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  1. B

    6.35 mic socket extension to plug Tonor receiver

    Hi, I want to connect my new Tonor TW525 wireless mics receiver to the JBL 110 Party Box. The problem I have is that the receiver cannot be plugged in easily as the volum knob is in the way. My question is, can I use a simple 6.35 jack extender to connect without affecting its functionality &...
  2. J

    Question What can I do with this bulky Openreach master socket?

    Our Openreach master socket is located in a really awkward position in our bedroom and is really unsightly due to its bulk. Aside from getting the whole thing relocated, is there anything I can do with the cover etc to make it a bit more subtle? Couple of photos attached. Thanks
  3. N

    Question iPad Battery / charge socket replacement in UK?

    I can't seem to find any iPad repair places in the UK. Is it viable to try and get a 12.9" iPad repaired? It only takes a trickle charge with the message "not charging". I have tried numerous cables and all the techniques to clean out the charge sockets etc. Just didn't want to bin it when it...
  4. I

    Phono pre amp with headphone socket

    I am looking for a phono pre amp with a headphone socket so I can listen to records without using my amp. I have looked at a few and the Fosi Audio Box X4 fits the bill. Have any members had experience of this pre amp or any other recommendations in around the £100 mark. I am currently using a...
  5. tigermad

    Tuyo smart plug. Can it do what I want?

    So I am looking for a socket that senses when a device has powered on and turns on another socket automatically. Will something like this do it without having to pay for software? I want to use a remote to turn on my av receiver and when it turns on, I want the subwoofer to turn itself on. Then...
  6. Davekale86

    Question Anyone know if this is an unused plug socket?

    Always wondered what was behind this wall plug,so unscrewed it and this is behind it I’m unsure what it is anyone on here know? Thanks apologies if in the wrong thread 👍
  7. T

    Denon RCD-M41DAB

    Good evening all you helpful people Looking for a bit of help regarding the Denon M41DAB unit, purchased in early 2019 and used daily without any issues then a couple of weeks ago I had to change a 240v 13 amp socket face-plate in the kitchen, turned the ring main off replaced the socket and...
  8. A

    sofa in middle of open space, socket under it, how to hide surround

    Hi, in new house i will have sofa in middle of the room (7m x 7m) but i will have wire cabled from tv wall to socket in floor under sofa not sure about best forum: here or speaker suggestion since right furniture can be solution for placement problems ceiling or side wall is not an option...
  9. jont

    Weird usb-c socket on Microsoft surface laptop - any adaptors ?

    Mrs T has just been given a new Surface laptop which has a usb-c socket on left hand side which I want to connect to a spare hub to give her network/twin screen/power/etc … only thing is the socket is on the angled underside of the case and doesn’t present a flush face to plug the cable in to...
  10. RobTi

    Zigbee double socket or smart plug

    Hi I need a double socket and wondered about a zigbee one or just a standard socket and zigbee smart plug with nothing plugged in to extend my network, opinions please ?
  11. A

    Panasonic GX800...faulty ethernet socket?

    Hi folks, A while back I got a Panny 58GX800 after reviews and feedback from the forum and elsewhere....and very happy I've been for the past 3 years or so. Yesterday, I turned on the TV and got messages on Netflix etc saying it couldnt connect to the internet. When i did the diagnostic, it...
  12. Astraeus

    Question Help with outdoor socket please

    I'm hoping someone may be able to help please. I have a 4 gang outdoor switch (British General IP66 13A 4-Gang 4-Way Weatherproof Outdoor Switched Power Controller with LED - Screwfix) in my garden, running power to a pond pump, UV clarifier and garden light. Last week the pond stopped...
  13. T

    Is it ok to switch Rega amp on/off via mains socket instead of front switch?

    Hi, I just aquired a Rega Elicit-R amp... it seems great so far, but unlike all my other components, the remote does not operate as an on/off switch. I have a spare Hive mains socket, which I can operate remotely - would it be Ok to use this to switch the Rega amp on & off instead of using the...
  14. A

    Scythe Ninja 4 or 5 CPU Cooler socket compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Scythe Ninja models 4 or 5 aftermarket CPU coolers would be compatible or incompatible with the newer AM5 socket for Ryzen CPUs and most newer AMD motherboards that use the Ryzen 7000 series like the 7950x for example? Someone was telling me that this Scythe cooler might...
  15. V

    should I move master phone socket to another location?

    I have a master phone socket in a narrow hallway by the front door. The phone socket no power sockets nearby and it's an awkward location to set up have all the broadband connection with all the cables. Recently I have hyperoptic fiberoptic that enters my home from the back and sit in a...
  16. D

    12n vs 12s trailer socket

    I reserved a 12n socket from halfords and my wife brought home a 12s socket. I think they are identical but come with different coloured caps so you know black is for rear lights and grey is for internal caravan lights. Can anyone confirm if they are interchangeable and will save me a trip...
  17. J

    Lg 77cx hdmi 2 socket fell inside

    Hi hopefully someone has had some experience with this. I was connecting an Apple TV to hdmi and I noticed a click came from hdmi2 where my AVR is connected for arc. I remove the hdmi and the socket fell inside the tv. All other sockets work fine but hdmi 2 which is crucial no longer works. I...
  18. M

    Electric socket question

    Having a kitchen refurb, current,y we have a dishwasher plugged into a double socket which also feeds an outdoor socket. Plugged into this double socket is also the cooker hood. We are going to be putting in a washing machine next to the dishwasher and want to put in a double socket plus a...
  19. T

    UK plug socket with USB C

    Basically, I have a Huawei Matebook D15, that charges via USB C. But the problem is the 65-watt power adapter is bulky and struggles to stay in the socket at times. Have seen UK plug sockets with USB C ports built in (like this), but the highest wattage I've only been able to find is 30 watts...
  20. D

    Connecting headphones to Marantz AV8801 without using the headphone socket

    My wife’s hearing is not what it once was, so we’ve found combining me listening to the speakers with her listening to my Sennheiser HD600 headphones via a headphone amp works well, since we can separately set the volume we prefer without it interfering with each other. To get this to work I...
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