Sonos (stylized as SONOS) is an American consumer electronics company founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai, based in Santa Barbara, California. They are widely known for their smart speakers developed and manufactured by itself.
After foundation, MacFarlane introduced a prototype at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show, which was released in a bundle called that Digital Music System later in 2005. The company expanded upon the prototype and product design itself, adding mesh networking with AES encryption to allow the speakers to play music in any room with setup. Between 2011 to 2014, the company also released numerous speakers and added more services and worked with Bruce Mau Design to incorporate a rebrand of the company, which was effective 2015. The company has partnered and added companies to their catalog of services, including Spotify, MOG, QQ Music, Amazon Music and others.
Besides its consumer products, the company has opened its own official Sonos Store in SoHo in July 2016, as well as its own local studio and art museum, the Sonos Studio, in May 2011.

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  1. crjinlaca

    Sending sound from Smart TV to new Sonos Amp over 130 feet

    My Smart TV is about 130 feet from my rack of Sonos Amps. I only need to send audio from the TV back to the Sonos AMP. I have Cat 7 lines run from the TV to the rack. I have two speakers at the TV connected to the Sonos Amp. My question is what it the best method to get sound from the TV to...
  2. Bear77

    Sonos era 300 - Please help me!

    Hi - Can someone confirm whether Sonos era 300 will link into a WPA2 Enterprise WiFi network using Radius Authentication? Desperate to know before I buy. Thank you for reading.
  3. Micah

    For Sale Sanus Extendable Soundbar TV Mount for Sonos Arc

    Bought on offer on eBay. It’s brand new in box, but the box had a hard time getting to me as it was essentially second hand, but all the bits are there and still wrapped. Could potentially post at buyer’s cost, approx weight is 5kg.
  4. Joe C

    For Sale Sonos Arc and Sub Gen 3 in black

    Having a rearrange at home and looking to move these on. Arc was purchased from Sonos direct in August 2022 Sub was purchased from Peter Tyson’s eBay Store in April 2022 Both in perfect condition - pictures to follow as I need to go and get them out of the spare room. I don’t have the...
  5. gizmo750

    Wanted Stands for Sonos play 5 gen 2 (or Five)

    Looking for a pair of stands for Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 units, must be able to hold speaker in the upright position as using a stereo pair. White preferred.
  6. Stevie G

    Can anyone recommend a compact remote that will work with the Shield TV (bluetooth) but also have IR to do the volume on a Sonos Playbar?

    Hi all I've had an Nvidia Shield TV (2015) and a Sonos Playbar for years, with a Samsung TV sat between them. I've had to replace the Shield remote years ago and have just used an old spare remote from an Amazon Fire Stick, which actually works really well as a shield remote. However, I've...
  7. r5kod

    For Sale Sonos Playbar

    A Sonos Playbar in excellent physical and working condition. Comes with original power cable and paperwork. Happy to provide additional photos if required.
  8. S

    Question Best small soundbar for Samsung Frame TV?

    I am looking for a soundbar for a 43"Samsung Frame TV (2022). I don't have room on the cabinet for a large soundbar (must be <96cm) so ended up short listing down to either: Sonos Beam Gen 2 Samsung HW-S60B I was wondering if the Samsung was a better option as it will pair using Q Symphony...
  9. 0

    Deal Agreed Sonos Roam (w/ Alexa/Voice) Black - £80

    Hi I'm selling a Sonos Roam the Alexa/voice version. Mint condition, rarely used or moved from my desk, boxed with all original cables and packaging. £80
  10. r5kod

    For Sale 2x Genuine Sonos Play 1/One/One SL speaker stands in white

    2x Genuine Sonos Play 1/One/One SL speaker stands in white In very good condition. Come with all screws, parts and manual. Now disassembled. Speaker not included. I can provide more photos of individual parts if required.
  11. J

    Sonos Beam or Bose 600

    Given that I’m looking for a small standalone (ie no separate sub) soundbar with Dolby Atmos, I’d be interested in views as to which of these two I should go for. I don’t have any other Bose / Sonos kit and I won’t want to use the soundbar for anything other that TV viewing. The TV is a...
  12. T

    Old Sony or Sonos?

    I have a 12 year old Sony Bdv 870 5.1 surround sound system.. It includes blu ray with speakers connected. Been a good system but would like to upgrade to small size soundbar with additional speakers and sub. Looking at sonos beam 2 and samsung 550. Will the upgrade be worth it soundwise...
  13. N

    Denon Home 350

    Hello, I actually use the Denon Home 350 and I have got 2 questions: Are there better alternatives with this size like Bluesound Pulse 2, Sonos Five, JBL 500 or is Denon the best one? I am happy with it. The only problem is that I can hear a fan noise while listening to lower volumes. Is it...
  14. K

    Another weak link thread...

    So I am spotify through Sonos to Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 to Kef Reference 3.2 and PSA 3012 Subwoofer Where do people see the weak link / next upgrade 1 - Move from Spotify to Tidal / Qubuz for uncompressed data 2 - Sonos to Bluesound? 3 - Lyngdorf - Add an extra power amp SDA-2400 4 - Kef ref -are...
  15. joelk2

    Wanted Sonos Play 1’s, Ray or Beam Gen 1

    As above looking to add a surround setup to another room so looking for 2 (possibly 3) play 1’s And then either a ray or beam gen 1
  16. J

    Sonos amp + stereo speakers for AV (awkward placement)

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping some of you with more experience can sense-check my simple lounge AV setup, which I use for listening to music and watching TV. The room's permanent furniture layout makes everything a bit awkward, and I'm wondering if additional audio channels might help matters. Due...
  17. Tepa

    Sonos Beam or JBL 800?

    Sonos Beam or JBL 800? I currently have the JBL Bar 800, and im very happy with it, but i had thought to upgrade to Sonos, was thinking of getting the Beam, 2 One SL and a Sub mini, and i already have a Move that im using as a portable speaker around the house, i could include that in the setup...
  18. Sy1441


    So fitting my garage out and have been warned against turning it into a cinema. Picked out a nice 77" OLED TV however and the rest of the house has Sonos in it so going to use it for audio. Thinking Arc, Sub, 2x Era 300's and was gonna add in some ceiling speakers. Sensible or terrible...
  19. bbasra

    Wanted Sonos Beam Gen 1

    Hi Wanted is a Sonos Beam Gen 1 in black. Anyone have one available? Thanks in advance. Bal.
  20. bigjb

    For Sale Sonos Arc White.

    Sonos arc white which was purchased end of May 2023 from Curry’s and the email receipt can be forwarded. Comes boxed , complete and in excellent condition. Collection only at the moment due to size. £670 >> £540 >> £520 Sonos Era 100 x 2 white which were purchased from John Lewis end of May...
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