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  1. C

    Sonus Faber Principia 5 amplifier advice, please

    Hi, new member here, been lurking for a long time. I have just scored a pair of Sonus Faber Principia 5 floorstanders (4 ohm, 90db, recommended amp: 40 to 250 W). These were my two HiFi dreams: Sonus Faber and floorstander speakers. But now the nightmare begins: which amplifier to choose for...
  2. S

    Please critique my planned system, JTR Noesis 212RT + Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24”

    Please critique my planned system, JTR Noesis 212RT + Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24” Hi all, I’m new to the forum and looking for some advice regarding a new system I’m planning. My current system is a pair of 18yr old Mission M53 floorstanders, BK XLS200 sub and Monitor Audio Bronze rears driven...
  3. G

    New System Amp Advice

    I have recently purchased a Hi-Fi set up and am awaiting delivery in the next few weeks. Sonus Faber Lumina II speakers REL HT1003 subwoofer BlueSound PowerNode 2i The system is mostly for music listening however it will also be connected to the TV therefore the Amp/Streaming Device needs to...
  4. C

    Question Sonus Faber Olympica II amplifier

    Hi. I am about to owe a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica II that I will use mostly for music listening, but also for home cinema. Currently I have a Yamaha rxv-767. I would like to keep my final setup as simple as possible, so my first choice would be to upgrade the AV receiver to something like the...
  5. H

    Question HELP - Noise Issue

    Hello - I have an noise issue with my Hi Fi. I have a Unison Research Unico integrated amplifier connected to Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers. When the amp is turned on the speakers pick up the reverberations and from the amp. For example when i use the channel selector dial or tap the the...
  6. S

    Bi Wire Sonus Faber to Yamaha

    Sorry for maybe repeating, but I have read o lot of threads here. I have a set of Sonus Faber Venere 3.0, which I will connect to my Yamaha RN803D. Use to BiWire my Wharfedale Diamond to Channel A & B, but can't really see which pair of the wire should go to A & B. I have Tannoy Bi Wire Cables...
  7. Alex G Sound

    Songs for system testing (primare, luxman, naim, sonus faber, Spendor, Dali)

    Hello, I will be recording my various side-by-side auditions - speaker / amplifier combinations - over the week-end, before parting with most of them at the end of the month. I will post my reviews but also the recordings. These will include: - Primare A30.1 - Naim Nait XS - Luxman l-505uxii...
  8. OC77

    Naim Uniti Nova and 4 Ohms Speakers

    I just purchased a Naim Uniti Nova with a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica II speakers - I listened to the setup at the dealer and it sounded great. It's my first foray into HiFi and as I was looking at things, I realized the speakers have an impedance of 4 Ohms while the Nova is rated for 8 Ohms...
  9. Cali

    Question Amp for the Sonus Faber Venere S

    Hi! I am thinking about buying the Sonus Faber Venere Signature, however I am not sure if my amplifier will handle them. Right now I have the NAD C375 BEE, will I need to upgrade?
  10. maxkolonko123

    Question Sonus Faber venere 2.5 & 1.5

    Hi, Anyone over here owns speakers like in subject im on chance to buy those in a good price but would be nice to hear from someone who owns them how they sound etc, will those be fine for HT or not really ? cheers
  11. Roboyto

    What's it worth? Cosmetically damaged Sonus Faber Centre

    Hi all, I've got a Sonus Faber Cremona centre speaker in graphite with the stand. Unfortunately it got damaged in transit when I took delivery several years back. There are two pea sized, and two smaller, dents on top where you can see the untreated wood underneath. Damage to the left under...
  12. J

    Anthem 520 v 710 v Tag Mclaren av32r for my setup

    Folks, I'm not an audiophile or terribly technically minded so need your help and opinions. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and recently bought a (2003) Cremona Center speaker from KJWestone. (Haven't seen it yet but is supposedly in very good condition with a brand new tweeter...
  13. J

    Stand for Cremona center speaker

    Hi all, I need to buy a stand for a Sonus Faber Cremona center speaker. Not urgently, within the next 6 months or so. No idea where to find one or what it will set me back. Any ideas? Not fussed about it being an original. Just something that does the job and is solid. I can/will post...
  14. D

    Sonus Faber Venere Wall vs Klipsch G-16

    We are redoing our living room so thought we would upgrade our speakers. Right now we have NHT bookshelf speakers. We want something wall-mounted fairly thin profile, and stylish. I was looking at the Klipsch G–16 wall speakers and the Sonus Faber Venere wall speakers. I'm just going to assume...
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