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    Problem solved

    Problem solved
  2. R

    Sony Bravia XH90 and Nintendo Switch OLED problems connecting anyone?

    Hi all, I bought the Nintendo Switch OLED model about 2 weeks back. I had been playing on my Sony Bravia XH90 TV, no problems for about a week. Then a few days back my Switch started to have problems connecting to the TV. When I go to the HDMI 1 channel, it would say "No signal". After about...
  3. BoeingMan

    For Sale Sony Bravia 4K KD 65A1 OLED TV and Sony HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar with separate Sub-Woofer….. preferably as a combination package.

    For Sale: Both these items are just short of 4 years old, purchased together at end of November 2017 from a nearby respected franchise dealer. The extended Screen Warranty runs until 28.11.2022 They are both in immaculate condition, with no visible marks and no visible screen burn or...
  4. J

    Does the Sony Bravia KDL55W829B support 60hz or 120hz for Xbox Series X 120fps gaming?

    Hi guys, I've owned a Sony Bravia kdl55w829b for a couple of years now and I've recently bought a Series X console which can output certain games at 120fps. Sony state this TV has Motionflow XR 800 to which I have 0 understanding of deciphering if that means it supports 60/120hz. Anyone if this...
  5. hamshah

    Samsung QE65Q85TA vs Sony Bravia KD55XH9505

    Both are almost same price Sony - £899 Samsung - £879 discount on "Beyond Television. Which should I go with ?
  6. S

    Sony Bravia xh90 unable to use speakers/ headphones independently

    Hi All I’m hard of hearing and have just discovered that my new tv does not allow me to put headphones in while others can listen to tv at normal volume. I’m so disappointed by this as I love the tv, does anyone know if there is any work around this. My last tv was a Panasonic and I just...
  7. N

    LG OLED48C14LB or Sony Bravia KE48A9 (2020)

    Hello, I'm looking for a new TV for the bedroom and 48 inch seems the right size. I have a 55 inch OLED Panasonic in the lounge and want a similar quality picture so assume it would be OLED. I'm not a gamer, just a regular TV watcher, Freesat mainly or iPlayer. I have always bought Sony or...
  8. B

    Sony Bravia 4K backlight issue?

    Hello. I have a 5 year old Sony Bravia 4K (KDL-65W850C) that no longer turns on. I went through the troubleshooting process with Sony and it appears to be a backlighting issue which of course is no longer covered by the factory warranty. The problem started with the screen flickering, then...
  9. B

    Calibration of Sony Bravia Android TV

    So there are a lot of model-specific owners threads which have great detail in them but if you have a model that gets little engagement then the mere mortals are stuffed. The official Sony support link on perfect picture settings appears to be a good start but talks about using a blu-ray player...
  10. C

    New Legs For Sony Bravia

    I have a 4K Sony Bravia TV. It is a KD-55X8509C. I am about to purchase a new soundbar, which will sit in front of the TV. Unfortunately, the soundbar (The Sonos Arc) is too tall, since my TV sits on a TV unit, and there is very little distance between the bottom of the TV and the surface of...
  11. J

    ajuda em tv sony bravia RMTTX300E

    bom dia a todos, comprei uma sony bravia tv modelo RMTTX300E e não consigo baixar os aplicativos pergunta posso mudar o sft da tv ja nao posso fazer nada com ela queriq coloque aplis e nao posso ou o outro, para contornar a situacao obrigado a todos e bom ano
  12. R

    Sony Bravia KDL 46 NX713 - 2010

    Have not used this tv for a number of years and decided to give to friend whose tv not working, however, having re-tuned using Analogue setup, all freeview station are found but disappear when switched off and restarted, message on startup screen, NO stations saved, and I have to repeat...
  13. Jon Day

    Best Sony Bravia 43"

    Sony BRAVIA KD43X7052PBU v Sony BRAVIA KD43XH8505BU Is there a noticeable difference between the Sony Bravia 43" range? The specs look very similar but there is a £200 price difference. All are edge LED, so is it worth bumping up to the Sony BRAVIA KD49XH9505BU 49" for the enhanced specs? My...
  14. naturallyintelligent1

    Question Arcam AVR-550, Sony Bravia, LG hu80ka 4k projector - HDMI ARC connection

    Hi, I have Arcam AVR-550. So far it has been working well with Sony Bravia on ARC HDMI. I just bought an LG hu80ka 4k projector which also has HDMI ARC. Wondering how to connect both the TV AND the projector to Arcam AVR and use ARC capabilities? AVR 550 has two Output HDMI points, but only one...
  15. D

    Question Do I go for a Sony KD49XG9005BU?

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum 👋🏻 I was hoping you'd be able to help as I'm in a bit of dilemma (admittedly, a good one). I currently have a 40" Samsung UEES6300, which has served me well over the years, but I'm looking to upgrade to something bigger (49/50") and 4K. I always like to try and...
  16. D

    Question Sony Bravia - who to Change region.

    Newbie needing help please. Just retuned as prompted by Freeview. Region has switched from East Midlands to Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire. How can I revert back to East Midlands; there doesn't appear to be an option to do this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. B

    Sony Bravia KD49XG9196BU internet connection issue.

    Hi, I have had this TV for about 4 months & for at least the last week I cannot get any internet connection at all, either Ethernet or Wi-fi. It’s really annoying & confusing it was fine previously & everything else works fine even other equipment connected to it. (PlayStation, Sonos sound bar...
  18. D

    Question Samsung 55RU8000 or SonyBRAVIA KD55XF9005 55"

    Hi everyone, I am in the market again for a 4K TV. Budget would be £750.I would use it for general watching, netflix, Disney+ etc. I also game on my PS4 and XBox One S. There is a lot of talk at the moment about the Samsung 55RU8000 and the Sony BRAVIA KD55XF9005. I can not make my mind up which...
  19. S

    Sony KD-55X9005B ghosting/dark sections issue

    Hi all, My TV has gone wrong and I'm not sure with what. Before I start, I am a engineering student so I am able to replace circuitboards/cables/wires myself. The TV appears to have gone dark in some sections, and has a "phazing" image which looks like it could be "ghosting", but I'm not sure...
  20. W

    Setting up Sony tv to Dali speakers please

    Hi, I have a Sony 43xf80xx wishing to use it through Marantz pm6005 (cd already connected) into my Dali zensor 5s. I have a jack plug with L/R connectors (good quality)OR double ended L/R (cheap)....can anyone advise where I connect either with this system please?.......if you could be precise...
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