1. M

    BT SmartHub2 & Network Setup Upgrade Options

    Unfortunately there's no plans for Openreach to make my road Ultra Fast so I am stuck on BT Infinity with max download speeds of around 44Mbps and upload around 10Mbps. Reasonably large house with potential for 3 teenagers to be on Xbox One gaming / PC gaming / FireTV etc. plus me using Plex...
  2. B

    Help for new setup, replacing BT SmartHub, wired + wireless needed

    Hi all, I have. BT SmartHub 1 which has a single network lead feeding a 24 port network switch. That switch has cables running through the house to feed 5 pcs, a PS5, 2 smart TVs. We use the BT SmartHub WiFi to drive all the phones and tablets in the house, and I also have a shed with a...
  3. V

    Smart Home Help for New Home Build

    Hi Everyone, We are getting closer to when we have to determine low voltage and would like to solicit your help. We currently are in a two story home running the semi smart home system via WIFI usling routines via Alexa routines, etc. and and using the various apps for SoundTouch, iRobot...
  4. wolvesphil

    Question Best modem/router to replace BT SmartHub?

    Hi, We currently have a SmartHub and Whole Home wifi, the SmartHub drops the DSL connection daily. BT have sent a replacement out and it is still doing the same, I am now at the point where I need to try an alternative modem/router. We will keep or BT Whole Home setup as this works well so the...
  5. S

    Smarthub and Netflix Top 10

    So I haven't found much about this issue which really makes me wonder. Is anyone else having an issue with newer Samsung TV's (2018 and 2019 models) and the netflix app, where the top 10 list of movies and TV shows that netflix publishes is simply gone? It works fine on my roku devices on the...
  6. D

    Question UE75TU7000 SmartHub - can it be disabled?

    Hi All, I've just received my new tv and am completely frustrated with the smart hub (1st world problem I know)! When I use the guide button to see what's on free to air, when I try to exit the guide it takes me to the smart hub menu and then I have to exit/back again to get to tv. My older...
  7. R

    BT Smarthub 2 replacement

    Hello , can anyone recommend a good replacement for the BT Smarthub 2 that offers better wifi strength, I would appreciate any replies. thanks
  8. G

    Question Samsung Q7FN Terms & Conditions (2014509-1 Error)

    Hi, first time posting here but thought it would be the best place to ask. I've bought a Samsung Q7FN 55" TV from Spain and brought it over to Gibraltar to use a PC monitor at home. This is working well but I was surprised last night by an error when setting it up. When I switched it on, I...
  9. B

    Netflix app not working on Smarthub TV

    Hi, have been trying unsuccessfully to get my Netflix app to work on my Samsung TV. Have updated all the firmware of the TV and Smarthub but everytime when I load the Netflix app it fails to connect to Netflix and get an error message pointing to me to Netflix website, whose support is equally...
  10. S

    Question Music around the house

    Hi, Not sure if that's the best place to start with this thread but couldn't find anything "smart home" related. I will be doing a lot of building work at my new place and I wanted to create something which will allow me to play music around the house. I am planning to install several passive...
  11. tom 2000

    BT Smarthub v Homehub 5

    I have a HH5 and have received an offer of a Smarthub for £9.99. Is one better over the other? I have no issues with my HH5 apart from the usual wish that wifi was stronger as I have an old long house. I currently two additional wireless access points connected by Powerline to provide wifi...
  12. AkaFlash

    Smarthub Ads - Smart remote

    Since yesterday an ad for the smart remote has appeared on my KS7000. I've declined all of the privacy stuff in the terms and conditions menu however I can't find a way to remove it does anyone know how? If anyone from Samsung is monitoring this forum this feature addition without a simple way...
  13. M

    No sound when using Samsung Smarthub Apps

    Samsung support advised me when connecting my Yamaha YSP-30D Sound bar to Samsung UE48 JU6500 TV. It is connected via HDMI from STB to HDMI ARC on TV and HDMI out on Sound bar to TV. All works fine apart from no sound when using Smarthub Apps like UTube unless I switch speakers to TV. Samsung...
  14. C

    Question Samsung UE55JU7000 Lip Sync Issues

    (Appreciate there are a lot of posts on this and I have tried to digest most of them but I'm still at a loss :() Setup: Samsung UE55JU7000 (up to date firmware version 1412) Connected via ARC to a Panasonic RX-A840. I'm getting constant and really annoying lip sync issues with this setup and...
  15. PRY4SNO

    Question UN60J6300 Won't Play 5.1 on Smart Hub Apps

    New TV, odd issue. Amp is new as well (Harmon Kardon AVR1510), but it works fine with different sources (laptop via HDMI, cable TV tuner). At first, getting the sound to work with Netflix and YouTube was a real challenge. Turned out I had the wrong HDMI out from the TV, as HDMI2 is the only...
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