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  1. Obliter8

    For Sale Sony KDL-55W905A 55" TV, excellent condition, 4 3D glasses and wall mount!

    I want to sell my fully functional Sony 55" KDL-55W905A TV (specs here), as I have upgraded to a LG 4K OLED. This TV was top of Sony's range at the time of release, with incredible performance. From What Hi-Fi: The TV is in excellent condition, no scratches or marks to housing or screen...
  2. J

    Sony MDR cd450

    Hi. Seen the above in a charity shop, boxed and in good condition for £15. Would be using them with my hifi. Can't find out much about them at all. Anybody any experience of them?
  3. D

    Panasonic htb900 or Sony zf9?

    Hi all, Stuck between these two soundbars Own a Panasonic TV and blu Ray player so the soundbar seemed logical but doesn't do dolby V or hdr10+ pass through so was considering the Sony. I use this for films so standard 5.1 and atmos tracks What are people's thoughts? Thanks
  4. B

    Hi all..Newb here. ARC issue with new Bravia 850 / Pioneer receiver

    Just got a new 85” 850. DIRECTV receiver / Pioneer 340 / Sony 850 HDMI cable to ARC and I get nothing...I’ve walked through the setup and enabled ARC in the receiver setup menu...I’m sure I’m missing that little something...hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  5. T

    For Sale Sony 65’’ ZD9 4K FALD HDR (inc 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses) with transferable John Lewis Warranty to 27/12/2021

    I’ll post some decent photo’s over the weekend, but I’m sure to most who frequent these forums that this TV needs no introduction! Last one of these to sell here (with warranty) went for £1350.... so I’ll listen to sensible offers BELOW this. I’m keen to sell, but not desperate...I’m sure my...
  6. Alloy20

    ARC issue since latest update X950

    Hi all hope someone can shed some light onto this. Since the last update I've been having issues with the Arc audio stopping altogether. I was able to fix it by switching from auto 1 to auto 2 (compressed all Vs compressed only surround) but today I loaded up Plex and my receiver kept rapidly...
  7. Naqv

    For Sale Sony MDR-Z7

    Hi, I have for sale Sony MDR-Z7 in very good condition with original box and accessories. Selling as need to make a camcorder purchase.
  8. T

    For Sale Sony 24-70 f4 and Sony 24-105 f4

    24-70 f4 Bought in July from Amazon when making switch to E-mount. Now replaced with 24-105. Lens is in as new condition, have used it a handful of times but used my primes more. No paint rub marks or any issues at all. It’s a fantastic little lens and I think the reviews are very harsh on such...
  9. pilsburypie

    For Sale Sony A7Sii, Sony FE 24-70mm F4 OSS, Sony FE 35mm f2.8, Meke MK320 flash, Zhiyun Crane

    Sony A7Sii Excellent near mint condition. If you are looking to purchase this camera you clearly know a bit about it. It is the film maker's low light beast that is almost unparalleled until you spend serious money. I shan't go into specs, they are available online and you are probably aware...
  10. D

    Question Which cheap end Sony tv to buy?

    Looking at buying one of these Sony TVs. Any advice on which one to buy https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9180945 https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/sony-bravia-kd55xg8796bu-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-with-google-assistant-10191101-pdt.html...
  11. J

    Sony TV google cast suddenly not working

    Bought a sony tv about a 2 or so years ago (KD55X7000E) Built in casting was working perfectly and about a year ago I got a chromecast so I could screen mirror my phone as the built in cast didn't have this feature about 1 week ago suddenly I am unable to cast to the tv or my chromecast As in...
  12. Spence0108

    Question PS5 vs Xbox series

    With more details coming out for each console (more so xbox) just wondering what people are edging towards more. If they are going to stay loyal to there chosen brand or change it up. Im personally edging towards more PS5 as the exclusive games edge out Microsoft for me with the likes of god of...
  13. dougan

    WiFi Woes!!

    I have a three year old Sony KDL 50W805C, and have had trouble connecting to WiFi almost since I have had it. It shows my WiFi as being saved, click on connect and it just spins and times out, exactly the same for WPS. I have either to turn the power off or factory reset to get it connected...
  14. J

    can't receive BRITBOX on my Sony TV

  15. R1DDS

    For Sale Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone with Built in Alexa

    I got these for Christmas but i wont be using them Brand New and still Sealed. My son was going to buy them off me but he’s decided he wants a new monitor now.
  16. A

    Question Will SIMPLINK ARC work WITH Sony system?

    Hi, I'm interested in buying A Sony MHC-M80D hifi system that has HDMI ARC output. Was wondering if anyone could confirm if the Sony system would receive all sound from all devices connected to TV over HDMI. Tv is LG 55LA6620. Thanks in advance.
  17. J

    Question No signal from PC to Sony STR DN1000

    Hi there, I've been looking through the forums for a solution but unfortunately have had no luck so hopefully someone will have some advice for me. I understand the receiver is fairly old, but it's new to me, coming from an ancient Yamaha RX, so before this I had my PC running HDMI to TV and...
  18. Dave02

    Wanted Lens Cap for Sony VPL-VW360ES Projector

    I am missing a lens cap for my projector and wondered if anyone had one they don't need?
  19. oatmealraisinsucks

    Question Why is SONY more expensive and is it worth it?

    Looking for TVs this month I've realized that SONY (at least here in Poland) is consistently more expensive than other big brands LG/Samsung/Philips etc. For example, in the 40-43" segment SONY's Full HD sets get more expensive than 4K sets from the competition. Meanwhile, the least expensive...
  20. wolfytom

    Remote needed for Sony STR-DG820 receiver

    Remote needed for Sony STR-DG820 receiver - has anyone got one hidden in the loft?
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