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  1. T

    For Sale Sony PlayStation 5 White DualSense Controller - Brand new and sealed

    Sony PlayStation 5 White DualSense Controller - Brand new and sealed £40 including postage. No offers
  2. N

    For Sale Sony KD-65XE9305 with JL warranty’s

    Bought new by me, invoice in my name will be provided with the tv, Immaculate condition, mounted on wall since new,still one year warranty from John Lewis. The retail price of this tv was £3200. Can be viewed/tested without compromise at my home. All the books and accessories included. Also have...
  3. K

    Sony or LG 55”. Not Oled. And help with Hertz please

    Hi I’m new here and really need some honest help please, as these retailers pull the wool over my eyes! I currently have Sony 49XE8396, it has an outstanding picture. Online on three different websites I have been told three different things. 1; the tv is 100hz…….2; it’s Motionflow 200hz…. And...
  4. SRT

    A1 55 luminescent fluctuations using imax enhanced via Disney +

    Hi. I just renewed my Disney + subscription after several months and thought I’d try the imax enhanced version of Black Widow. well all through the movie there appeared to be fluctuations in the brightness of scenes, mostly in the less action related parts. I suspect this is related to the A1...
  5. C

    Sony VPL-570ES - how much?

    Hi, I wanted to check how much a used Sony 570ES projector should cost? Lamp is around 3000 hours old. Thanks for your help
  6. M

    For Sale Sony Sony MDRZ7 Headphones

    Owned since new, great condition. Only selling as bought a 5.1 setup. I used these for movies. Happy to post first, if you have amazing feedback
  7. theberg

    Audio playing through both speaker and earpiece (Xperia X Compact)

    Hello everyone! I just got a new Xperia X Compact (was looking for a small and relatively cheap smartphone), and it's working like a charm. The only puzzling problem I've encountered, and for which I cannot find any solution online, is that for some reason all audio is played through both the...
  8. Artur R2

    Please HELP! SONY TV Warranty refused

    Hey guys, I need your help please. I have a Sony TV which is coming up to 5 years of age and it has developed a fault where it restarts itself intermittently. See photo for clarification. Sony are claiming that its a software issue and therefore refusing to repair it under warranty. They haven’t...
  9. peppadapig69

    For Sale 1 x Red & 1 x Black Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controllers

    Got the following Sony PlayStation 5 Dualsense Controller's for sale. 1 x Cosmic Red - £45 1 x Black - £42 Condition for both is excellent. Price does include being boxed and delivery.
  10. rockey67

    Disney Plus Audio Pops

    Hello, I'm having a very annoying issue with Disney + where there is annoying audio pops. This usually happens during loud action scenes and mostly on 4K content with Dolby vision. I'm using the App on my smart TV (Sony XBR-55X900F) with a JBL bar 2.1 with sub. I've tried a number of...
  11. W

    Projector Advice - Sony / JVC - Laser Or lamp

    Hi Guys I'm after some advice on a upgrade i plan on doing. I have a 4K Sony 500ES that i've been very happy with & still am to be honest, the picture still puts a smile on my face, but i have a scratch i need to itch. Anyhow, some years ago when i planned my room i was struggling space wise &...
  12. leejenuk

    Dolby Atmos

    I run a Sony KD-55A1 through a Onkyo TX-NR646 but when I try to get Dolby Atmos on Netflix or Amazon prime video it doesn’t activate, any ideas of problem? Sky Dolby Atmos and Blu-ray Dolby Atmos comes in no problem, help please!
  13. G

    sony no subwoofer out for 2021

    Has anyone been able to connect a standalone powered subwoofer to a 2021 sony tv. It appears they have removed the subout configuration from the headphone out So if you have a sony acoustic tv there is no way to enhance the bass, without using optical out which is a 100% output volume. In 2020...
  14. G

    iPlayer zoomed in

    BBC iPlayer zoomed in on my Sony a8 and xh95 , any advice how to change this .
  15. Waarez

    Sony X900e / XE9005 audio delay with ATV 4k over HDMI

    Since the end of December I have acquired the Sonos Arc, Sub Gen 3 and 2 one SLs. Very happy with the sound quality overall! Sounds just a bit boomier (bass on -3 and sound sub a bit lower) than my previous separate Jamo speakers, Klipsch 100sw sub and Yamaha receiver. But what an incredibly...
  16. K

    Sony HT-RT4 surround speakers issue.

    Hello guys, I have an issue with my Sony HT-RT4 sound bar which is connected through HDMI ARC to a SONY KD-43XE8077 TV The issue is that the sound bar seems to treat every audio signal as stereo. So, if I am listening to a stereo signal, then what I hear in the sound bar I also hear in the...
  17. S

    A80J x HTA7000

    A quick question regarding voice control on using this combo. The A80J does not have handsfree voice control, the A84J does I believe. If I pair the A80J with the HTA7000 soundbar which has google now - will the TV act in the same manner as the A84J handsfree function? Thanks!
  18. adbailey18

    For Sale Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Console

    Brand new and sealed. Receipt can be provided. Collection from WA12, Newton-le-Willows. £500
  19. LainShot

    Wanted Sony A5000

    as per title.
  20. H

    Sony Google tv App

    Hi I have Android Sony TV and so I am able to install international movie streaming apps from Google Play store. Now I am thinking of upgrading to Sony AJ80 . I know standard apps like Netflix/Prime etc are pre-delivered. Apart from these is it possible to install other streaming Apps on the...
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