Samsung Q80T BOTH 55INCH

    Hi folks, which TV would you recommend? Is one better than the other?
  4. Brennan Peyton

    Sony STR-DN1080 and Musical Fidelity Msi2

    I have the Sony STR-DN1080 connected to a 5.1 system based on Q solutions speakers with 3050i’s as front channel. For music I am feeding Roon via a iFi Zen DAC into the CD RCA’s which sounds OK. I was thinking of getting a Musical Fidelity Msi2 as connecting it to the Zone 2 outputs and then...
  5. A

    43XH8505BU when watching from V6 on demand, TV info says 4K

    Using the 43XH8505BU and watching on demand from the Virgin V6 box, the TV info button says 4K. Is something set up wrong as it's not 4K? This has happened with both iPlayer and ITV Hub.
  6. H

    Motionflow not working - XH800

    Hi. Bought a new Sony 65XH800 series (norwegian XH8096) and I am really satisfied, even though it's not a 9-series.... However after I have calibrated the screen using custom picture settings, the motionflow bar will not change. It says that "function is not available" (In the picture below -...
  7. M

    Sony Str-dn1080 music play

    Hi All I use Sony Str-dn1080 for movies and not had a habit of listening to music using it. I tried to play Spotify using Amazon fire cube, AVR displays sound as Dobly digital plus. Which mode is better for listening music. Thanks in advance.
  8. T

    Question Confusion on red light

    I have a Sony X900E and I also use as a PC monitor. For two days in a row it will go black and throw the 8 red flashes error code. Yesterday I did a restart on it by unplugging it and waited for 3 minutes. Plugged it back in and everything was fine. I ran diagnostic and there wasn't any problems...
  9. W

    Pull the trigger on 43" X800H or LG 48" better, but more expensive?

    I need some advice on the Sony 43" X800H vs. the more expensive but much more highly rated LG 48" OLED48CXPUB. I am replacing an older LG in a limited space, going for 4K. I have a 55" Sony 4K in another room, and that has made the older LG look a bit lo res to me now. The Sony is currently on...
  10. Lokay

    Samsung Q900T or Sony Z9f ? (Please help)

    Greetings! I have a problem choosing between Sony Z9f ( 566€) and Samsung Q900T (619€) ? The rears cost for Sony ( Sony SA-Z9R) 256€ and for Samsung (Samsung SWA-9000S) 129€. I had Klipsch Cinema 600, but it died on me in 3 days of use. I have room of 25m2 ( 269 sq ft). I have a Sony...
  11. ChrisGTL

    For Sale Sony IER-Z1R - In Ear Monitors - Earbuds

    Up for grabs are my Sony IER-Z1R IEM's. I bought these from Amazon Warehouse May 2020. They came with some bits missing so I contacted Amazon and they applied a discount to the purchase as compensation for an incomplete 'approved' warehouse product. The discprencies against a brand new product...
  12. B

    Question Sony X900H 65" green flash on screen

    I have had two Sony X900H 65" TVs have the same issue (random green flash across screen). I replaced the first one because Best Buy said they had never heard of this problem with this TV, but the replacement TV is having the same issue. I have four devices plugged into the HDMI inputs. HDMI 1 -...
  13. A

    Sony HT-X8500 sound bar Audio DRC or TV Dolby Dynamic Range

    My Sony sound bar has an Audio DRC option which is on auto (it has the other options on on/off), the Sony TV has Dolby Dynamic Range which is Standard or Compressed. I think probably for the best close to original audio these should be off, but I can see the benefit, so one of these features I...
  14. smallieboy

    Sony XH91 v XH95

    Hi All I'm limited by space to a 48/49" TV. I use my TV to watch either live (via Freeview/FreeSat or digital) and streamed via Prime/Now TV. I don't play games or watch blu-ray/DVD's at the moment. I sit directly in front of the screen, probably no more than 9 or 10ft from the screen. There is...
  15. A

    Bravia sound Equaliser

    Hi, I have my sight on the Bravia X95H. I understand - from browsing through the on-line User Help - that it has Equaliser in the Sound settings. The document does not show it, but I assume that it is a typical multiband equaliser. My question: For which output are the EQ settings effective...
  16. N

    New Sony X80H - Britbox available?

    I've just set up my new Sony X80H, and am trying to install a few streaming apps. I've found and installed the Acorn and Mhz Choice apps, but I can't find a Britbox app. I'm wondering if there is one that for current model Sony Android tv's. (I've done searches (on the TV) on Google Play...
  17. P

    RF Wireless Sony compared to ATH M40X

    Have the ATH but want to go RF Wireless to play guitar. Too much latency with BT or even 2.4ghz RF obviously they will be worse but how much?
  18. F

    Anyone knows Currys Sony OLED repair service?

    Hi bit of an oddball question, was curious to know if anyone has had a Sony oled bought from Currys and got it repaired by them. Does anyone know if knowhow collect it from their vans from your home, repair them and drop it off or is it handled by local tv repair stores ? And roughly how long...
  19. J

    Sony ZH8 or AG9

    Hi am trying to decide out of the 2 tv’s which will be used for movies general tv etc not gaming any suggestions guys?
  20. Z

    Full Array v OLED

    Sony KD-55XH9505BU v LG OLED55BX6LB Which one would you buy?
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