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  1. N

    Steam Link Android TV app (Remote Play) with Dolby Digital 5.1

    Hi All, I have my Sony KD90x TV connected via ARC (not eARC) to my Marantz SR7005 and I'm trying to get 5.1 Dolby Digital via the Android TV Steam Link app. Steaming games from my Win 10 PC, I have Steam Client settings to output 5.1 however I think it's outputting PCM so over ARC I only get 2...
  2. A

    Android Sony TV and sound system audio issue

    Hi, I have a 10yr old Sony Bdv-e300 sound system connected to a new Sony android Kd-43xh8096 TV. They are connected with hdmi and optical cable. Bravia sync is enabled and the TV remote controls everything but .... although it controls the system volume you can't use it to turn the volume down...
  3. N

    Sony TV, Sky Q and Onkyo amp.

    Afternoon I have a Sony TV (android) with Sky Q and a Onkyo amp. most of the time no issues at all, but on occasions when I use the Sky Q or Sony remote to switch the setup on I get no signal received as a message on the TV, sometimes a simple restart (holding down the Sky remote power switch)...
  4. M

    Apple TV HD and 4 k Sony tv

    I’m waiting delivery on a 75” Sony 9505 4k I have Apple TV 4th gen box (non 4K ) So should I updated to a 4K Apple TV Or will my box upscale 720 1080 hd content to 4k
  5. FP1

    Denon AVR unexpectedly turns on Sony TV

    I have a Denon AVR-X1300W and a Sony XBR-65X850D TV. On the Denon I have both HDMI PassThrough and the HDMI Control turned OFF. n the morning when I just want to listen Spotify on the Denon (no TV) A few minutes after properly listening to Spotify, the TV turns on for a few seconds...
  6. G

    Connecting LG BP350 to Sony TV via HDMI Query

    Hello Please move if I have posted this in the wrong location. I have a query on HDMI inputs on my Sony TV. I have a SONY TV KDL-37W/5710 which is over 10 years old and was purchased in February 2010. The TV has 4 HDMI ports and the manual advises that the HDMI ports are capable of...
  7. G

    Question Sony KD49X7052

    Sony KD49X7052 - I have connected my foxsat-hdr unit to this new Sony TV using the hdmi connection only to find that I can no longer control the volume using my foxsat remote on HD channels. It works OK on non HD channels? Can anyone help me to resolve this problem please?
  8. M

    sony tv model numbers confusing

    im in the market for a new big screen tv, i recently bought an optoma projector to get me a big screen and it was great for 3 weeks then it developed a fault . ive been without it for 3 weeks and can't get them to send a replacement as they no stock left, am awaiting a refund. so im going for a...
  9. split59

    Find I really need a sound bar to enhance the poor audio on new Sony tv help need advice please

    Hi just set up my new sony 9505 tv and the sound quality is not the best. I would like to spend about £500 but willing to go to £1000 ish if it really warrants the outlay.. im not bothered to much about surround sound or atmos what I would really like is nice clear dialog, that can help reduce...
  10. Loudnoize

    Sony TV went black, blinking 6 times

    My KD49X720E TV is used as my main monitor for my Mac mini. I've had it for 2 years and it's been great. Yesterday, I heard a pop and the TV went black. Now when I try to start it up, half of the left side is darker than the right, it seems to want to re-start 3 times, and finally goes black and...
  11. A

    Netflix though Sony TV or Virgin V6

    Both are recommended, is there a best one? Have ordered a Sony 43XH8505, just wondering if there will be a big difference. We dont have 4K Netflix, is that worth it or is the upscaling on the TV good enough for home (not sat too close to the TV) use. Thanks
  12. W

    New Setup Advice (Please) - Sony TV - Sony Soundbar - Amazon Fire + Harmony

    Hi I have received great advice previously on here which has helped my set up immeasurably... we have recently redecorated and I succumbed to pressure and the AV amp and 5.1 system is gone, and she has compromised with a soundbar. Equipment is now: TV: Sony KD-49XG8396 Soundbar: Sony HT-X8500...
  13. H

    Sony TV help & assistance

    Hi guys, I work for a Sony retailer in the UK. If you have any questions regarding products (especially TVs) I should be able to assist! I know many of you will be looking for a new set coming up to Black Friday and with the PS5 nearly here. Just thought I would offer my help to anyone who has...
  14. Ains

    Sky Q and Sony TV = bringing up Black Bravia Screen

    I searched and couldn't find anything about this issue but if it's already been raised perhaps someone could point me in the right direction. In a nutshell the problem is this: Sony A8 OLED TV Sky Q 2 TB box After being on any of the TV's internal apps or any Settings screen (of the TV) and...
  15. S

    How to extend Sony TV DC cable (from brick to TV)

    Hi all, I am in the process of mounting my Sony tv above the fireplace, and have been trying to figure out where to put the very large AC adapter for the tv. I need to extend the cable from the 19.5v PSU brick to the TV. It is about 2ft, I need 15ft. Then, I can hide the brick in the media...
  16. mdshahidulislam

    Question What's the upcoming feature of sony Tv?

    Sony TV is a global value brand. I have a one of that's brand. I am a great fan of this sony brand. I want to know what's the upcoming feature.
  17. C

    Comparison between Sony TV KD65XH9096 and KD65XH9505

    Dear all, I am new on this forum. I just want to know exactly the difference between these both Sony TV: - KD65XH9096 - KD65XH9505 (more expensive of 400€ approximately) There is a big difference in term of screen quality? I know that the 9505 has the processor ultimate (as Oled), the 9096...
  18. S

    Tidal App playing MQA on Sony TV

    Hi I use the Tidal app on my Sony AF9, and you can definitely hear the difference between “HiFi“ tracks and “MQA” tracks, but I’m unsure how or where the MQA file gets “unfolded” (if that’s the correct word). I’m not using bluetooth or anything, the MQA file is playing directly from the TV to...
  19. M

    Question Sony TV mark on panel

    Today I've noticed this mark on my Sony 49xg9005, it tends to be most visible on a light screen. To me this looks just like your typical liquid damage, but I've not been anywhere near it with liquid and it's only me here! Anyone seen anything like this before? Worried I'm going to have an uphill...
  20. Kid Ulysses

    Sony TV Streaming App Issues

    I have a Sony AF9 and have been having major issues with streaming apps for a good few months now. Sony Support seem none the wiser. The connection absolutely fine and I can check Analiti app to confirm this. However every couple of days or so I it refuses to stream from Netflix, Prime, Disney...
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