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  1. F

    Solar panel power for motorcycle battery chargers?

    Hi, Apologies if in the wrong thread. I am moving house and have a dedicated bike garage that I will dismantle and take with me. Currently I have power supplied to it via an exterior 13a wall outlet in order to power two trickle battery chargers/tenders (Optimate type thing which states max...
  2. RN TUE

    Solar Roof on EV's

    Hi, I am a student at the Eindhoven University of Technology and currently, I am doing my master thesis regarding the feasibility of solar roofs on Electric Vehicles. See below an impression of how this would look like: As I would like to gather some input from EV enthusiasts, I would like...
  3. Saldawop

    Solar panel for leisure battery

    My partner has a horse and runs the electric fencing using a leisure battery{85mah}. She has a small solar panel (5w 12v)with controller(5a}, but doesn't seem to do anything . We are assuming the solar panel /controller is too small? Did anybody know which size she would need?
  4. P

    Plug In Solar - DIY Solar

    Hi, Been looking at this plug in solar website http://www.pluginsolar.co.uk/ Anyone know anything about these guys?
  5. Dancook

    Solar Panel - The Figures, any thoughts?

    Thinking of Solar Panels, but need to hurry it along as we have scaffolding in place by builders and they're just finishing the job. Also tariff goes down end of December. Considering SP to offset electric usage, underfloor heating and such. Total fit and supply charge (minus scaffolding) -...
  6. Stuart Wright

    Charge your EV with spare solar power?

    An idea I had a while back. A good idea, I think. Other people will have had the same thought, but nobody, as far as I know, is doing it, yet. I wonder why not.
  7. tvdavid

    Solar Panel advice for charging small devices such as phone and tablet cameras & my laptop

    Hi I have just bought this one 100W 12V, Ultra-Thin Solar Panel, with 20A charge controller and cables just wondering would this charge the tiny usb devices up with out a battery or if need would would one from a car go? Also I would like to power my 17 inch laptop I understand the laptop...
  8. Stuart Wright

    The government kills the UK's retrofit solar panel sector

    Amber Rudd, the energy secretary, is pushing ahead with fracking in the UK Government makes ‘outrageous’ U-turn over fracking in precious wildlife sites and is cutting the Feed-in-tariff for Solar panels to Zero as of January 1 2016. Solar panels are expensive and are a long term investment...
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