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  1. H

    Can I connect minidisc deck to Sony amp?

    Just bought a Sony MDS-SP55 from eBay and hoped to connect to my Sony amp DAV DZ 531W. Didn’t realise no power on the md deck will this work with my amp sorry clueless with these matters. Ramsay
  2. S

    Rack Mount Sony Amp

    Hi all :) Does anyone know of or where to get Rack Mounts for Sony AV Receivers or for AV receivers in general? I have a Sony Str-dn1080 amp. Sony used to make sony WS-RE1 rack ears. Thanks :)
  3. Unlucky Alf

    Is it worth upgrading my Sony amp?

    I have a now rather old (2008) Sony STR-DG820 amp which seems to have a problem outputting clear dialogue on modern films and TV shows (a lot of it is unintelligible), despite my tinkering with the settings. Given it’s age and the problems I’m having, would it be worth upgrading to a new...
  4. J

    One channel starts working when I squeeze old Sony amp?

    I have a 20 year old Sony amp that has been faultlessly powering my speakers, up until a few months ago when the left channel started to be a little intermittent and cutting out. It kept on cutting out and then working again, and eventually I realised that if I applied pressure to both sides of...
  5. Rd2892

    Question Amp for s880 speakers? Will any Sony amp with same ohms and connection work?

    So I just got 2 sets of Sony s880 speakers on eBay for 60 quid which I thought was a bargain, long story short I'm new to all this and the speakers didn't come with an amp , can any Sony s master amp run them aslong as its the right ohms ? For instance if I bought a Sony s300 or s300 amp will...
  6. 40something

    Which Amp & Sub for Kef Eggs

    Hello and I want some help on a budget of no more that £500 to replace my old receiver/amp and replace a broken Subwoofer. Old system: Kef 2001 (5 x Eggs no Sub) Old Amp: Sony ES1200 Used For: feeding a LG UHD 4K 49" screen, Virgin Media 4k box, PS4 (non-Pro), Xbox 1 S, PS3. Room: 4mts x 3mts...
  7. D

    Question Since update PS4 randomly turning off AV amp

    My setup is simple: A Samsung LED 40 inch TV A PS4 A Sony str-dn1080 amp Sky box Inputs - The PS4 and Sky box is plugged into the amp via HDMI Outputs - the TV is plugged into the amp via HDMI. All used to work fine. I recently did a system update on the PS4 and now I'm finding that after a...
  8. V

    Are the speakers incompatible with Pioneer receiver?

    I just got my Pioneer VSX-S520 and tried to connect my Elipson Planet M front speakers. Upon setup, the receiver is unable to detect the speakers. Can't see why this would not work. Do I need to use a banana plug (pic attached)?
  9. S

    Headphone output hum on Sony amp...?

    I've an old Sony TA-FE370 integrated amp that I got through Ebay. There is a noticeable hum on the heaphone output, a low noise that sounds like earth-loop hum but I can't hear it through the speakers, nor does it change with the volume control. It's not the end of the world, but does anyone...
  10. smokevinyl

    Question Sony TA-1120A w/ turntable setup HELP!

    Hey everyone, first post here. I'll make it short. First and foremost, I am a Hi-Fi noob. 5 years ago I got into vinyl and I'm trying to make the push for a better setup. I acquired a good condition Sony TA-1120A at a content sale for what I thought was a steal ($120 CAD) Now I want to...
  11. C

    Can I connect subwoofer to my Sony separates or Focusrite Scarlett?

    Hi All, I have spent the last few hours trying to figure out if my newly purchased sub can connect in anyway to my set up, its a bit of a mixture! Sony separates about 20 years old still sounding lovely :) and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as learning to make and record music as well.. The Sony...
  12. bloke

    Question Compatibility of new Blu-Ray player with old Sony amp

    I'm considering buying a Blu-Ray player, as my ailing DVD player is, well, ailing now. So I'm initially looking at models such as the Panasonic DMP-BDT180 or Sony BDP-S1700/S3700. Round the back, they have a single HDMI output (v1.4 or later, which I presume is compatible with my v1.3 Panasonic...
  13. Chaos Water

    Question Sony Amp Issue

    I have an old Sony STR-DB1070 with Sony Pascal SA-VE835ED 5.1 speakers. I am using an optical cable from my XBOX 360 Slim 250GB console going into the back of the receiver. My first issue is there is no sound from the speakers when the optical cable is put into the TV/SAT input, but I'm able to...
  14. B

    Samsung Js9000 Sony amp connection issues

    Hello, I've recently bought the Samsung Js9000, and connected everything up fine using the one connect box. The only issue is that when I've used the Av adapter leads to connect my ageing Sony amp via the red and white leads it doesn't work. Is it time to invest in a new amp with USB? Or...
  15. M


    Hello I have a 4k tv and looking to buy the new samsung UBD-K8500 blu-ray player when its released soon. I currently own a Sony STR-DG820 AV receiver but does anyone know if thats 4k and/or hdcp 2.2 compliant as i dont really want to go to the expense of buying another av receiver just yet.
  16. M

    Question Sony's SAW-D200 Connection cable

    Evening I've recently purchased a Sony's SAW-D200 sub from eBay and the connection cable connecting it to the amp was missing can anybody let me know where I can get one of these from or the reference details for me to search for one many thanks in advance Mogzy
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