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  1. Pavey

    PS5 HDR (with Sony 1080 and Optoma UHD30)

    I believe (but could be imaging it) that my picture quality changed on my digital PS5 after the recent os update. For the worse unfortunately. I had a look around the settings of both it and my Sony STR-DN 1080 and then discovered Vincent’s video on setting the HDR of the PS5 so thought i would...
  2. B

    Rel T5i and Sony 1080 amp

    Hi, Novice in this, have read too much conflicting advice for me to get clear,, both items have been packed away for a few years whilst I was doing house renno so unused as yet. I listen to music and watch films 50/50 so the compromise in setup needs to consider both, if i had to choose...
  3. P

    One Connect connections issue with AV receiver

    I am at a loss... I have a Samsung Frame 2021 with a One Connect box. I have a second video output, an Epson TW3600 projector. The AV receiver is the Sony STR-DN 1080. Video inputs are: game console bluray player VHS player What would be the best cable setup in order to either use the...
  4. DillyDecibels

    Size, Levels, & Crossover Frequency. What are things I know nothing about?

    Help me I am a Stooge My name is Dillon and I am completely new to the A/V world. I love movies and when the theaters shutdown I had to act immediately. My setup as of now consist of the following: • Klipsch 8000F(x2) • Klipsch 504C • Klipsch 500SA(X2) • Klipsch SPL-120 These speakers are ran...
  5. K

    Sony 1080 owners - replacing onkyo 608

    Hi all. After a frustrating year of looking for a new tv unit to fit my onkyo 608 (that also meets my wife’s design criteria) I have given up and told her to buy whatever she wants and I’ll replace the AVR. So I need an AVR that fits a gap 16cm high and 35cm deep (loads of width so not an...
  6. T

    Music > Movies amp set up with low budget?

    Music > Movies amp set up with low budget? I have just purchased my first ever music/movie speaker set up the Q Acoustic 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack with the 3020i Rear Speaker upgrade. Currently using a Yamaha sound bar in a largish room so hoping for a bit of an improvement in surround sound for...
  7. M

    Sony 1080 Av issue

    Hi I have 3 year old above unit with 7.1 system attached, it went into protection mode the other day and reset with unplug and it worked ok. Today not going into protection mode but only sound from sub no other speaker, same on all inputs. Any ideas what could be going on.
  8. A


    Thinking of replacing Denon 2200w with Sony 1080 or Denon 2700 any thoughts
  9. S

    Trying Sony STR-DN1080, not impressed, Denon?

    Hi, My Yamaha RX-A3030 do not support HDR and the LG OLED65C8 ARC/spdif results in sound drops. So I bought a Sony STR-DN1080 and even if it sounds good I'm not impressed. A couple of problems : 1. Really slow menus 2. Remote VARY plastic and no video2, you need to go to the slow home menu 3...
  10. N

    Advice on upgrade

    Hi Currently my setup (living room) is Onkyo TX NR515 + Boston Acoustics 7.1 + Mission 70C2 Centre. I'm planning to upgrade the receiver to SONY STR-DN1080. Do you think i should upgrade the speakers as well? If this speaker package is okay, can i get the Atmos work on it with proper...
  11. E

    sony 1080 AVR auto/manual calibration and possible issues

    Hi, Ive recently added 2x ceiling atmos speakers to my 5.1 surround to make a 5.1.2 set up which sounds awesome!. Im just wondering whether auto calibration using the mic is adequate though?, i mean does it take into account cable length?, or purely sound being received at the calibration mic...
  12. radioektyf

    Question Ideal AVR for my needs? First purchase.

    Hi guys. I'm a first time buyer who'd like to upgrade his audio setup. I've been using the below soundbar for nearly 2 years, but I recently moved into a new flat and came to a conclusion I really need some nice speakers with a decent mid range and just a better overall sound quality. I've...
  13. B

    eARC Problem

    Hello. I have just bought the LG 55 CX and a sound STR DN 1080 received. both are eARC compatible. However when I enable eARC on both the TV and the Amp the sound drops from Dolby Digital to PCM. If I switch off the eARC on either device then the sound reverts back to dolby digital. Any ideas...
  14. M

    Help buying a new AVR (£600)

    Hi all - hoping I can get some advice as I'm going around in circles right now I currently have a Samsung Q60t and Sonos Arc with back surrounds. I have lots of issues with intermittent sound on the Arc (sound of 1 second, off for 5 seconds). To stop this I need to restart the Arc. I'm using...
  15. Spy

    Question How to wire up a new CX ?

    Hi all, What is the best, most optimal way of wiring up all my components in order to maximise both the sound and the picture quality from various sources ? Here are the components: - TV: LG CX TV - AVR: Sony 1080 AV Receiver - Source: Nvidia Shield 4K Pro - Source: Virgin V6 box For example...
  16. Spy

    Question How to connect sources to new LG CX ?

    Hi all, What is the best, most optimal way of wiring up all my components in order to maximise both the sound and the picture quality from various sources ? Here are the components: - LG CX TV - Sony 1080 AV Receiver - Nvidia Shield 4K Pro - Virgin V6 box For example, - should I connect all...
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