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  1. sneakyweeone

    Solar Panels 11 Years in

    So we are 11 years into a 10 panel split system. 5 panels each elevation. Fronius IG 20 inverter. It's certified net capacity is 2.45kwp. It cost £10,300 at the time and we were reasonably early adopters obviously taking advantage of the FIT On a good day in the summer we generate 12 units and...
  2. S

    Solar panels and battery storage

    I'm thinking of getting the above system I wanted to know your thoughts is it worth it etc thanks
  3. frazk

    Solar panels on flat roof...

    I've bought myself16 solar panels on the cheap off ebay... I was thinking once I get my flat roof replaced it'd be nice and easy to chuck some on there but the more I look into it the bigger the minefield it actually is. I'm an electrician so connecting them up is easy, I've already fit 6 on top...
  4. Kwman

    Solar panels and pigeons

    I've had my panels for approximately 5 years and the last 12 months I have had problems with pigeons roosting under them. As well as being noisy, they are causing a mess and I have had to clear the gutter a few times so far this year. I've tried ripping out the nests, but they keep coming back...
  5. G

    Rain and cleaning solar panels

    We've had solar panels on our house which was fitted back in 2015. The panels are split 2KW SE and 2KW SW facing I have wondered about if we should clean the panels to see if improves the generation. Had an interesting observation today, after the heavyish rain we had this morning I noticed the...
  6. Autopilot

    Confused about how our solar panels work, and our electricity costs

    Hi. We live in a new build and have Solar and ASHP power DHW and under floor heating. It’s larg-ish 5 bed house with annex, occupied 24/7. We moved in in sept 2019 Our bills are extremely high, or at least they are going to be judging by our meter readings. We seem to be using £200-£250 a...
  7. Cocksure

    How to Clean Solar Panels?

    My panels are in a bad need of a clean as you can see below (though not the best pics :() as a brown dirt layer has formed on them. Has anyone had this done or done it themselves? Alas my installer isn't really interested in the job, so it looks like i need to get some scaffolding in to do it...
  8. SteveHay

    Leased Roof Space for Solar Panels - Company on Lease No longer trades

    6 years back my parents had solar panels installed and the company doing the install were looking for leased roof space. I could not afford panel install so agreed to lease the roof space. Well the company that sold to my parents has gone bust. Which left me in a spot as to my panels as owned...
  9. Ewinton

    Solar panels fitted in dec 2015 but firm in liquidation, any warranty?

    We had solar panels fitted in Dec last year, we had been trying to contact them by, phone and email, we then wrote to them and posted by recorded delivery. The letter came back"address has gone away" after some digging we have discovered the Glasgow firm have gone into liquidation. Anybody know...
  10. Stuart Wright

    Solar panels - black or white/silver frame?

    What's your preference?
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