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  1. Didacticus

    Question I need help with my Sony tv

    Recently acquired a Sony Bravia KD-49XF90, 65 inches. And it seems the infrared sensor stopped working. I tried with multiple tv remotes and none seem to do anything and they are working, I checked it with my phone camera. Any guess on how to solve it? PD: I connected and disconnected the tv...
  2. L

    Sony TV Marks in screen

    I have a Sony LCD TV that has developed 4 black circle like marks. It appears to be behind the screen. Does anyone know what causes this and is it fixable. I have attached a picture of the marks. Thanks
  3. K

    Setup help for full screen picture using STB PVR and Sony TV

    Have Bell 4100 non HD STB with output AV cable feeding Pioneer DVR-460 input and HDMI cable feeding Sony Bravia KDL46EX620. The picture only fills part of the screen. The PVR is supposed to be a upconverting unit so I thought I would get a full screen picture. What should my settings be to...
  4. P

    Sony tv vignetting - 49xh9505

    I am interested in buying a Sony 49xh9505 but there was one user review on Amazon that stated - bit of vignetting, shading in four corners. I am wondering whether any other Sony tvs owners have noticed this one other models. I am wondering if it is a major or minor problem as I have seen images...
  5. LargeStyle

    Question 46W5500 (Possible) overheating with electrical flash & shut down & 8 LED flashes

    Hi all, My 10 year old Sony 46W5500 has as of last week started shutting down after approximately 4 to 6 hours use. I've not timed it specifically, but it's somewhere around that time. I'm suspecting it to be either heat related and / or degraded component(s) but that's just a guess. I have...
  6. JohnProton

    Panasonic GZ2000b or Sony AF9 TVs which is better, Im thinking of an upgrade.

    I've looked at many reviews and watched youtube videos but whats peoples preference? I currently have a Panasonic DX902b Full array local Dimming (FALD) LED TV which has 512 dimming zones and its a 2016 TV with HDR. Its a great TV but I'm thinking of buying an oled but keeping this tv because...
  7. R

    Sony TV and Amazon app built in

    Afternoon people, Bit of a head scratcher of a question if i may... My partner has a Sony KDL 40WE663 TV with such a lazy remote as it's driving me (her) mad. In a nutshell, when a remote button is pressed, there is a pause, the TV thinks about reacting, then does so on a channel change or...
  8. H

    Question Sony TV and wireless keyboard

    Sony KDL-43W800C After using a Logitech keyboard will not let me return to using my TV remote control. What am I missing?
  9. albriscoe

    Upgrade time - views on 75-85'' tv and which one to get, I hate motion blur btw.

    So i'm upgrading my rooms and want to replace my 65" Samsung LCD to a larger 75 - 85" Oled or whatever, the Samsung was the top model at the time, i think its a 6500 series from memory any recommendations from you guys and i really do hate motion blur so please fire away are Sony any good...
  10. M

    Wall mounted Sony TV. Help with cracking noise from casing

    I have recently wall mounted my Sony KD-55XG8505 with a Sanus low profile mount. When the TV is warming up the case makes really loud cracking noises and from research this would seem to be thermal expansion of components. I can’t say I noticed this when it was temporarily on the stand. I have...
  11. Aj33

    Which Sony TV?

    Afternooon, a friend of mine is looking at the below Sony and wondering if there is anything better within the Sony range +/- £400? He prefers the Sony motion handling. I don’t know the Sony ranges at all. Can anyone help? Sony Bravia KD65XG9505 (2019) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV...
  12. H

    Sony TV KDL- W708b 42"

    might have a number or letter wrong. Few years old but still a great picture. Sunny room so now I need to turn on VIVID during the afternoon. The VIVID picture has a slight blue tinge to it. On vivid I cannot go on to the advance menu to adjust the bias as I have done on the 'standard...
  13. C

    Question Help with John Lewis Warranty On a Sony TV

    Hi, First of all Apologies if this question is posted in the incorrect place. Im in serious need of some advice on how to proceed with a warranty issue with John Lewis in regards to a Sony Bravia 55Xe8596 purchsed from them. less than 15 days after the TV was purchased they replaced the TV as...
  14. 1

    Sony TV KDL-40EX401 with Home Cinema DAV-DZ280.

    Hi, first time on here. I've a Sony TV KDL-40EX401 and Sony Home Cinema System DAV-DZ280. Bought new as a package in 2010. I've never had the TV sound configured to go though the Home Cinema as the Sky+ Box has always been connected to the Home Cinema. However we've now Sky Q and that is not...
  15. D

    Sony TV, soundbar and STB

    Hello I have a Sony xbr65x850e and a STB that I use to watch TV. I just purchased a low level soundbar that has 1 HDMI ARC port. It doesn’t say output or input. I plugged a HDMI cable from TV (HDMI 3 ARC) to soundbar HDMI ARC and a second HDMI from STB to HDMI 4 when I set the soundbar to HDMI...
  16. G

    Cast to Device from W10 to Sony TV not working

    Hello Everyone I have just purchased a X9500 Sony TV. It replaced a Samsung TV. On my Windows 10 PC if I wanted to play a video clip to my Samsung I would right click the video file - choose cast to device - the TV appears in list and I click on the TV and it asked for permission - i clicked yes...
  17. I

    Sony TV 2015 continuous reboot problem

    Hi, I have a Sony KDL 43W755c (android) 2015 TV. I was watching something through an attached Amazon firestick to HDMI 1 and my TV started to continously reboot. If I tried to change to another input e.g. HDMI 2 I got a "TV is shutting down" message. I then did the hard reset option of power...
  18. D

    Question Which cheap end Sony tv to buy?

    Looking at buying one of these Sony TVs. Any advice on which one to buy
  19. J

    Sony TV google cast suddenly not working

    Bought a sony tv about a 2 or so years ago (KD55X7000E) Built in casting was working perfectly and about a year ago I got a chromecast so I could screen mirror my phone as the built in cast didn't have this feature about 1 week ago suddenly I am unable to cast to the tv or my chromecast As in...
  20. J

    can't receive BRITBOX on my Sony TV

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