1. MarTex

    Ways to make private videos visible on a Samsung SmartTV

    Hi there, I’ve recently become a dad and I’m trying to figure out a way for my parents to see our kid’s videos on their Samsung SmartTV, as watching on smartphomes is just to flimsy. It should be adequately private, and if possible rather convenient for them because… well, they are grandpas...
  2. A

    Vizio SmartTV + Firestick??

    Hi, folks. Forgive me but I haven't owned/purchased a television since my mom bought me one for Christmas in 1990! I've learned a lot in the last couple months so, please, bear with me.. I bought a new Vizio 32" SmartTV. I have a Netflix subscription as well as a Hulu + Live TV subscription...
  3. S

    LG's current 32" LED SmartTV madness

    Can anyone shed any light on this. Why have LG released two different 32 inch LED TV's that are so closely specified, and also have very similar model numbers? Seemingly the features are identical on the LG-32LM6300PLA and the 32LM630BPLA, but the latter has only 1366x768 screen resolution...
  4. L

    Samsung SmartTV - automatic switch to HDMI source when turned on

    Hi, We have a ue55ru7475 model and I would like to enable it so that it automatically switches to an HDMI source when input is detected i.e. input device is turned on. Is that possible? Our older Panasonic TV model supports this functionality by default. When searching in internet, I have...
  5. U

    Xiaomi MI TV Youtube error issue & Solution Video

    Xiaomi Solution Video Click Here Last month inbuilt Youtube app in Xiaomi MItv 55 Inch tv not working . after contacting customer care they give instructions .. here is what i did .those who feel same issue .please follow
  6. VerjoT

    Answered Which Panasonic TV should I choose

    I can't decide if I should buy the TX-49FX620E or the TX-50EX700E. The prices are pretty similar with the 49 inch one being around 100 dollars more expensive. Thanks in advance !
  7. korris

    What tv to buy? QLED/OLED?

    Hi, Need some advices from people that have a lot of knowledge about tv. First: Qled or oled? I'm gonna buy me a new tv, but I'm so confused about what tv that is the best buy. When I ask people I always get different answers. I have a list of different televisions/models that I'm interested...
  8. D

    Vizio SmartTV - Buyer Beware!

    I purchased a Vizio E50-D1 SmartTv in March 2017 because of reviews on picture quality and the fact it was backlit in 12 different zones. Unfortuantely the box nor the display showed the remote and I didn't know what a "SMART" TV was. The research I did not seem to indicate it is basically...
  9. ElricX

    Question How to properly setup Anynet+ with Onkyo HT?

    Hi, actually I have some problem with Anynet+ and my Onkyo home theater. Often when I use Plex client on the tv the input on the HT is set to cab/sat but to have audio I have to set manualy to TV. How can I fix this?
  10. PikeUK

    Question Video Corruption with Google Play/YouTube on SmartTV

    When I attempt to watch any purchased video in the YouTube TV app on my Samsung F5400 SmartTV the video suffers from corruption after a few seconds (this does NOT happen on regular YouTube videos). A gif of the problem happening while trying to watch Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Edition...
  11. ultradj83

    Question HDMI ARC not working on Harman/Kardon AVR 151S

    Hello there. Briefly, I purchased a Harman/Kardon AVR 151S which connected to a Samsung SmartTV UE50F6500 (or a SmartTV UE40D8000) doesn't play sound via HDMI ARC. I connected TV's ARC port to AVR's ARC port, I enabled ARC instead of the optical link, I read TV / ARC on AVR's display, but...
  12. L

    Question Philips SmartTV logo light and receiver light problem

    Hello. A while ago the Philips logo which is supposed to shine in white/greyish colour has shut down and the red receiver light does not function together with the remote either. No lights are working besides the ambilight on the back. TV itself works fine and i can switch it on/off from the...
  13. N

    Question Anyone have an LG SmartTV with firmware ver.04.01.02?

    About a year ago I bought an LG 50PB6650 (50" plasma smarttv, 2014) and so far I have been very happy with how it looks. Recently though, I haven't been able to use the app I use most often - Netflix. When I try to launch netflix I get a message saying a software update is required to run it...
  14. K

    Samsung Smart TV 46F8000 problems

    I have a Samsung Smart TV - Model is UA46f8000atxke After updating firmware - there is a problem it starts normally shows the Samsung Smart TV Logo, Then screen freezes n goes blank. After few minutes it restarts and same problem. I can not access menu or hidden service menu or anything. Please...
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