1. Andyt2

    TV Smashed - home insurance replacement advice please

    Hi everyone, start out with saying I don't know much about TV's unfortunately my kid decided to take our Samsung 55" TV out earlier today. Am planning to claim on my contents insurance to replace but am curious what to expect My current TV is this one 55" MU7000 Dynamic Crystal Colour Ultra HD...
  2. K

    What's happened to my TV? (Looks smashed)

    Hi everyone, We have a Samsung QE43Q60R mounted on our wall. We had the TV on this morning, I walked out of the room and came back 5 minutes later and our TV looked like it was smashed or as if someone threw something at it, as you can see from the photo. However, that couldn't have happened...
  3. S

    Question iPhone 6S Plus screen smashed!

    Help! I've dropped my iPhone 6S Plus, and the top right of the screen is smashed with smaller cracks elsewhere. Lucky that the phone is still completely operational, but need to get it replaced. Obviously I want it to be reputable, and for 3D Touch to work as well as it did out of the box, but...
  4. mr starface

    Question Help Please, Android Phone with Screen smashed and need to recover data

    Not a good day, somehow managed to badly mangle up my LG G3. Amazingly enough it still boots up but as the screen is completely smashed I cant navigate using it! Obviously my first thought it get my data backed up asap but no idea how to do this.... The LG PC Suite wont detect the phone as I...
  5. Potatoe Farmer

    Question My 2 year old just smashed my tv, budget tv choice help

    My wife has text me to say our youngest son who is nearly 2 has smashed my old trusty tv. :mad::mad::mad::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: It was a TOSHIBA 46ZF355 LCD that i got in 2008 following advice from AV forums and was a good set in its day. The screen is smashed beyond repair and only the...
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