1. superfox

    For Sale Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 Black

    For sale is my Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 Black in excellent condition. It still has the protective plastic cover on. Under a year old and very sparingly used (around 10 hours of listening). Looking for £370 delivered.
  2. Winchesterclub

    Sonos Beam , 2 Remotes...

    Hi All Can you have 2 Remotes working the volume on the Sonos Beam, i would need the LG CX Remote but also the Virgin V360 Remote, can you pair 2 remotes to the Beam ? Cheers
  3. D

    sonos through my av reciever

    Ok im not a av wizard so need some advice. i have a full house with sonos played through systemline ceiling speakers in each zone. The Sonos is plugged into a wall input socket in each room. i am having a full new cinema system in my lounge and would like to play sonos through the speakers on...
  4. Ollie3000

    Sonos Beam connecting to RCA

    Hi all I would like to get a sonos beam. It is mainly for TV and music streaming but i also occasionally DJ using a DJ controller and the only output is RCA. Is there anyway to connect the RCA to the sonos via a convertor the the hdmi/optical as i don't really want to get a Sonos port as this...
  5. azurik777

    For Sale Sonos Arc Set

    Sonos Arc in Black purchased June 2020 directly from Sonos. Fully Boxed 2x Sonos One SL in Black. Both fully boxed with 2x black Flexson Stands and 2x black Flexson Wall mounts 15% Sonos Diescount code All sold as a set Preferably cash on collection due to combined weight of items Will be...
  6. bfg68

    Question Newbie needs help with home music set up Please

    Hello everyone, My name's Glenn, I'm a complete novice and I need some advice please. My questions are two fold, firstly, I have a laptop, Ipad, itunes with a couple of thousand tracks on it, a Xyzel NSA310 nas drive, (which I've never used) and a pair of Sonos One's, my question is can I put...
  7. low-def.

    Sonos Sub Gen 3 - Cover/Skin/Wrap?

    Hi all, I'm looking to see if any fellow Sonos Sub users or anyone else out there knows of a website that sells a cover, skin or vinyl wrap for the Sub Gen 3?
  8. eltel70

    LG tv and Sonos sounbar

    My LG tv is connected to my Sonos sound bar. It works for a few hours. Then the TV disables the sound. When I go into the menu it shows the sound as disabled and it wont let me change it. I check the sound menu and everthing seems ok the ARC is connected and the simplink is on. When I go back...
  9. G

    For Sale Sonos Move

    I bought this last summer to enjoy in the garden during lockdown. It’s so good I ordered another to use as a stereo pair. Long story short, I accidentally knocked this over and dented the front grille. It works perfectly still, but my OCD couldn’t cope so I bought another. This one is...
  10. I

    Question Sonos beam and Sony TVs-do they play nicely?

    Hi I'm looking at buying a 2020 Sony TV (XH9505) and am wondering whether sonos sound bars work with them without lip sync issues. I ask because I have a beam with a Panasonic TV (eARC) in the bedroom. I get terrible lip sync issues (which cannot be fixed) when 1) I turn my Sky Box to output...
  11. S

    Question Audio delay with HX800 + PS5 + Sonos Beam (Soundbar)

    Hi all, pulling my hair out here and wondering if anyone has any suggestion: My PS5 is connected via HDMI to my Panasonic HX800 which is then connected to the Sonos Beam via ARC. Have set both the PS5 and the TV to PCM but I am still getting noticeable Audio delay when gaming / watching movies...
  12. E

    Question Multi room system based on Sonos Five

    I have been using a Bowers & Wilkins A5 to play my own music from my iMac and Apple devices with Apple Airplay. It has been extremely frustrating because the music keeps cutting out at random intervals, and the technicalities of curing this are beyond me. My wifi in all other respects works...
  13. R

    Sonos Beam plus IKEA Symfonisk

    Thinking of adding rears to my beam, likely the IKEA symfonisk speakers as they are within my budget. Anyone else have this setup? Other option is to try and find second hand ones on eBay if at the right price, when being used for the rears is it worth trying to stretch the extra to these?
  14. M

    Question Advice please - sell my Dynaudio Xeo 6?

    Hi - all advice most welcome I have a dynaudio xeo6 system (active wireless floorstanding speakers with all the amps etc built in) see - Quality is amazing and I linked it to Sonos via Sonos connect so can play anything I want...
  15. Stote

    Wanted Sonos Beam in Black

    As the title says i'm looking for a Sonos Beam in black , in good condition at a reasonable price Kind Regards
  16. G

    Question Sonos Arc issue using Apple TV and Panasonic Viera TV

    Hi i‘m hoping someone can help with the issue(s) outlined below as trying to go between potentially three different support companies in Sonos/Apple/Panasonic is proving difficult. So I have myself a new Sonos Arc which has replaced Sonos Playbase as part of surround sound with sonos sub and...
  17. nictry

    Its been a while! Moving back to full separates vs a Sonos 5.1 - advice required

    After 5 years or more I have decided (well lockdown insanity has decided!!) that I might go back to a full separates system vs the Sonos Playbar/Sub/surrounds I have had since switching from B&W 602/3s many moons ago. As I have been out of the market for a while i have spent a good few days...
  18. MSW

    Wanted Sonos Boost

    As per title thank you
  19. I

    Sonos Arc add on's

    Hi Recently purchased the sonos arc soundbar on its own and im very happy with the sound over my tv speakers (XH9505) I am now looking to add on 2 sl speakers. Has anyone done this and can give me feedback on the overall quality? Does it still sound good even without the Sub? I watch alot of...
  20. ermayanka

    Question Sonos Play 5 upgrade for a large room

    I have a large living / dining room area (30 feet long x 20 feet wide x 14 feet high ceiling). I am interested in playing music (no TV). I currently have 1 Play 5 (Gen 1) in the area. Does a decent job. It is sitting in a corner and therefore you get slightly faded sound on the other end of the...
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