1. Johndm

    Somfy Blinds

    Does anyone know if there is anything that will convert my Somfy RTS blinds to smart except the Somfy Connexoon RTS Home Automation Hub? I tried a Broadlink RF unit then learned it cannot capture rolling codes
  2. R

    Custom electric screen. Stuck in down position.

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone knowledgeable on subject could give a quick pointer? Appreciate any advice. Have an older custom screen and stuck in down position. Due to build it was expensive so very keen to fix if possible.Relays are clicking so assume the motor has gone (no issues with power or...
  3. keithc33

    Question Can someone make me a bespoke screen?

    I am not entirely sure if it can be done but I would like the following screen which I can't seem to find anywhere online, I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, either by recommending someone who can make this screen or offer guidance on how I can do this myself...
  4. J

    Question Somfy Vs Louvolite motorised blinds

    Looking to motorise blinds for the entire house. I have 11 windows in total which range in size. A local blinds company supplies Somfy and Louvolite products. OPTION 1 Somfy Roll Up 28 RTS: ROLL UP 28 RTS Somfy motors have a 5 year warranty on the motor and one can use rechargeable batteries...
  5. I

    RM PRO Broadlonk and Somfy blinds

    Hello Together, Im new in this Forum and I have been reading very interestinf things. I have a question where I hope you guys can support me to answer. is there any way to control a Somfy blind? I have been trying and I can do it with other blinds but unfortunately with somfy I can not in...
  6. A

    How to wire an electric blind

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase 4 remote controlled blackout roller blinds. I'd like to have them connected to 4 switches in a single grid plate, so they match my light switches. I'd like each switch to control a blinds individually (using a 3 position retractive switch - up/down/off). I...
  7. U

    Somfy 230v RTS blind control - Fibaro?

    Hi, I'm in the middle of buying a new home, being built by one of the usual mass homebuilders. I've had cat6 run to every room in the house, back to a centralised location. I've also run speaker wire from the central point to the living room and hdmi cables to various rooms. For the windows...
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