1. T

    Network socket and network cable tester device

    Is there a cheap and simple consumer level device that will allow me to test the quality of: An ethernet network cable with RJ45 connectors on both ends A network socket on a wall which has been wired to a patch panel Bonus points if the readout is somewhat user friendly to read rather than...
  2. Uptown

    Toslink audio issue, involving a broken socket.

    Good afternoon everybody! I have a Toshiba 4k TV with the following outputs located at the back of the unit; Now, I want to use my soundbar that had a toslink input but unfortunately, the socket on the back has broken and won't seat/hold in the other end of the cable. I understand that this...
  3. M

    House with cat5e cables but all rooms have phone sockets and not rj45 ports

    Hi, I recently moved into a house which I had thought was wired up for Ethernet only to find out all the rooms have phone sockets. Cable has cat5e written on it. I thought it would be a simple job to change the telephone ports to rj45 armed with rj45 modules and idc push down tool. The cables...
  4. M

    Richer Sounds Sony TV Repair Aerial Socket - Warranty Issues

    Hi all, I wanted to share my experience of trying to get my TV repaired. For a bit of background, it's within warranty (just under 3 years old), and I've kept it in mint condition. Never had a problem with it (or any TV previously for that matter). I wanted to dust behind my TV unit, so I did...
  5. John

    Moving the double socket in my garage

    So after a number of years I am finally getting round to moving the socket in my garage It's in and inconvenient place and I could do with a couple more to be honest It's an integral garage and not on it's own circuit as far as I can recall so part of th4 domestic ringmain. I will ofcourse check...
  6. S

    Another “Return” socket query…sorry!

    For the love of Loki please help me! I am going insane here. So I have a 2021 LG Smart TV with built in Freeview. Ordinarily I don’t care about the live TV bit but I want to watch the football on ITV……and of course the ITV Hub app doesn’t stream live 🙄. I do not have and neither do I want Sky...
  7. G


    Good Morning I am thinking of installing a wall mounted TV in my dining room. However, I do not have a wall socket for the aerial in that room. Would you advise to buy an internal aerial or would you use a lead to connect to the external aerial (on the roof) ? Thanks
  8. A

    Desktop Intel i5 Socket 1151 CPU upgrade or new platform?

    I have an Intel Core Skylake i5 6500 (3.2GHz) cpu on a Gigabyte H170M HD3 1151 DDR4 S-ATA 600 motherboard (MATX) and 2 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Corsair memory. The components were purchased in 2016. The motherboard spec states it supports 4th Gen Intel CPU's. It has four memory slots. I run Windows...
  9. G

    router & telephone on secondary socket is this the best way ?

    I have an old Master telephone socket I dont want to plug anything into this as its not near any electric sockets and hard to get to . Ive hard wired a telephone wire into this one end and the other - I have hardwired a secondary wire to a secondary socket about 15 feet away I ve...
  10. happygolucky

    AMD AM5 Socket most likely release date?

    Hi Guys, Any idea as to when AMD AM5 socket will get its release date? I have been anxiously waiting with my ancient Intel 6700K and was gonna upgrade to 5000 series but stock shortages and inflated prices put me off complexly ?
  11. nick48million

    Ethernet socket wiring help

    Ethernet socket wiring help Hi, Ever since I've lived in my current house we have had these ethernet sockets we've never used. Recently I did a bit of investigating. As I have ethernet already in my office, I plugged it in to see if it worked. Sadly it didn't, there was no signal at all in the...
  12. T

    UK mains socket with USB

    I have a bunch of UK mains double sockets and I want to change the faceplate over to the ones that have integrated USB sockets. I've never had to buy them before so I don't know too much about them. I've found some that have 4x USB ports and are rated at 4.2A. However, each pair of USB sockets...
  13. R

    Headphone socket output to aux in help

    Hi All , and thank you for letting me join. I have a old Hitachi sdt400 music centre , the speakers are old damaged and large , but i have a modern sony HT-RT4 surround sound system in the living room. What i want to do is connect music centre to the surround sound system, but the only way i...
  14. C

    Intel Socket LGA 1155 socket / Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz cpu

    As a query what would be an up-to-date equivalent of the above?
  15. Mr Incredible

    Moving to Fibre 100 - Will the Master Socket need replacing?

    This is my current Master Socket which is supporting my current 73Mb connection with FTTC. (Fibre 2). I have an order in place for Fibre 100 up to 146Mb. (I presume it is the same FTTC). Will the above Faceplate support the new service for Fibre 100, or will it need replacing?
  16. N

    Recommend me wiring to run 2.1 stereo speakers/sub woofer from one socket to another?

    I want to put a speaker port on one wall in our lounge and another one at the other end, so I can run the rear speakers and potentially a subwoofer at the other end of the room to the amp. Seems there's sockets like this - So I could put one of those at each end of the room, and plug the amp...
  17. D

    sat and return socket

    Hi all. I hope you can help please as I’m finding conflicting stuff online. In my front room I have a socket plate which has “SAT”, “Return” (both satellite sockets) then a TV and radio socket. I use FreeSAT which works fine. I have two outputs - a TV and projector. I seem to get signal from...
  18. D

    Homeplug just went "Pop" in socket

    Hi folks, a bizarre thing just happened, I am in the process of trying to connect my Sky Q main box to the TP-Link modem/router, wireless isn't cutting it so I went to use my old Homeplug powerline adaptors I had lying around in a drawer.... I plugged one in by the main Sky Q box and the other...
  19. B

    Devolo dlan 500 spur socket

    Hi I have a Devolo DLan 500 adapter plugged into an outlet on a spur double socket. When I plug anything into the second outlet of that double socket, the encryption light goes orange indicating that only SD is available. If I unplug the device from the second outlet of the double socket, the...
  20. J

    BT master socket

    Hi I need to redecorate a house I just bought and I want to replace the phone box with a modern version, the link shows what i have******/Vtdk91EGtz2wnFcj9 I'd like to replace it with a filtered box and have 1 wire coming out to my bt router, do I just buy a MK2 & VDSL/ADSL...
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