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  1. MSW

    10 Year Old CYP HDMI Splitters, Sonos Arc, Philips 21.9 TV & Apple TV4K

    My set up currently is Apple TV to a CYP HDMI with 1 HDMI output going to an old 21.9 TV & 1 HDMI output going to a cheap HDMI to Optical Audio Swith and then an Optical cable going to a Sonos Soundbar I wish to replace the Sonos Soundbar with a Sonos Arc by Apple TV 4K to CYP HDMI splitter...
  2. B

    Sony XH90 with Sonos Arc - Lossless Atmos

    Hi All, Just taken deliver of a Sonos Arc and G3 Sub, connected up to a Sony XH90. Been running a number of tests using the internal apps and pretty happy so far, with Dolby Atmos (compressed) feed via Netflix. I’ve been trying to run through some lossless Atmos to hear the difference (plus...
  3. M

    Sonos arc position

    Hi I am building a chimney breast with a 65 inch LG TV. I want to add a Sonos arc. My problem is that due to my fire I have a minimum height I must place the tv and arc from. The tv on its own is fine at this height but if I add the arc in it pushes the tv too high and the viewing angle is...
  4. H

    HDfury arcana and Sonos Arc

    I have just purchased an HDFury arcana to sort out lip sync issues with Sky q also using an HDMI splitter. Can anyone suggest the best settings on the Arcana? Also do I need to upgrade to specific HDMI cables?
  5. C

    Increasing Or Decreasing Individual Channels On Sonos Arc

    I currently own a Sony soundbar. Each time I’m watching a film, I have to constantly turn the volume up (when characters are speaking) and down (when the action starts). Years ago, I had a 5.1 system, which allowed me adjust each separate channel, so I raised the one with the dialogue (the...
  6. C

    Sonos Arc V Samsung HW-Q90R V LG SN11RG

    I'm currently deciding between these three systems. Does anyone have any experience? Is any of them significantly better than the other? I did want a system with individual speakers, but I'm now looking for a system that has three speakers in one (at front) at two at the back. These look like...
  7. J

    Sound issue with QE55Q95T and Sonos Arc

    I have recently purchased a QE55Q95T and have paired it with a Sonos Arc soundbar, connected via HDMI, using the e-arc HDMI on the Samsung’s OneConnect box. For some of the time, this works fine but, periodically and regularly, there is a major issue which can only be removed by unplugging the...
  8. MazGMJ

    Question Sonos Arc TV Compatibility

    Hi all! Could someone please advise if the LG 55UK6400PLF is compatible with a Dolby Atmos soundbar, namely Sonos Arc? The TV supports EAC3. Thanks!
  9. B

    LG CX Oled and Sonos Arc

    I’m about to purchase the LG oled cx 55inch tv with a Sonos Arc soundbar. Can people confirm that these will work together with no lip sync issues, before I spend approx 2k. Thanks
  10. G

    Question Sonos Arc issue using Apple TV and Panasonic Viera TV

    Hi i‘m hoping someone can help with the issue(s) outlined below as trying to go between potentially three different support companies in Sonos/Apple/Panasonic is proving difficult. So I have myself a new Sonos Arc which has replaced Sonos Playbase as part of surround sound with sonos sub and...
  11. G

    Sonos arc, sub and 2 x one's

    What are the best settings please for the arc, sub and 2 x one's in a relatively small room? The left rear one is closer to the sofa than the right one. I have been struggling with voices being low and action noises too loud, seem to be getting better the more the arc is used strangely...
  12. I

    Sonos Arc add on's

    Hi Recently purchased the sonos arc soundbar on its own and im very happy with the sound over my tv speakers (XH9505) I am now looking to add on 2 sl speakers. Has anyone done this and can give me feedback on the overall quality? Does it still sound good even without the Sub? I watch alot of...
  13. C

    Using Sonos Arc and Receiver Audio

    Hoping there's some way to split the HDMI Arc output on my Samsung Q80T TV to my Sonos Arc and audio receiver, (which adds extra speakers in a large room). I tried an inexpensive splitter, HDMI-ARC-Adapter-to-HDMI-Optical-Audio-Converter-4k-3D-1080P-CEC, but am not having any luck getting audio...
  14. J

    Samsung Q8FN, Sonos Arc and AppleTV 4k. Not getting Dolby Atmos.

    Hi Everyone, I have an issue getting Dolby Atmos. I’ve done a lot of reading but I can’t seem to find out what is wrong. I use an Apple TV 4k (2020), Sonos ARC (2020), Samsung QE55Q8FN (2018), Phillips Hue Sync Box (2020). For the sake of testing I removed the Phillips Hue Syncbox. My setup...
  15. G

    Kd48a9 and sonos arc with sub

    Please can you confirm for the sonos arc what the following settings should be on for the Sony bravia oled TV with sonos arc and sub: Volume offset Dolby dynamic range (standard or compressed) HE-AAC Dynamic Range (standard or compressed) HE-AAC audio level, if choose compressed A/V Sync...
  16. G

    Sonos Arc & Sub best settings

    Hi All, We have recently bought the Sonos Arc & Sub Woofer but are struggling to get the right balance. Voices are sometimes faint and are overpowered by the action/music noises. I have tried the enchanced speech but that just makes it sound very tinnie. Also we note that voices go up and...
  17. coliander

    Question 4K AVR to HDfury Arcana to Sonos Arc - Viable?

    So I'm currently the owner of a Samsung Q9FN Television and a Sonos Arc. I'd really like to be able to pass through LPCM 5.1 from my external sources (PS5/Xbox/Shield) to the Arc, but unfortunately the Q9FN only supports Stereo PCM passthrough and Bitstream alternatives are less than idea for...
  18. Built To Chill

    Sonos ARC + Sub vs AVR/speakers - any experience?

    Hopefully thread title is self-explanatory. While there are plenty of reviews saying the Sonos ARC + Sub + one SL surrounds (£1,856) sound "good" or "excellent", I can't find much info on what sort of budget AVR/speakers this might be comparable too. Does anyone have any insight here? For...
  19. A

    Question LG GX65, Sonos Arc and Sky Q sound issues

    Been trying things all day and this is driving me mad. I have the Sonos arc hooked up to the LG via the HDMI Arc. I also have a 1TB Sky Q box. The issue is around the Sky Q sound. In the audio visual settings, the sound for Digital audio optical HDMI sounds better on original vs Dolby Digital...
  20. A

    LG GX65, Sonos Arc and Sky Q sound, argh!

    Been trying things all day and this is driving me mad. I have the Sonos arc hooked up to the LG via the HDMI Arc. I also have a 1TB Sky Q box. The issue is around the Sky Q sound. In the audio visual settings, the sound for Digital audio optical HDMI sounds better on original vs Dolby Digital...
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