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  1. B

    Evo G1 55 + Sonos Arc

    Hi, New to the forum and hoping for some guidance to help get me out of "stuck", not a walk through. Also new to the investment of a decent TV. Not upgraded for 11yrs and it's a different world now in every aspect. Did my research and went for the LG 55 G1 EVO. TBH I'm struggling on the...
  2. Geldwolfje90

    Playstation 5 + LG 65G1 + Sonos Arc

    Hello, I'm having problems with the sound on my new LG TV/Sonos Arc when i'm playing games on my PS5. The soundbar works fine with just watching TV or using the TV apps like Netflix, Disney+, Youtube etc. But when i play PS5 i cannot seem to get it right... The setup is like this: Playstation...
  3. Geldwolfje90

    Dolby Multichannel PCM (Sonos Arc)

    Hello, I have a question about the best possible audio settings for my setup: The LG 65G1 TV + Sonos Arc + PlayStation 5. When i put my TV settings on 'Passthough' i get the following results: Netflix App: Either Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Atmos (DD+) Youtube App: Multichannel PCM 2.0 PS5...
  4. Geldwolfje90

    Dolby Atmos + Sonos Arc + LG 65G1

    Hello, I have a Sonos Arc connected through eArc to my new LG 65G1 TV. When i put my LG TV on 'Passthrough' I get Dolby Atmos (DD+) when i watch Netflix. When i put my LG TV on 'Auto' I Get Dolby Atmos when i watch Netflix (so without the DD+ written behind it). My question now is: Which one...
  5. T

    No sound on TV with Sonos ARC and HDFury Arcana

    Hi, Just recently got the HDFury Arcana in order to get Atmos through Dolby TrueHD. From my LG TV I only get it through DD+. Current set up on the Arcana is: EARC OUT: to Sonos Arc HDMI IN: to Sony UBPx700 4k blu ray player HDMI OUT: to LG C7 OLED I get Dolby Atmos with though DTHD when using...
  6. S

    For Trade Sonos Arc 5.1.2 white for black atmos soundbar

    Having originally had in my living room and really liking them, I have since moved them to a dedicated dark home theater room. The package consists of: 1 x Sonos Arc 2 x Sonos One SL 2 x Sonos One stands 1 x Sonos Sub Gen 3 All bought with the last year. As such I wondering if anybody...
  7. T

    LG sn11rg VS Sonos Arc

    So guys, I've just bought a New LG 86 inch NanoCell TV but now looking for options for a soundbar to go with it. I have drilled it down to the LG sn11rg full package with rears and sub or just the Sonos Arc on its own as they are now both around the £800 mark. Which one of these two would you...
  8. V

    For Sale Sonos Arc Black BNIB

    I have following for sale - Sonos Arc Black. - Brand new in box. Sealed. Comes with full 2 year sonos warranty. Looking for £650 I have already reduced the price of arc by almost 20% so not looking for further discounts.
  9. D

    Panasonic TH-58AX800UK with Sonos Arc

    I have a 2015 (model year 2014) Panasonic TH-58AX800 and a Sonos Arc. I was fully aware I would not get Dolby Atmos but expected to get Dolby 5.1. I can only achieve PCM Stereo with my current setup. Xbox series X - TV HDMI 4 - HDMI 2 (out) to Sonos Arc Xbox will not give me bitstream out with...
  10. M

    DOLBY ATMOS 58PUS9005 with Sonos Arc

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips 58PUS9005, I am now looking to purchase a sound bar and have pretty much decided on the Sonos Arc. Am I able to use the in TV app streaming services (Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime) to stream movies with Dolby Atmos sound? I see that the TV supports Atmos in...
  11. Grantxw8

    LG CX and Sonos Arc - can't select other outputs

    Hi folks, I have an LG CX 65" OLED TV for which I just bought a Sonos Arc. My problem is that, if I plug it in to the eARC HDMI port as recommended, I don't seem to be able to select any other sound output channel on the TV. Now you may wonder why I would want to do this and I have an answer...
  12. L

    I get no Dolby Atmos from the Netflix movies with the DA logo on my 65Q70R using a Sonos Arc

    Hello. I am currently facing an issue that I hope you can help me resolve. You see, I have a 65Q70R Samsung TV and recently purchased a Sonos Arc to watch Netflix Movies that support Dolby Atmos. On the Netflix App on my Samsung TV I get no Dolby Atmos from the movies that display the Dolby...
  13. paulefox

    Sonos Arc HDFURY Arcana HDMI switcher

    Hi, does anyone have any knowledge of a good HDMI switch that the can recommend. I have just got the arc and the fury which work great but would like to add my Apple TV as well. thanks
  14. A

    Sitting Sonos Arc on 90cm table

    Hi All, I upgraded my 8 year old LCD to an LG OLED recently and considering upgrading my Sonos Playbar now too. My tv sits on a 90cm table and the tv and Playbar sit just perfectly on it. I know the Arc is 24cm longer than the table, but would it be ok to sit the Arc on a table like this? I...
  15. I

    Apart from DTS, any reason not to buy Sonos arc?

    Hi I'm looking for a soundbar for my new TV, a Sony XH9505. I have a dedicated room with a PJ for big movies so this is for more casual viewing of series and some 'smaller' films. Films will all be streamed from Netflix, Disney, Prime etc. Very unlikely to use a BDP. I don't have the ability to...
  16. H

    Sonos ARC and 2021 TV Compatibility

    I'm looking to buy a 2021 model TV this year and want to get the Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds, as I have a Sonos setup elsewhere in the house. Top of my list most likely is the Sony A80J (83 inch A90J probably too much of a stretch) but would be open to an LG OLED/QNED or a Samsung Neo QLED if...
  17. R

    Ambeo or Full Sonos Arc

    Hi All, Asking for opinions on which soundbar people would recommend. I have an Apple 4K TV as main source, virgin box and LG B7 so ARC but no eARC. I’m in the process of buying a new soundbar after selling my Playbar last year and saving! I tried the Samsung N950 last year but didn’t like...
  18. M

    Sonos Arc (without sub) vs. Q70t vs. Q800t - music and movies?

    Hi all, I've read all of the reviews under the sun on these soundbars and appreciate they all have pros and cons - so I'd really appreciate some input/experience from the folks on here to help me make a final purchasing decision. I plan on pairing the soundbar with the 55" Samsung Q90t - so am...
  19. M

    Sonos Arc or Philips B97

    Hey all, So I'm looking at upgrading my 6 year old Sony soundbar to one with Dolby Atmos. At first I was thinking the Sonos Arc but then I see there have been alot of problems with lip sync when playing virgin and sky box etc so that has put me off, not sure if this issue has been resolved but...
  20. MSW

    10 Year Old CYP HDMI Splitters, Sonos Arc, Philips 21.9 TV & Apple TV4K

    My set up currently is Apple TV to a CYP HDMI with 1 HDMI output going to an old 21.9 TV & 1 HDMI output going to a cheap HDMI to Optical Audio Swith and then an Optical cable going to a Sonos Soundbar I wish to replace the Sonos Soundbar with a Sonos Arc by Apple TV 4K to CYP HDMI splitter...
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