1. LoveHarbor87

    Question My friend has been searching for this song for nearly 18 years now. Does anybody recognise this tune? Finding this would mean a lot to both of us!

    Audio approximation of the rhythm and original vocal melody: (by InMyAngelHood): A new cover with vocals: A simple site detailing our search effort(s): So far, we posted this sample to Reddit, Steve Hoffman forums..., in hopes that somebody out there would...
  2. tareksafo

    New Song Out Now// DIAMOND💎

    check it out!
  3. C

    Looking for song title/video

    Hi! There was a music video on youtube at least ten years ago. Tall skinny guy, English I think, being chased by a large chicken. Catchy tune. Kind of a "boppy" vibe. Does anyone know it? Thanks in advancee!
  4. Rafis

    Question Know this song?

    I've been searching for this video for eons. It's a black and white music video from the 90s with a woman singing in what sounds like Latin, and a female body (dead?) in a pool covered with dead branches and leaves. The song has a Celtic flavor to it. Thanks for the help.
  5. J

    Question I need help finding a song based off a music video.

    This has been bugging me for years and I still haven't found the song. Any suggestions would be appreciated. From what I remember I think the song was probably 2005-2010 based off the haircuts and quality of the music video. The song was sung by a guy probably in his 20s with longish black...
  6. raigraphixs

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix) June 26

    I previously posted the music video, who knew then it was actually a mockumentary o_O
  7. 2005w

    I'm looking for a series by theme song

    I have heard the opening song of an unknown series and I am looking for what the series is called.
  8. E

    Finding a song

    Hey guys I’ve been desperately trying to find this country song but for the life of me can’t remember the name or any lyrics but it starts with this guy going to a diner and he gets his waitresses number and he takes her to a party please help
  9. Salma98

    I need the name of the song

    I used to listen to a song i think it was in the 2000s I’m not sure, sadly i don’t remember any of the lyrics but i remember the video it’s about a girl got cheated on by her boyfriend in the video when she returned home she found her boyfriend with a woman in bed and she remembers her boyfriend...
  10. OctBrz

    Help Finding this Asian song

    Hi i need help finding this song with the little but solid info i have. there was a music video i saw in 2015 so i know it cant be newer then that. Also the Video started out with a piano like sound very slow and was song by a girl who was in a building area outside with some water dripping...
  11. canada16

    Transfer songs from Deezer to Spotify

    Hey Now that I am working from home I have noticed how terrible Deezer is. I keep getting the please wait for a few seconds when I want to listen to a song, its getting annoying. I have actually even had multiple shut downs where it refuses to play music and I need to restart the app. I am...
  12. I

    Looking for a latin song

    Hello guys So i’m searching for a latin song of two women that I forget the title, the videoclip is about the two singers and other people dancing while streaming in webcams , its was trending past summer , Appreciate your help.
  13. Mel888888

    Cannot find the name of a song

    And can’t remember the name of the artist, all I know is details of the music video visuals. Lady with dark hair In tiny buns and fair skin, riding a bike down a suburban street. Very happy music. Probably came out around late 1999 or early 2000-2001. I used To love this song and I can’t for the...
  14. RealPhillips

    Question Need Help Finding Song

    This song came out in 2008 - 2012ish. It features 2 girls rapping but had a rap/pop vibe to it. Much like Lady Sovereign. Both girls were wearing hip-hop clothes in the music video. Bright colored. If memory serves, and it’s very vague, one girl had a jacket and hat on in the video.
  15. K

    Help me find a song (video description)

    Hi everyone, I'v been looking for a song from the 2000's, The music video was set in a hospital, the singer was a female, she came to visit her lover who was in coma but she ended up killing him by accident if i'm not wrong, she removed that cable which was connected to the oxygene monitor...
  16. velvetyCake

    I need help to find this song!

    So the basic premise is that - I don't know the beat, I don't know the title of the song, but I vaguely remember the music video. It goes likes this: A jogger that looks like a late 80's - early 90's cliché stops when he notices a cassette tape, picks it up and goes home where he plays it and...
  17. Xilo

    An old electronic song that was on Myspace when it was still popular...?

    When Myspace was very popular back in the day, my step brother and I had found a song that had the sound of water in it, sounds more like a stream of water. The song had this electronic music feel, or maybe it was almost more like a Oriental electronic song. It might cod also be considered as a...
  18. Megoren

    Please help me find a song!

    Please help me find the song! The only thing I remember is the description of the video. I remember that the clip began with the following scene: the camera is aimed at the sky, then it rotates to the horizon, there are several men playing guitars. The next memory: during the clip, a woman in a...
  19. B

    Best Song Ever

  20. Knight Rider 1963

    Trying to find a name of a song

    The song was released in the 90's and it had a sort of a club/trance feel to it and it also sounded electronic with a woman's voice. I can't remember what the lyrics was, but the following is what I remember: Save me, save me, save me when you need me Might have been different lyrics, but...
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