1. JabbaNut

    Bargain Humble software rebundle: your sounds. your movies. professional video and audio creation £20
  2. georgiajeepn2018

    Sony KD65x750f software download problem.

    I decided to do the software update this morning and when the tv was turned back on it would show the picture for maybe 5 seconds then go off for two to three minutes the repeat the problem. I chatted with Sony live chat and of course rebooted the tv which did not work. He advised to do a...
  3. lpoolm

    A good and easy to use animation software

    Hopefully this is in the right forum. So I'm on the hunt for a new animation software. I used toon boom last year, it took me a while to get into it, but it was for me a slow process. I got side tracked and my animation went on the back burner, now I want to get back into it but I can't be...
  4. manxnorton

    Help needed with Elgato capture software (msi) constantly wont load

    Hi all, TBH I'm nearly deciding to send the item back, after hours and hours of trying to open the msi folder. After downloading i got installation directory must be on a local hard drive. as instructed on there web site copy path. but i couldnt see the copy path (after pressing shift) only...
  5. J

    Question Which manufacturer has the best anti burn-in software?

    Hi, buying my first oled in this years BF sales and wondered if there is one brand which deals with burn-in better? I know the 2020 LGs can detect static logos and dim them slightly but do all the big players do this now days? I'm coming from a Panasonic g20 plasma and never had any issues...
  6. R

    Android Screen Mirroring

    Hello everybody, I'm here to share my experience looking and finally finding a good screen mirroring app. I was intrigued when I first heard about it, but after trying a lot of them I wasn't too impressed. I know that having a mac and an iPhone makes it pretty easy to respond to messages and...
  7. S

    LG 32LM6300 Software to edit channel file from USB

    The set has a facility to download the tuning information to a USB stick, but I've not been able to find out what software can be used to edit that file before uploading back to the set. Can someone point me in the right direction please, I want to do basic things like rename a channel that at...
  8. JabbaNut

  9. Z

    Question Video compression software

    My son has to submit a video for his guitar exam, and the portal the exam board uses has a file size limit of 100MB. The video of his best performances is over 600MB. Can anyone recommend a good piece of software to compress the file without too much loss of quality, particularly in the sound...
  10. tjpearson

    What music player software

    My setup is self built HTPC with Creative Soundcard Soundblaster card and Sennheiser HD650 listening to album playback selected via HDMI connected TV. I keep going back to Kodi but it lacks base but find the GUI good for selecting album. I've tried Winamp and similar but they all seem obsessed...
  11. LamboUK

    65" U8QF software updates?

    Hi all, I'd like a U8QF TV but I've been doing some research (mainly HDTVTEST on youtube) and it seems like the TV is great except the software and the upscaling. has the TV had any updates that have fixed any of these problems?? thanks for any help Steve
  12. MarkyPancake

    iPad Air 2 - iPadOS - Software Update Failed

    Up until iPadOS 14, my Air 2 hasn't had any issues with OS updates, but every version of 14 has failed to install. It downloads the update and I can see it in the storage section whilst this step is happening (one of the suggested fixes is to delete it from here), but when it gets to the point...
  13. pratibha91

    How can I recover permanently deleted data without using any software?

    is there any software available that helps me to recover my lost data?
  14. colinstone

    REW - Room Acoustics Software and Microphone

    I've downloaded REW - REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software, just out of curiosity to have a bit of an investigation of my room acoustics. I have the Marantz NR1711 AVR _- NR1711 which comes with Audyssey and a microphone for the AVR to do the room audio calibration. Does anyone know of...
  15. butcherpete

    "proper bass" and man made too, not derived from software

    I have always been a fan of organ music, and apart from actually "being there", a recording is the next best thing. A friend makes SACD's of organs, and goes to great pains to get the sound right, especially the bass tone. I lifted a recent review of one of his recordings, deff NOT to garner any...
  16. colinstone

    Software to Get Full EDID Information out of Display Devices

    Looking for software to run on W10 64bit, W7 32bit or DOS Command prompt that will extract EDID information to get the level of detail below. Not very familiar with Linux, so wish to avoid. EDID version: 1.3 Manufacturer: SAM Model d3b Serial Number 16778752 Made in week 1 of 2016 Digital...
  17. lepiane

    Two software update questions LG C9

    Hello. Happy owner of a C9 OLED that I calibrated with suggestions and I'm very happy. I let the LG update 2 days ago and maybe I'm imagining things but the picture seems slightly worse. Should I go in and re-calibrate? Could the settings have gone back to default? Thank you
  18. apexmaster34

    Software update

    I just bought a brand new Samsung QLED 75in q60t When I go jn general tab and try to click software update it is grey out. I have same tv in 55in and that one I can click on the option. Am I missing something? Also on the 75in howcome I font see a backlight setting under custom picture setting?
  19. JimmyMac

    Updated Radeon software to adrenaline - killed it!

    I've a pcspecialist laptop, its about 7 years old now running switchable graphics with and 8870M in there Didn't realise just how long it had been since the last time I updated the radeon software, so much so that I hadn't heard of adrenaline so when I found out about it I figured I would give...
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