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  1. S

    Panasonic GZ950 or Sony A8

    Hi, If you had the opportunity to buy either of the two, which one would it be and why? Many thanks,
  2. BertoM3

    HDMIs Name change in SONY A8...?

    Do you know if I can change the name, which appears in the menu, of a HDMI input? For example the one in the following image;
  3. rmonkey100

    Question Loud sharp Static sound through Sound System when changing Audio Source on new Sony A8 OLED?!?

    Just upgraded to a new Sony OLED A8, from my XF9005. I use ARC to transmit to my yamaha 5.1 system, on my old TV I never had any sound issues, but on my new one I've noticed when the audio source changes, it emits a loud static hiss sound for about a second when changing source through my sound...
  4. rmonkey100

    Sony A8 (AH8) OLED Owners & Discussion Thread

    Can't find a dedicated one already, so this is the owners and discussion thread for the Sony A8 (AH8) series. Available in 55", 65" Reviews Sony A8/A8H (KD-65A8) 4K OLED TV Review Calibration settings, great starting point...
  5. M

    Panasonic TX55 v Sony A8 - any thoughts?

    HI All I'm looking for a new 55 inch set, and hoovering up all of the reviews. It feels like a choice between the Panasonic TX-55HZ1000b and the Sony KD-55A8. Normally of course I would go instore and look at them, but in the current (English) circumstance thats not possible until early...
  6. W

    Which 55" OLED - Sony A8 or Philips 805?

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new 55" OLED in the BF sales. I have narrowed my choice down to either the Philips 805 or Sony A8. I have been able to view the Sony in my local Currys, but they didn't have the Philips. In terms of what is important, I currently don't have access to any 4k content...
  7. C

    Freesat on Sony A8

    Hi - does anyone know if a Sony A8H can pick up Freesat from a wideband LNB (previously used for Sky Q)? What about the LG CX? Thanks.
  8. N

    Upgrade worth it? Sony 49XF90 to Sony 55A8

    Hi, I’ve a Sony KD49XF9005 TV that I bought in October 2018 (in U.K., from JLP, so still in warranty) I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to Sony KD55A8? Or should I wait for few more years? I mostly watch movies and series on Netflix and BBC IPlayer on TV. Don’t use TV for watching sports...
  9. N

    Upgrade from sony kd-49xf9005 to KD55A8

    Hi, I’ve a Sony KD49XF9005 TV that I bought in October 2018 (in U.K., from JLP, so still in warranty) I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to Sony KD55A8? Or should I wait for few more years? I mostly watch movies and series on Netflix and BBC IPlayer on TV. Don’t use TV for watching sports...
  10. L

    Question Unhappy with GZ950's near black rendering... considering HZ1000 vs Sony A8 instead (?)

    So I've just bought a Panasonic 65" GZ950 and I'm not convinced at all about how it handles the near-black levels and low-key scenes. There's no natural gradient into the blacks, just a harsh fall. I've tried both the out of the box THX and Professional setups to no success (at 2.2 gamma), and...
  11. I

    Macroblocking and noise on new Sony A8 OLED

    Hello Last week I received a new Sony A8 and while I am incredibly happy with the picture in almost every respect, there have been a few issues which are troubling me...mainly lots of noise in some near dark scenes and macroblocking. I first noticed it when watching a Blu Ray of the TV show...
  12. J

    Question Is the BRITBOX App on the Sony A8 OLED

    Can't find any information on whether the Britbox app is on the Sony A8 & the AG9 also. If yes great, it's a household favourite. If not can it be downloaded from Google Play. Thank you.
  13. Tremolo Arm

    ABL on Sony A8 and LG CX

    Can anyone confirm how aggressive the ABL algorithm is in these two models? Does the image dim noticeably and can the ABL function be switched off or be reduced? Thanks
  14. J

    Question Corner Situated Sony A8 Sound Quailty

    I intend to upgrade my current 55inch Panasonic OLED to a 65inch model. Due to room design & furniture place the TV goes in the corner, I have read elsewhere that the sound quality is sub standard if not viewed head on. Perhaps someone who already has an acoustic screen Sony preferably in the...
  15. J

    48” OLED : LG CX or Sony A9 or ... ?

    My 43“ Panasonic plasma screen is still going strong after over 15 years, but my receiver of a similar vintage is becoming unreliable (takes several goes to fire it up). So the time has come to bite the bullet. I could get a replacement receiver, but it is overkill as I mainly use the system...
  16. Phil Hinton

    Sony A8 (A8H) 4K OLED TV Review & Comments

    The Sony A8 is the company's latest 4K OLED TV that has Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and now includes X-Motion Clarity 120Hz Black Frame Insertion, IMAX Enhanced certification and Netflix Calibrated mode. So it has everything, bar the Master Series title... Read the...
  17. J

    Question Sony A8 or AG9 vs Panasonic HZ1500 Which one

    Looking to upgrade my current Panasonic EZ952B to a 65inch model. The three selected have been chosen as I wish to avoid a sound bar. The chosen TV will be situated in a corner of a room that measures 15ft x 11ft with viewing distances of 8ft & 11ft. Question is will the Panasonic ATMOS audio be...
  18. M

    Sony A8 or Samsung Q90T?

    Hi guys I'm in a bit of a dilemma, as are most in this forum...... I've managed to narrow down my search to the Sony A8 and Samsung Q90T - based on reviews and the wife's opinion (doesn't like LG, or thick bezel, or this, or that.....) So I'm down to the 55" Sammy LED and Sony OLED. We...
  19. J

    Question Panasonic GZ1500 now or Sony A8 Later

    All most ready to upgrade our current 55inch Panasonic oled to a 65inch TV. Very happy happy with the Pan which is to be moved to the bedroom. The only thing stopping me buying the Panasonic is the Sony A8. Possibly I'm being irrational but I suppose I've got to decide before the Pans are all...
  20. magiclak

    Sony A9G or A8 Oled

    Hi there, I was really quite set on picking up the AG9 for my man cave. This was until the A8 gate crashed the party. Lol. I’m now confused, after reading some rather flattering reviews about the A8. Is there really a huge/ tangible difference in the feature set and picture quality b/w...
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