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    Samsung Frame 55" & Sonos Arc

    Hi all, I am thinking of investing in the Samsung Frame 55" and the Sonos Arc. I have read people having issues with either lip sync of sound cutting out but none of the comments are recent. Does anyone have this setup and has recent firmware updates rectified any bugs/issues? Thanks Al
  2. P

    Question Samsung Frame 2020 eARC problem

    Hi all. I’m not sure whether this belongs in here or in the Sonos thread, but I think it’s a TV issue, so … I have the 55" 2020 Samsung Frame. I have a Sonos Arc soundbar. I have connected them via HDMI eARC, for the full functionality that should provide. When I first switch on the TV, sound...
  3. D

    Xbox Series X, cant get Dolby Atmos to work through sonos ARC on LG CX. help please

    I've checked all the boxes on the Xbox, checked all the boxes on the TV and still wont work. I've got the Dolby access app on the Xbox, when I click on the home cinema settings it says set up Dolby atmos and takes me back to the Xbox settings where all the correct boxes are checked. I've looked...
  4. B

    Underwhelmed by Sonos Arc

    So my Sonos Arc arrived today and iam not impressed! I do however suspect that perhaps my set up is the problem?? I will try to give you guys as much detail as possible. For a start i have it wall mounted underneath my TV. The distance between the bottom of the TV and the Arc is 3.5 inches...
  5. W

    Sony 75XH9505+Sonos Arc+SUB+SURROUND

    Tomorrow a Sony 75xh9505 and a Sonos Arc, SUB and Surrounds (2x SL ONE's) arrive. Any tips! Trying something different. Will want to use Sky Q primarily then Netflix, Apple TV but not really dived into those previously. Have a few questions..... 1. Will have a separate 2 Channel in the same...
  6. D

    Sonos Arc and Receivers?

    Hello everyone, total noob here so hopefully this is not a dumb question. After years of putting up with old equipment, I decided that this would be the year that I refreshed my whole setup. After splurging I have a lot of stuff that I'm not sure how to put together. The equipment I'm working...
  7. S

    Sonos arc or Bose system advice

    Hi, Forgive me as I’m not too technical but was after some advice regarding a home sound system Or bar Bascially looking to tidy up our home entertainment system (Mrs orders) for the living room and currentply have a Yamaha unit with wharfdale speakers wired for surround sound, which has been...
  8. jimbo100

    LG Oled E7 + Sonos Arc, how to let my truehd files play as dd+ atmos?!?

    Guys, anyone here has ANY ideas for the following issue?!! I just got the sonos arc / I was wondering what options i have here. The internal player cant transcode truehd to digital plus atmos. I have to select the second audio track which is not DD+ atmos, but just dolby audio 5.1. Speaking...
  9. Mick54321

    Dolby Atmos - 2.0.2 Setup Vs Sonos ARC + 2sl

    Hi all Strange question! But all responses appreciated. What are opinions on the configurations mentioned? Which will provide the best overall experience for both music and Dolby Atmos Cinema? Both cost similar AVR (2600x) 2 x Bose 606 2 x Dolby upward facing add ons or 1 x Sonos Arc...
  10. M

    Question Sonos Arc or Sonos Beam?

    I’ve got a relatively small room (3.2m x 3m) that I’m looking to kit out a bit more with a sound bar. From what I’ve read the Sonos Beam would be slightly better in a smaller room than the Arc. What recommendation would you guys give?
  11. russraff

    Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds and the Beosound Stage

    I thought I'd post this a I have owned both and thought people may be interested. There are a few folks that are particularly evangelical to either systems so maybe this will add some balance... TL : DR Music first, AV last - get the Stage. If you can only accommodate a single sound bar - get...
  12. charlie55

    Sony ht - 5000 or Sonos Arc

    I asked this same question but except for 1 reply I heard nothing. So after listening to both ln the same shop I have decided on the Sony as it plays everything and I have got fed up waiting on Sonos making the LPCM update available. The Sony is also cheaper as it comes with a subwoofer. I...
  13. J

    Sonos arc two monitors

    Hi guys Not sure this is the right pjj ok ace to ask this , i have a lcd display and a projector I don’t watch both at the same time but wanted to connect both to my sonos arc , at the moment I have to have the lcd on behind the projector screen for sound , is there a way to split the hdmi out...
  14. charlie55

    Question Sony ht 5000 or Sonos Arc

    As the above states i am in the market for either of these Soundbars. I was at first set on the Sonos but their latest update did not include LPCM, i have purchased the HD Fury Arcana with the intention of parterning it with the Arc. I have also an OPPO203 which i understand can transcode dts to...
  15. T

    Question Vizio p65-f1 -> Arcana -> Sonos Arc

    Has anyone hooked these up? My tv has ARC but not eARC. I was hoping to use the ARCANA to bring eARC to my Sonos Arc. I’m lost what I should plug into what, every time I try Sonos says something is interfering with the signal. thank you!
  16. paultee

    Question Sonos Arc and HDFury Arcana Best HDMi splitter please

    Hi Just purchased a Sonos Arc and bought an HDFury Arcana to alleviate the lipsync problems. I have an Arcam Bluray DVD UDP411 player and a Sky Q satellite receiver HD downloading 4k content. The TV is an LG LG 55EF950 OLED ARC not eARC. I require a splitter for the 2x HDMi from the Bluray and...
  17. K

    Can Xbox One output Dolby digital plus to Sonos arc?

    Not sure if this should go in gaming ?? Hi all I can’t get dd+ atmos from the Xbox one. Should I be able to? On the Xbox I can choose Dolby digital or Dolby atmos. My tv has arc not e-arc and atmos doesn’t work. If I choose dd I only get 5.1. I’m playing an atmos 4k disc. TV is a Samsung...
  18. ant33t

    C9 + Sonos Arc Owner - how do I see volume?

    Hi All, Having a real fight trying to work this one out, i'm a Sonos Arc owner and C9 owner, love the setup. I have them setup over HDMI ARC - (HDMI PLUG 2). When trying to change the volume using my magic remote, all I see is the + button highlighted, and - button highlighted. I want to see...
  19. Z

    Sonos Arc vs GZ2000/HZ1500/HZ2000 soundbar

    I like the idea of an integrated soundbar, but only if it provides good enough sound that I won't need to replace it. My alternative is another soundbar, most likely Sonos Arc ( I have a 30% trade up discount ). I can't find a place here in Denmark where I can compare, so I thought to ask...
  20. L

    85" TV Budget upto £3k and compatible with Sonos Arc (eArc)

    re. 85" TV Budget upto £3k and compatible with Sonos Arc (eArc) It'll be in a windowless room and used solely used for watching Films and Sport and maybe some intermittent gaming. Is there anything out there for that budget? *also to add I haven't bought the Sonos Arc and SL pack.. My...
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