1. D

    For Sale Sonos Playbar Wireless Soundbar with Original Box and Wall Mount

    Sonos Playbar Wireless Soundbar with Original Box and Wall Mount. Excellent condition, in original box with power cable and optical cable. Also included is an original Wall mount for the playbar. The playbar is a bit dusty as it sat very high above a mounted TV.
  2. C

    LG CX, Sonos Arc, Dolby Atmos Audio Differences based on Format

    Hello, Hopefully I am posting on the right thread but I have a technical related question. I have a LG CX, a Sonos Arc and an Xbox Series X. I have set up the TV with E-arc, Passthrough, Bitstream. The Sonos Arc is connected to the TV HDMI port 2 (E-arc). The Sonos Arc has been set up...
  3. chels

    Wanted Sonos one gen 2

    Looking for a Sonos one generation 2 please.
  4. Waarez

    Sony X900e / XE9005 audio delay with ATV 4k over HDMI

    Since the end of December I have acquired the Sonos Arc, Sub Gen 3 and 2 one SLs. Very happy with the sound quality overall! Sounds just a bit boomier (bass on -3 and sound sub a bit lower) than my previous separate Jamo speakers, Klipsch 100sw sub and Yamaha receiver. But what an incredibly...
  5. Edgie70

    Sonos beam gen 2 audio jitter

    Hi all , I have a simple set up , beam gen 2 and 2 One SL surround speakers , beam connected via HDMI arc to TV , sky+ hd via HDMI to TV . Occasionally iam getting audio jitter when listening to TV , happens once a week !!! I rewind the bit that jittered and the jitter isn't present ! Does...
  6. Sy1441

    For Sale Sonos Play 5 White (Gen 1)

    Owned this from new which is around 3 years. Selling as I’ve ended up with lots of other Sonos stuff. Can’t see any marks on it as it sat on a bookshelf for its full life connected to Wi-Fi.
  7. Apollo2011

    LG C1 with Sonos Arc but can't switch back to TV Speakers

    Technical question about using my Sonos Arc system with my new LG OLED77C1 TV: I have the Sonos Arc soundbar system connected by HDMI cable to the HDMI2(eARC /ARC) port on the LG OLED77C1 TV. Getting great sound from the soundbar, subwoofer and rear speakers. My problem is that I cannot...
  8. N

    Decent upgrade from Sonos Beam

    Hi all, Currently wrestling with the options to upgrade from my Sonos Beam. main usage is watching tv series , occasional films and music was thinking a 2.0/2.1 system , got researching and it seems two good options are as follows: Kef LSX, then add sub at later date Bluesound powernode...
  9. E

    Still no DTS on my updated 1st Gen Sonos Beam?

    Hi I’m a new member to these forums and there seems to be a thriving discussion about soundbars, so I hope you can help. I still can’t get my Gen 1 Sonos Beam to output DTS since the S2 app update to 13.4.1, which was meant to rectify the issue. According to the app screen the Beam still...
  10. Harkon321

    Issue with Sonos 1 Alexa and Hue

    Got a weird issue that I'm struggling to solve. Got four Alexa dots in the house, two Hue hubs and Hive heating. No issue with any of the Alexa dots controlling anything. I've bought a Sonos One Gen2 secondhand. I can play Spotify, use Alexa to check the weather etc. but I can't get it to...
  11. Bennyp281080

    For Sale Sonos one (gen 1) black speaker

    Immaculate condition smart speaker with Alexa etc. no marks. Comes with original box and power cable. £115 posted
  12. Lewisman

    Sonos Beam not enough

    Hi there, I added a Sonos Beam (gen 1) to a 50” Samsung TV in my kitchen, following some building work this year where I knocked some walls down to create an open-plan setting. I hadn’t really envisaged getting as much use from the TV as I am though. Often in the evenings, we’ll be in that room...
  13. Z

    Which Sonos set up for my room?

    I'd appreciate some advice from those who know these products well. I have a TV/film room that currently has a 55" LG B6 OLED tv (no eArc), with seating position 3m away. I previously had an old 5.0 system with an Denon amp and Q accoustics speakers, but that all had to be removed when a...
  14. A

    Possible Sky Q Sonos beam issue?

    I have posted a thread in the sound bar section, but have a feeling it may be more of a Sky Q issue, so I hope it's ok to put a link here. Can you please have a look at this thread and post there if you have anything to add...
  15. A

    Sonos Beam (Gen 1) to LG B7 HDMI ARC viewing Sky Q silence issue

    This happens quite frequently and is getting annoying. When watching Sky Q my sonos beam will go silent. Sometimes it can happen after pausing a program, sometimes adverts can trigger it (possibly due to change from DD5.1 to DD2.0? and back etc.) and I think it's happened when changing channel...
  16. F

    Connect Sonos to hi-fi separate system?

    Ok, so I've got a Nakamichi hi-fi separate system I bought in 1992 which is currently stored under the stairs in the cupboard and they've been there since 1999. The speaker cabinets of the Mission 770s I used with the system are scratched all over and chipped.(Basically trashed) I've got the...
  17. MrClark1000

    Samsung Q900A vs Sonos Beam Gen 2 (with Sonos one SLs) vs others

    Hi all, so just wondering if I should go down the route of Q900A or Sonos. I already have a Sonos one so can get 15% discount on the Gen 2. Amazon has a deal on the Q900A for £750, and I could add rears for about £200 at a later date. the Sonos Beam with discount is £380 plus one additional...
  18. MSW

    For Sale Wall Bracket for Sonos Playbar

    Genuine Sonos Playbar wall bracket. Realistically these needs to be collection only as there is zero chance of it been posted and not arriving bent. Whilst I have fitted quite a few of these and can confirm that any bend would easily be fixed when mounting I would not expect anyone else who...
  19. D

    Wanted Sonos Connect (Gen 2/S2)

    Hello, Looking for an S2 compatible Sonos Connect to replace my Gen 1. Thanks.
  20. M

    2.1 setup OR sonos soundbar advice?

    Hello all I have a LG CX 55" tv with a panasonic ub820 4k player, in the corner of a 4.5x3m room. In the av setup a have a bk gemini 2 sub behind the tv, 2 monitor audio bx2's running from a mini denon m39 under tv, via basic optical & sub out. However i never really mess around switching on...
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