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  1. P

    Wanted 2 pairs of 3d glasses for Sony 4k - Xpand X105-RF-X1

    Hi, as stated above - would like to buy 2 pairs of 3d glasses for Sony 4k - Xpand X105-RF-X1. In immaculate condition with known history. Cheers /P.
  2. linnasak

    Sony 4K Projector warranty

    Does anyone know details on warranty on Sony cinema projectors. My vw760 just developed fault, 5 flashes of both lights, I think outside of prime support, but is there standard support? In Australia this seems to be 5yrs. Is there same in Uk?. Ie 3 years prime 5 years std. Can’t seem to find...
  3. 1

    A80J vs C1/G1/B1 Upscaling

    Hey all, which of these would be better for watching lower than 4k res stuff? I'm planning to buy one of these for gaming at a resolution lower than 4k, so which of them looks better in that regard? I've heard the A80J has better upscaling, but the C1 can be bought at 48 inches, so would that...
  4. B

    New TV to replace 8 year old Sony 4K and Sky Glass

    Afternoon all, In November my lovely (hmmm) kids decided to break my old Sony 65 inch TV, I loved that screen lol but hey ho what can you do? As it was November and with Christmas coming up I decided to try the Sky Glass option....whoops!! That goes back to Sky next week so I now need to pick...
  5. F

    Netflix, Sony 65A1E, Sony 4K UBP700 Player

    Hello When I stream Netflix on my Sony UBP700 the Dolby Vision Logo appears on my Sony 65A1E and the PQ is really good, I would say HDR. However, when I stream Netflix directly on the Sony A1E, there's no Dolby vision and the PQ is just regular. It's weird as I don't have 4K Netflix. Anyone...
  6. tankalf

    Please Help: Samsung 8k 82Q800T vs Sony 4K 85xh9505

    Hi guys Please help me to choose. I found at the same price, new, these two models. I watch 1080p and 4K film and tv series. Sat, streaming and mkv. Nothing else. Which tv do you think have the best picture quality? Considering also Sony was the flagship 4K model of 2020 and it’s a 85” versus...
  7. S

    Any Ambilight Equivalent Experience for SONY 4K TV?

    Is there any LED lightning that you would recommend for Ambilight kind of experience for SONY TV. Looking for something USB powered. My TV has 3x USB ports. 2x USB 2.0 500mA 1x USB 3.0 900mA
  8. B

    Sony 4k TV displaying as 1080p in windows 10

    Hello! I'm a new member here hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help with an issue I'm having. I recently built myself a new PC and the GPU is a RTX 3090 Founders Edition, so I am wanting to start gaming in mostly 4k. I am using my TV as my gaming monitor and the issue I'm having is...
  9. D

    Sony 4K

    Hi guys,new to the forum and its my first Sony tv in nearly 2 decades !! The tv (kd55xh8096bu) has a fantastic picture and great features but I’m not familiar with most of them,especially the motionflow-can anyone recommend the best settings to have ? regards mark.
  10. O

    Question Help finding a jutter-less TV

    Hello all, So I just bought a 55' Sony Bravia 900h over the weekend. On paper it was the right TV at the right price point. The online chatter was great, the professional reviews were stellar - I thought I could do no wrong. But nonetheless I went to my local Best Buy to have a look at the Sony...
  11. showmak

    Question Sony 85X950G feet stands

    How you can help me with my situation, the tv will be delivered end of the month and I need to get prepared. My cabinet length is smaller than the distance of the 85X950G feet, a 3.25" from each foot will be on air. Any idea how to support them? Are the feet swappable and will the tv be secured...
  12. R

    dilema which led sony 4k to buy

    Already own a kd65 XE 9305 which is an excellent tv but looking for a second tv for the bedroom was interested in the newer 49 XG9005 but have now seen a 55 XF9005 a similar price point both are FALD and whilst they wont be as good as the xe93 would give a good HDR picture due to...
  13. techted

    Question Sony 4K 270es Projector and Dolby Vision

    I recently purchased a Sony 270es projector and am having an issue with Dolby Vision signals. I know that projectors do not support Dolby Vision but I thought that if presented with a DV signal that the projector would just use the HDR10 base layer? I have both the projector and an LG C9 OLED...
  14. M

    Help to put Sony 4K FDR AX53 camco videos onto Panasonic DMR BWT720 Blu-ray?

    I am very thick! Can anyone pls tell me how I can put Sony 4K FDR AX53 camcorder videos onto Panasonic DMR BWT720 Blu-ray? The sd card recognises photos but not 4K video. When I connect via the usb input nothing happens! I want to transfer my videos to Blu-ray to keep them. Please can anyone...
  15. I

    On a $200 roughly Sony 4k player, how close does an Upconverted Blu-Ray get to an HDR disc with 49" x900F

    TV is Sony 49" X900F. tia for any and all replies
  16. N

    Question Stand for Sony 4K

    Hi, all. I have a new Sony 4K (270ES) projector which I can't wall or ceiling mount. I need a tall stand which extends around 2 to 3 feet over my head when I'm sat in my couch. Any suggestions please? It has to hold a minimum of 14kgs. Thanks, everyone
  17. A

    Question Sony 4K player not connecting

    (1)High speed hdmi cable with ethernet E205663 FU AWM STYLE 20276 80C 30VVW-1 or (2)Advent High Speed HDMI cable. I have an LG65 OLED. I had a Panasonic DVD player connected to HDMI 2 (ARC)via cable(1); remote broken on that and not 4K. However manually worked ok with BlueRay discs. So...
  18. mhweb

    I'm trying to find a 4K TV for movies, games, and Netflix around $1500

    I've been looking to upgrade my seven year old TV for a 4K TV, but while doing research I came out with more questions than answers as there are so many brands, models, versions. My budget is around $1500, and I'm looking for 55-inch (or 65-inch, but I'll be pushing the size for the small room...
  19. oli123

    Sony 4K Hdmi Faulty

    Hello, I have a 4k Sony TV model number KD-49XE8005 and I'm getting this intermittent fault (See Picture) every now and then when turning on the TV using my 4k device (Xbox 1 X) these red dots appear all over the screen, however when I disable hdr10 on the xbox they disappear and when I reenable...
  20. Loobc

    Sony KD-55AG8 Issues 3rd panel

    Hi all, So, to cut a long story short, I'm on my 3rd Sony panel that have all had the same issue. Light bleed from the corners onto the main screen, in a pinky colour on Netflix, Sky and other recordings. Has anyone else experienced any issues with this type of thing, happy to upload pictures...
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