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  1. RetroProtect

    Old Sony TV Model Numbers 1990's - 2010

    Hi, New User so Hi to everyone. I am looking at finally putting together a games room with some old retro consoles etc and looking at getting some TV's (all Sony) to use with them but ideally I am after TV's to match the age range of the relevant consoles to give an authentic experience but...
  2. G

    How to view TV recorded on external HD from Sony TV

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to view the footage recorded on an external HD from my Sony TV, on a PC? TV is a Bravia which is 5 years old.
  3. Hors1na

    Sony TV issue! Any ideas please?

    Just had this happen to my 5 year old TV, anyone know what could have caused it? Literally just happened tonight and no amount of unplugging, resetting or new cables is helping? Appreciate any help! Cheers guys!
  4. J

    Recommend soundbar for Sony TV

    I’ve purchased a new Sony TV (Sony's Bravia XR X90J) coming from a 7 year old Sony tv with NT3 sound bar. The NT3 has served me well but it’s time to upgrade. Is it best to go with a Sony soundbar so it works seamlessly with the tv? I do like the fact it’s one remote through Sony Bravia sync...
  5. thaicha

    Sony TV, Soundbar and PS5 problems

    Hello! I currently decided to have myself a nice setup, including a TV, a soundbar and a PS5. I chose Sony for every product, the TV is a KD-55XH9077, and the soundbar is HT-ZF9. I connected both the PS5 and the soundbar to the TV using 2 2.1 HDMI cables. The soundbar is connected via eArc to...
  6. robmypro

    2018 Sony TV, Sonos and Atmos...finally sorted

    Hey guys I have a 2018 Sony TV (75x900F) which has an ARC HDMI port. About a year ago I purchased a Sonos Arc sound bar (and sub), and it has been a long road of frustration. When I wired the Apple TV 4k (1st gen) to my Sony, and then connected the Sony to my Sonos Arc, I would not get Dolby...
  7. char4d

    Sony TV reboot loop

    Looking for some help/advice. Our 3 year old TV done an overnight update last weekend and since then our TV has not worked. Its started a reboot loop. When we switch it on it just keeps rebooting after a few seconds. We've tried factory reset but it reboots before it's had chance to finish. A...
  8. J

    Automation with Sony TV & Soundbar (HDMI ARC)

    I have a good morning automation that turns on the TV, soundbar and Sky Q box however it never works quite right. Sometimes the soundbar and TV speakers turn on, sometimes the soundbar just goes to it's home position. The sound bar is connected via HDMI ARC but just can't quite get it right...
  9. markos1

    Toddler just broke 4K Sony TV, need a half-decent 43"+ replacement!

    Hi all, scouring recent threads here but also wanted to ask directly regarding a replacement. My late 2015 Sony 4K KD-43X8307C was reasonably priced back then (£639) but it was infuriating to use as it was so sluggish, to the point you'd select the TV channel you'd want in the morning as you...
  10. R

    sony kd55xh8196 black shadow on screen

    Hi guys. I bought Sony kd55xh8196 tv a year ago. Recently some black spots or Shadowsa appeared on my TV screen. The tv is on a tv stand. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
  11. Artur R2

    Please HELP! SONY TV Warranty refused

    Hey guys, I need your help please. I have a Sony TV which is coming up to 5 years of age and it has developed a fault where it restarts itself intermittently. See photo for clarification. Sony are claiming that its a software issue and therefore refusing to repair it under warranty. They haven’t...
  12. N

    Sony TV Comparison - 2019 model vs 2021

    Hi, I'm about to bite the bullet and buy a new 65 LG C1 OLED tomorrow but was just curious how my current Sony 65X900F 2019 model compares to the 2021 Sony X90J. I do really like the XF900F and it generally suits my uses but as I've posted before, the TV suffers (my TV anyway) with severe...
  13. helvetica

    ARC stopped working - Sony TV & AVR

    Having a setup issue. TV: Sony Bravia KD55XE8596 AVR: Sony STR-DN1040 Not sure if this is a TV issue or an AVR issue. TV suddenly won’t send sound to AVR (has worked perfectly for the last 3 years). It’s linked through the ARC HDMI so it can control the AVR through Sony’s ‘home theatre...
  14. S

    help needed with ps4 to sony tv dropping input

    I wonder if i can get some feedback and help my ps4 is connected via hdmi to my sony sound bar and then to my sony tv on input 3 (arc) the last 2 days i can be using it and the screen goes black with the hdmi 3 and the screen setting on top left in and out at lease 12 times in 20 mins and...
  15. M

    Buying Sony TV’s

    Buying a Sony TV? Well let me tell you how it went for us. On the 09/11/19 we bought a Sony TV KD65XF900 5 costing £1,299. During the European World Cup in July 2021, would you believe it, the TV shut down during a crucial game. We turned it back on and it restarted. Then we noticed...
  16. G

    new Sony tv

    Hi all, I'm after a new tv, looking at the sony XR50X90JU,or the XR50X94JU, these are under £900, which is good, I'm not a gamer, and only have Freeview and the standard English channels, only looking as i want a smart tv, catch-up and the like, my old tv is a sony KDL_40V3000, also i have a DVD...
  17. K

    Sony TV with no A2DP support (need a Bluetooth transmitter to connect headphones)

    Hello, Firs time poster so please bear with me. I have a Sony TV but unfortunately it doesn't support A2DP so I cannot connect my headphones. I bought a standard Bluetooth transmitter from Amazon (generic Chinese brand). It connected seamlessly and the audio came through my headphone (partial...
  18. T

    Sony XH9505 TV unable to record with CAM module

    New to the forum, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Anyone have any experience with this, similar issues or workarounds? With a CI+ module inserted into the TV I cannot record terrestrial nor satellite onto the external hard drive. If I unplug the module recording works, and recording...
  19. JudgeDredd2010

    What is the best Keyboard for a Smart Sony TV?

    Can anyone recommend a good Smart TV Keyboard for a Sony? I am not sure of the model. Its for a Xmas Gift and my budget is under £100. I cant find a lot of reviews for them from well known sites. I was looking at the Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (QWERTY Keypad), Wireless Portable...
  20. DavidT

    Sony TV audio settings

    I know this isn't really the correct forum to ask about TV settings but the AVF Sony forum isn't providing any information. I'm looking for information on the audio settings of my Sony 65XH9505 and how best to configure the audio to work with my Denon AV receiver. I specifically want to...
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