1. Justinneedofhelp

    Trying to find sony walkman nw-e390 preloaded songs please help

    So for a while i have been trying to find this rock song which was preloaded in my sony nw-e390 mp3 player i used in the past (2016) . The only thing i can remember is that the album cover was black and it had waves in it . I cant remember the lyrics aside from them containig the word "baby" ...
  2. E

    Seaching for a song PLEASE HELP

    Im searching for a song and hardly remember any words but the music video had a girl taking pictures in black lingerie also had her in kitchen grabbing boyfriends phone pop/ rock song
  3. M

    Television programming and song identification, ending unknown media awareness

    Interesting question,google needs a way to track television program titles from the past and instrumental songs and songs in general even in foreign countries despite events and description awareness. Anyone good at identifying television program titles by scene description?How about...
  4. S

    Help find a song…

    hello, I would like to know the name of the group or the song of a video clip in which a boy's heart pops out of his chest and he starts singing on a bar table Thanks
  5. L

    Cant remember the song HELP

    HI :) im looking for a song but i dont know the music genres, or lyrics but i remeber the music video because i saw it when i was like 10 on the tv and maybe it traumatice me, so it was maybe around 2008, i think its a band, but the video starts with a girl walking her dog in the woods, she...
  6. J

    Help finding name of song

    I have been trying to remember a music video from awhile ago. Can't remember name of song or artist. What i remember is a girl in a store and pop bottles exploding, them she walks by construction workers jackhammer g. Also cars with underglow bouncing around. Just want to remember the song. Any...
  7. J

    I need help figuring what song this is!

    Hi, all was hoping for some help figuring what song this is, it was an early 2000 or 10's song by an asian all girl group the video clip is them in school dancing on the desks all in school uniform. The title 'hello hello' comes to mind but I can't seen to find anything.
  8. J

    Change one song from an album.

    Just a bit of fun. Rules are simple. Pick an album and change one song only. The song can be an alternative version by the same band. A cover version of the missing track or another song from a different album by the same band. Im choosing The Wall and swapping the studio version of Hey You for...
  9. J

    Help me find this song pls! Through video discription

    I've had this song stuck in my head for ever and it's driving me insane! It's by a British female singer and it's fairly new maybe around 2018-2020 I can only remember some parts of the video, it's a love song with couples in it, all sorts gay, biracial and straight. It has a jorja Smith garage...
  10. S

    Song called Sadie Said/Says circa 1980

    I am trying to find a song I remember from 1979/1980 called Sadie Said or Sadie Says, I think. Part of the lyrics went "Sadie said, boy don't you worry....everything's gonna be alright" Any clues anyone please?
  11. F

    Please help find song by music video description

    I been going crazy trying to find the song for around 5 years. the video starts with two young women dancing and making breakfast in their kitchen when a man (supposedly the musician) enters the kitchen after being sat at a table just outside the kitchen and he starts singing and dancing as...
  12. Drax1

    Oblivion Song (TBC) Jake Gyllenhaal Stars

    The very busy Jake Gyllenhaal is set to stay in an adaptation of the graphic novel Oblivion Song. It's premise sees 300,000 people disappear from Philadelphia, and is set 10 years following that event.
  13. P

    Please help me find a song!

    In this song there is an old car with open top, it is not a rap, there are 3 people in the car, I am not sure tough. It starts with some kind of guitar and the song is overall pretty chill. 1 of the persons is a girl (not the person singing). Hope my description was clear enough and I will be...
  14. S

    Trying to find a song from 1990

    The song I am looking for was a soul song called blue sung by a male singer. It was released as a single on twelve inch blue vinyl in early 1990. Does anyone remember this song please?
  15. Ugg10

    15 Song Album Collection

    Thought this might be fun for the forum followers. Pinched from another forum ( with a thread that runs to over 37,000 posts. Mods please delete if you think this is not appropriate. The idea is that you choose a theme, define if it is album, song, artist or combination and then...
  16. D

    Song i saw the video for

    Its kind of like an animated video. The start is a guy lying in bed with a few women sleeping on the bed all over it. Then a head statue starts talking. The only lyrics I remember are "look out the windoe". The video uses the colour blue a lot. Its a dance chill out kind of song with a...
  17. T

    Help find me a song with its music video description!

    Hi! So just a background story I found this song years ago while listening to Lenka’s music on YouTube (early 2010). So this artist I can’t find has the same kind of calming British/Australian accent music like her. The artist stars in the music video just driving in a jeep with her friends...
  18. F

    Help finding this song from a music video description.

    This might be very obscure. The singer is a woman. From what I remember there were girls on a stage wearing these bunny head costume masks. (I found it the first time on the aesthetic tag on Tumblr.) I hope someone can find it because I haven't been able to find it in years. To give an idea of...
  19. R

    Help finding a song with just the description of music video

    Alright so it’s not much but I can’t get this out of my head. I’m pretty positive the band is a Christian rock band. I wanna say this song might have came out during late 90s to mid 2000s. The music video is the band playing In an old warehouse looking building and I wanna say there was no...
  20. A1944

    Italian song Azzurro

    I just came across this piece of music in an Andre Rieu concert on Sky Arts. It was instantly recognisable to me from long ago, but I cannot remember why. I have discovered that it is called Azzurro and was an Italian pop song in the 1960s. Does anyone know if it was used for some TV...
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