1. yusuflimz

    58PUS9006 - Dolby Vision software bug

    Has been discussed in great detail in this thread: 55OLED806 -Dolby Vision software bug But pertains to a completely different model. Because of those issues I decided to pull the trigger on a later model namely 58PUS9006. Setup is Apple TV 4K (2021) Sonos Bean Apple TV is set to Dolby...
  2. J

    Sony X80J Problem After Software Update

    My new Sony TV has been working fine until it offered me a software update last Friday morning, which I let it do. Since then I have noticed an occasional flicker on the picture, usually at camera shot changes. It's as if the TV occasionally displays a couple of frames in the wrong order. Also...
  3. J

    Sony X80J Problem After Software Update

    My two month old Sony TV has been working fine until it offered me a software update last Friday morning, which I let it do. Since then I have noticed an occasional flicker on the picture, usually at camera shot changes. It's as if the TV occasionally displays a couple of frames in the wrong...
  4. sapper696

    Help airbook software

    I was using Big sur and a update for OS Monterey, I updated when it went to install it, it told me it was installing on Mackintosh HD and asked for password. This has not been required before when updating Monterey and big sur. Advice please on what I should do please as I don't want to screw...
  5. bstonearch

    Best software to convert 4k UHD HDR movie to 4K SDR?

    Hey all, I'm trying to take a ripped 4K UHD movie and convert it to 4k SDR. I have tried numerous programs including StaxRip, Tricycle, FFMPEG and Premiere SDR Conform. I have had partial success with StaxRip and Tricycle, however, I cannot seem to get lossless conversions. My original UHD mkv...
  6. haiqu

    Simple 3D editing software?

    Just bought a JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder from Japan. It took a while to find a copy of the originally included Pixela software, only to discover that it's complete rubbish. A basic viewer capable of displaying 3D formats like Stereoscopic Player costs anywhere between EUR 49 and EUR 1200 depending...
  7. R

    Bitdefender Software

    Hello, hope you are doing well and having a nice weekend. I am interested in learning about software after University i am doing a website design course. I would like to start a company similar to Bitdefender. Can i kindly ask what skills you would require please to work on building software...
  8. K

    Calman Home for Sony Calibration Software - No support for 2021 models?

    Hi everyone :) Need your kind advice/ help. I just bought the Sony 75X90J TV, a 2021 model. One reason I bought it was that Sony says it is CALMAN ready. So I thought it supported the CALMAN HOME FOR SONY calibration software, which was an affordable alternative compared to the ULTIMATE/ PRO...
  9. L

    Windows 11 Software to play HD DVD Discs

    Hey all, This post is going to be extremely niche, but I've exhausted all the options I believe exist and was hoping someone had a trick left. Issue: I would like to play my HD DVDs on Windows 11 directly from the discs with full menu interactivity. (I have already ripped the discs but I want...
  10. S

    Trigger VR Video on Oculus using external software

    Help: How to trigger VR Video on Oculus using external software Hi all! I am currently working on a project that includes a VR experience in the form of a pre-made video. It will be a 360 video, so the user will be able to lookaround, however no other interactive components will be needed. What...
  11. P

    2016 Panasonic - 58DX750B - lost all software?

    Hi, Havent posted for a while because I was happy with the Panasonic Viera 58DX750B LED bought back in 2016. Now, all of a sudden I have no access to the Firefox menu for any of the Apps? I also have no access to change AV input through the remote. Both remotes with the TV seem to be working, I...
  12. B

    Reinstall software on Sky Q Box ES340d8

    Hey people... Short question. I don't need anymore my Sky Q Box ES340d8 and it's shame to waste it. Is it possible to reinstall software on it or install Linux? I wanna to use it like media player in home network. Thanks
  13. TVEye

    Has a software update altered settings?

    A few days ago I switched on my TV which was already tuned to More4, where there was a programme called The Perfect Pitch, about a campsite I had been to at Pencarnan in Prembrokeshire. The trouble is that it looked as if the entire film was under-exposed, with very little contrast and...
  14. elsmandino

    Which home automation software (and which standard for connecting)?

    Hi there. I am looking into having a go at a bit of home automation in my home (via a Raspberry Pi) and not even sure which software to start with. The main three that seem to constantly crop up are Home Assistant, Domoticz and Openhab. I know that this is going to be a very subjective issue...
  15. N

    58PUS8105 Alexa broken after TV software update

    Hello. When I got my 58PUS8105 the latest software was TPM206E _ and everything worked fine. I could control the TV volume, channels, turn it on or off and a couple of days ago it had a software update to TPM206E _ The problems started when I couldn't turn the...
  16. B

    Software for ripping DVDs?

    l have Handbrake and it won't let me rip sitcom DVDs, only movies. ls there software, preferably free, that will let me do this?
  17. B

    Office Software for Mac

    Hi All I have a 2011 MBP thats about to be replaced, I have on it a very old copy of Microsoft Office that I got as some kind of work perk years ago, I think basically it costume about £13 I do not think I can copy it over to the new Mac, so Im looking for suggestions as to what to do for...
  18. L

    NetStreams Software MusicaTools

    Hello guys! I have a NetStreams NS-MU5066 Audio Distribution System and I wonder if anyone here have the software configuration (MusicaTools) of this equipment, since they no longer have even a site. I'll really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.
  19. MartinH32

    Cataloguing Software - what do you use?

    I want to start cataloguing my disks - since I've just for the second time purchased something I already own. What does everyone recommend?
  20. M

    55OLED806 -Dolby Vision software bug

    Hi all. I have purchased 55OLED806 on Tuesday, updated it to the latest update and when I play Dolby Vision content the picture goes black and Dolby Vision logo flickers. After restarting video couple of times, problem minimise till I turn off the TV and turn it on again. What is the issue?
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