sony playstation 3 (ps3)

  1. redcantona

    Wanted Cheap PS3 console.

    Any version as long as it works as it should and includes a controller and all leads. It's for my 5 year old grandson so I don't want to pay more than £40-£50. Don't be offended if I ask you to post before payment if you have low feedback.
  2. polmac

    PS3 3D Gaming - Some Games Work, Some Don’t!!

    This problem is doing my head in! My PS3 is connected via HDMI to my Anthem MRX 510 receiver, then via HDMI to my 3D tv. It plays Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and GT5 in 3D without problems - the amp detects the signal. But when I try Avatar the Game, and COD Black Ops 2, the amp fails to detect...
  3. robloxian

    Wanted Sega Mega Drive Collection - PS3

    Hi, anyone got a copy of this with manual please? Thanks
  4. greenline

    Wanted ps3 console

    looking to buy a ps3 console. thanks
  5. T0rNaDo

    ++++++LIST PS3 STUFF IN HERE++++++

    seems some members are lost as to where to list PS3 stuff. please list PlayStation 3 stuff in here. PS4/PS5 they go in separate sub sections above. thanks...
  6. F

    LG CX Audio Issue with PS3 Blu-Ray Playback

    I just purchased a new 65" LG CX to replace a much older TV but haven't upgraded most of my other equipment and have been running into some odd issues related to Blu-ray playback from my PS3. The best way I can describe the problem is that it seems like the internal speakers in the TV are only...
  7. RAINS

    What goes !!

    With the receipt of the series x and pending ps5, room in my longstanding bespoke cabinet is now a little cramped hence i have to make space... What should go... opinions...?
  8. dkshfiuhadi

    ps3 racing with thrustmaster t150

    hi there are a couple of games I cant adjust the steering force control on can anyone help? this for GT 5 and Racedriver grid
  9. dkshfiuhadi

    PS3 arcade style racing games with thrustmaster T150

    Hi, I have a few racing games for this but looking for something more arcade style - -like need for speed hot pursuit but must be compatible and ideally able to change the force on wheel as some games I can't. I have the following Gran turismo 5 Formula 1 2014 Dirt 3 etc
  10. N

    Sony ps3 stereo headphones chat problem

    Hi Have connected ps3 stereo wireless headphones dongle to pc and just cannot hear chat through headset and others cannot hear me. If i do a sound test and tick listen i can hear my self through them ok. Have no idea what else to do as everything is set to use wireless headset in sound options...
  11. M

    Question Any good offline 'Botzone' type games on PS3

    Hello - new to the forum - hi to all :) I have a much-loved PS3, and enjoy playing Killzone 3, particularly the 'offline' Botzone game. I also have Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita too, and also love the offline Botzone game. My question is, are there any other shooters out there that have...
  12. pavindran

    ps3 is connected to my amplifier but no sound Any solutions, please

    ps3 is connected to my amplifier but no sound Any solutions, please
  13. 7up4it

    Panasonic SC-HTE80 & TiVo & PS3 to Panasonic TX-58EX700B

    Hi, Struggling here as I removed all the cables before making a note of where they went............... So I need to connect the TiVo box/PS3/Panasonic tv to my Panasonic sound bar as above. Any help please? Cheers 7up4it
  14. CrownClown67

    Question Which tv : 43PUS7805 or 43PUS8505 for black and gaming PS3?

    Hi, I plan to buy 43 inch screen (it cannot be bigger) and I read on displayspecification that 7805 has mVA screen. And I wonder if is this accurate. Link:42.5" Philips 43PUS7805/12 - Specifications What I really want is : nice black (hope VA will deliver this, IPS in my old samsung didn't)...
  15. A

    (PS3) GTA 5 Auto Save Issue

    Hi there, I am playing GTA 5 offline. It has problem auto saving. It seems to auto save every 3 or 4 task completed, not after each task which is frustrating. How can I force it to save? Thanks.
  16. SuzyQ20

    Trying to find title of PS3 game! Help!

    Hello, Years ago, before children, my husband and I would play our PS3. My hubby has expressed eyeing the PS4, and I'd like to get that for him for his birthday... we now have three kids, and there's a game I'd love to play with them, but don't for the life of me remember its title! It's...
  17. D


    Hello folks - new to this forum - totally new to playstation [and gaming for that matter]. OK - believe it or not, I have never picked up a playstation controller. That said, Can someone give me some advice? I decided to pick up a used PS3 [cost]. Ive been to the PS website and nothing there...
  18. A

    PS3 turns ON but displays blank screen.

    Hello All, I have Sony PS3, Sony 65X8500D 4K HDR TV, Harman Kardon HKTS 9 5.1 Home Theatre & Yamaha Amplifier RX-V685. - PS3 is connected to the Yamaha Amplifier in one of the 5 HDMI Inputs via an HDMI cable. - Another HDMI cable is connected from the HDMI Out of Yamaha amplifier to the HDMI...
  19. T

    3D help

    Hey guys I'm new here and I was hoping to get some help on my 3D setup. I have a Optoma 1080p Darbee with DLP link and a ps3, I'm having an issue with my image. The Optoma is set to Auto detect and the ps3 is sending what looks like a side by side image cut in half one on the left and the other...
  20. I

    PS3 question

    I have a PS3 that my dog Peed on and now it doesn’t work so I went out and got another PS3 and it was jailbroken I restored it and lost the files that made it function now I can’t get into PlayStation network and I can’t play games for you to or Netflix anything I was wondering if I switched out...
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