sony playstation 5 (ps5)

  1. Sunshinewelly

    is ps plus worth it

    i know its very subjective but i have never had ps plus but took advantage of the £50 15 month deal primarilly so i could have help on demons souls. I am now thinking of cancelling it. if i was to get a 12 month usa sub then would i get access to teh special set of ps4 games that came with the...
  2. P

    Problem with resolution on PC monitor

    Hi there I bought a 144Hz with 2560x1440 resolution (AOC CQ32G1). I don't know if this model is only available in Switzerland, but it is what it is. AOC CQ32G1 31.5 inch monitor | AOC Monitors On my PS5 it always says max. resolution is 1920x1080p, I can't change that. According to the specs...
  3. C

    Can You Configure PS5 To Output Stereo Audio

    I'm looking to purchase a PS5 (when available) and plan to use it with my Denon AVR. There is a known firmware issue with Denon/Marantz during down mixing from higher channel (i.e. 5.1) to stereo (2.0 or 2.1) that causes the noise floor to rise. In PS5 audio options, can you specifically set...
  4. Gaslight

    Sleep Mode Bug

    I read about this supposed bug, which was essentially fixed with an update, up until now, mine has been fine with its sleep/standby mode. However in the last couple of days, it's 'crashed' somewhat after going into sleep, which requires the disc button to be pressed to get it to turn back on...
  5. dacdesigns

    Question About them 20 games....

    If I was to somehow get a PS5 digital today are them games still available? If so for how long? I know it said launch day offer but so many people didn’t get a console it’s a shame if they can’t get them. ta
  6. M

    Dualsense 5 typing issue

    Hi I tried searching and found nothing on this issue. So on my dualsense 5 if I hit the TouchPad to bring up text typing the controller is stuck on the letter g. Pressing d pad or the stick doesn't move it the only way I can move to other letters is to slide my finger on the TouchPad until I...
  7. Neilhaw

    Ps5 always offline

    Hi people of knowledge. First post on here and it's about my son's ps5. He keeps showing as offline . Even when he changes to busy or online it doesn't change. He can't play with his mates and chat. He got a friend's details and when he logs in with friends details it comes up online. Obviously...
  8. W

    Question Advice projector - 4k, project on coloured wall, ambient light

    Dear community, great that this forum exists, I surely hope that someone will help me guiding on my way to my dream device. ;) What I need In my household there will be only one projector, for which I would like to spend $1k-2k. The device will located in the living room, throw distance is...
  9. sykotik

    BF5 servers > not connecting!

    Any one else having issues with BF5 ?, downloaded this last night , wasn't able to connect ,same again this morning , BF4 and one play just fine ...
  10. S

    Banning Scalpers and BOTS

    Please it’s really starting to annoy me now that these scalpers are even bragging about there hauls on Twitter! I don’t know if this would actually do anything but it’s worth a try. Please take the time to sign this petition let’s try and ban these bots and scalpers!! Petition: To stop Bots...
  11. A

    For Sale Demons soul

    Brand new sealed copy of Demons Soul for PS5
  12. Maiannaise


    Hello! Participants needed for my psychology dissertation project! Questionnaire only takes 2 minutes and it would really help me out. based on conformity within gaming Please click the link below! :) Thank you An exploration into the effects of conformity on gaming behaviour
  13. S

    steering wheel for ps5

    so am after a steering wheel for the PS5. I had previously has the Logitech G920 for the Xbox One that i really liked but have since sold that along with the Xbox. That leads me to think about another Logitech and leading towards the newer G923.... anyone been using it on the PS 5 ? Just going...
  14. R

    Question Two ps one account

    Hi all, silly question but when I eventually get a ps5 it will be downstairs and ill keep my current ps4 in my daughters bedroom. Will I be able to use my current account on both, and if we are playing the same coop game together one on ps4 one on ps5 will that work? Or will I have to make a new...
  15. O

    PlayStation plus on PS5

    So I have a PS5 with 2 accounts. One for myself and one for my son. I have a PS+ subscription and have a few free ps4 games on my account that I’ve downloaded and can see them and play them fine. The problem is when I log into the PS5 on my sons account, the PS+ games aren’t showing. I have...
  16. R

    PS5 Noise Profile (with and without a disc inserted)

    Perhaps covered previously.... I had a launch day PS5 and tbh did find the fan noise a little more than I'd expected. For other reasons I moved that PS5 on (sold) but do intend to jump back in at some point and thus want to query this more generally..... I was wondering if noticeable fan noise...
  17. nick270881

    Advice on putting PS5 and Series X in this cabinet....

    I’ve finally settled on a new cabinet to replace my aging and small Jual Curve....the Alphason Regent I wanted something semi enclosed to keep dust off my consoles and that will fit my Samsung Atmos Bar I have a PS5 Digital and will soon get a Series X....I’d put both consoles in the enclosed...
  18. jambomakaveli

    Arctis 9, ps5 headphone quality, ps5 headset opinions

    After getting a ps5 on launch I finally decided for the first time, I was going to buy a really decent headset. I’d read and heard about steelseries for a while. Wanted the arctis 7p, but couldn’t get them anywhere. Then saw the arctis 9’s. Assumed they would be better. Higher model number...
  19. Matt645

    Not Heads up! A place to discuss wants needs and speculation

    Just thought I'd create this to keep the 'Heads up' thread for just that, it's understandable people are checking every day/hour/minute and are naturally frustrated with the lack of any stock alerts for nearly a month now.
  20. Bh011

    PS5 leaving marks on disc - resolution?

    My ps5 is the disk edition which is set up vertically. Whenever I take out a disc from the ps5, I see a circular scuff mark on the disc. It is not a scratch as it can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth. This has happened to me twice so I think this may be linked to the disk drive. I have...
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