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  1. ocelot20

    For Sale PS3 40GB Console + 9 Games £55

    Hey, I have a 40GB PS3 console for sale. With 9 games. Looking for £55 delivered via Hermes/Evri. Games included are: Call of duty modern warfare Call of duty modern warfare 3 Call of duty ghost Uncharted Diablo 3 Skyrim Little big planet Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Ghost Recon Advanced...
  2. shoemaker666

    PS3 new Firmware update 3.89

    PS3 got a firmware update that stopped allowing the creation of psn accounts on the ps3 it also stopped you from logging in with a password so you have to set up a device setup password. wondering if its anything to do with the new service coming out in june or maybe it coincidence as you...
  3. R

    PS3 guy in need of Audio Help - No Audio on newer TV from game only

    Hi guys, Here's a weird one, that I can't seem to find an answer to via the almighty Google. I have the OG Rocksmith (not the 2014 edition) on PS3, and with my PS3 hooked up to the TV via HDMI directly, it worked just fine on my old TV, but my newer TV has ZERO output from the game - but the...
  4. R

    Rocksmith on PS3 - No Audio Output w/ Newer TV

    Hi guys, Here's a weird one, that I can't seem to find an answer to via the almighty Google. I have the OG Rocksmith (not the 2014 edition) on PS3, and with my PS3 hooked up to the TV via HDMI directly, it worked just fine on my old TV, but my newer TV has ZERO output from the game - but the...
  5. M

    PS3 Chip Damage

    Hi All, I was cleaning up my PS3 which included putting some rubbing alcohol on the chips. I notice that one of the chips looks marked and is rough to the touch. Is it damaged and if so, is it anything to worry about? Pictures attached, the area in question is the black dot towards the top...
  6. MrMav11

    Can you remote play with PS3?

    I know you can remote play from a Mac or PC from a PS4 or PS5, but can you a PS3? Got some oldies to play still, but happy to put old PS3 somewhere on my network to be able to remote play. The games are not on PlayStation Now (which I’m not a member of), as I think this would be possible via...
  7. RobTi

    Moving from ps3 to pc

    Hi 10 year old nephew want to give a pc a try and will need to go refurbished or used any recommendations that I can point him to ? Thanks
  8. sh1zzle

    No AV control while using PS3 Slim to play music CD's

    Dear avforums users, After moving house, i started setting up my hifi setup. I use a Pioneer VSX 322 k with a stereo (2.0) setup and a PS3 slim as a cd player. All connected by HDMI. When i watch a Bluray i can still switch my AV from using STEREO to, for example, STEREO ALC or DIRECT and i...
  9. B

    Is there a way to play PS3 on separate tv through wifi

    I was just diagnosed with covid and am locked up in my bedroom for a while. I have a PS3 in the living room that needs to stay in there since my kids play it sometimes. When they're not playing it, I was wondering if there's a way I can play it through wifi on my Samsung smart tv that's in my...
  10. lvl1crisp

    Looking at getting a good older LED LCD TV for use with a PS3, any suggestions?

    I'm looking at getting a second hand LED LCD TV for use with a PS3 but I'm not sure what to look for. I just want decent to good black levels and a 720p resolution at 60Hz. 1080p should also be fine if the TV is 32" as I can't imagine there'd be much noticeable difference at that size. I've...
  11. G

  12. shoemaker666

    PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Online Stores to Close This Summer

    Apparently the store will close and you wont be able to buy games from the store on these consoles and handhelds later on this year. Also the ability to purchace games for these systems is also not available on the web store any more. will you be able to download previous purchases? PS3, PS...
  13. polmac

    PS3 3D Gaming - Some Games Work, Some Don’t!!

    This problem is doing my head in! My PS3 is connected via HDMI to my Anthem MRX 510 receiver, then via HDMI to my 3D tv. It plays Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 and GT5 in 3D without problems - the amp detects the signal. But when I try Avatar the Game, and COD Black Ops 2, the amp fails to detect...
  14. T0rNaDo

    ++++++LIST PS3 STUFF IN HERE++++++

    seems some members are lost as to where to list PS3 stuff. please list PlayStation 3 stuff in here. PS4/PS5 they go in separate sub sections above. thanks...
  15. F

    LG CX Audio Issue with PS3 Blu-Ray Playback

    I just purchased a new 65" LG CX to replace a much older TV but haven't upgraded most of my other equipment and have been running into some odd issues related to Blu-ray playback from my PS3. The best way I can describe the problem is that it seems like the internal speakers in the TV are only...
  16. RAINS

    What goes !!

    With the receipt of the series x and pending ps5, room in my longstanding bespoke cabinet is now a little cramped hence i have to make space... What should go... opinions...?
  17. dkshfiuhadi

    ps3 racing with thrustmaster t150

    hi there are a couple of games I cant adjust the steering force control on can anyone help? this for GT 5 and Racedriver grid
  18. dkshfiuhadi

    PS3 arcade style racing games with thrustmaster T150

    Hi, I have a few racing games for this but looking for something more arcade style - -like need for speed hot pursuit but must be compatible and ideally able to change the force on wheel as some games I can't. I have the following Gran turismo 5 Formula 1 2014 Dirt 3 etc
  19. N

    Sony ps3 stereo headphones chat problem

    Hi Have connected ps3 stereo wireless headphones dongle to pc and just cannot hear chat through headset and others cannot hear me. If i do a sound test and tick listen i can hear my self through them ok. Have no idea what else to do as everything is set to use wireless headset in sound options...
  20. M

    Question Any good offline 'Botzone' type games on PS3

    Hello - new to the forum - hi to all :) I have a much-loved PS3, and enjoy playing Killzone 3, particularly the 'offline' Botzone game. I also have Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita too, and also love the offline Botzone game. My question is, are there any other shooters out there that have...
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