1. Harpernize

    For Sale Netatmo Smart Thermostat

    Opened only to check contents, this has never been installed, ended up going with a Nest instead Price is £80 posted
  2. Jamie jungle

    Jvc smart

    Hi there I have got a jvc smart tv lt39c790 and I have got an onkyo tx sr 606 avr receiver and I have never used one before I am trying to find out what is the best way to connect the TV with the avr receiver that I have got
  3. C

    Toshiba smart tv

    Hi does anyone know how to rearrange the apps on toshiba tv. Also when I switch mine on it count downs from 3min before connecting to internet
  4. G

    Smart switch sending Alexa command

    Hello ! I have a Carro smart fan. I control it with Alexa. My issue is that since the fan needs to always be powered, the switch always need to stay ON. So people always turn it OFF by mistake. I'm looking for a switch that would actually always keep the load, and just send an Alexa command when...
  5. D

    32 inch TCL Roku or LG Smart Tv?

    TCL 32S327 or LG 32LM570BPUA Can't decide. Normally I would go with LG because it's a brand that I know more and would rely on. However the TCL has a lot of good reviews. I read that TCL built in wi-fi allows for faster and sharper connection for streaming. Can anyone confirm? Also, can...
  6. S

    Remote control problem on Sky+ HD box since installation of new BT Smart Hub 2

    I received a new Smart Hub 2 router from BT last week as part of their switch from copper to fibre broadband. I had resisted their efforts to upgrade me to fibre in the past as I only use broadband for occasional surfing, shopping and on-line banking. Although the switchover date to fibre is not...
  7. N

    Question Samsung Smart Tv Cloud

    Hello, what is the possibilities to have any other cloud to use wit my Samsung Curved smart TV, Samsung cloud is AWFUL any suggestions !
  8. R

    For Sale Smart home, hive, hue and echo

    House clear out continues. Used Amazon Echo dot 1st gen £17.50 Used Hue Hub v2 £32.50 Brand new in box, Hive dual receiver £35 Brand new in box, Hive thermostat £45 All from a smoke free pet free home. All prices include postage.
  9. R

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd Gen 64gb WiFi inc Smart Keyboard || New 12.9" Magic Keyboard

    iPad Pro 12.9" + Smart Keyboard The iPad is in excellent condition as it has always been in a case and has a nice tempered glass screen protector on so the screen is perfect. It comes fully boxed with charger. No noticeable damage to the iPad. Has AppleCare until 06/09/20. Included is an...
  10. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain PHILIPS Ambilight PUS8204 55" and 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD V 5% off Use the promo code PRODUCT5 for 5% off.
  11. N

    Question Help Integrating Existing LEDs and New Smart Lighting

    I currently have 2 banks of Ansell dimmable LED lights in my through-lounge. They are operated with a Varilight 2 gang dimmer switch. I'm also having a single-storey extension built that comprises of a family area and kitchen. The kitchen has a kitchen island and the thinking is to put an LED...
  12. Franco50

    Selling Smart TV - what about my You Tube account?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but was unsure where it fitted in exactly. I have replaced a Toshiba smart TV in a bedroom and intend to sell it soon. I have reset it back to factory defaults so the new owner will have to go through the installation procedure but I just had a thought...
  13. G


    Good Morning All, Have a clear out prior to house move and found these at the bottom of my cupboard. ARLO SMART HOME - 3 HD SECURITY CAMERA KIT NETGEAR VMS3330-100EUS. In the end i never ended up using them in anger just had a 'soft' set up then put it all back in the box. Hence the protective...
  14. J

    Panasonic 48AS640B - Help with apps

    Hello, I’ve searched the forums but can’t find anything that helps with my query. The apps market on this TV is very limited. No sign of ITV hub, All4, Demand5. I’ve only just realised this as it’s my father’s TV and he’s pestering me to sign up to Disney+. No sign of that app either. My...
  15. Whitling2k

    Question Samsung Smart TVs hidden remote key-codes

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a list of hidden functions available anywhere? The sort accessed by keying in sequences of remote buttons. I came across this trying to stop an annoying 'feature' of the telly relating to input sources going to sleep - and expect there will be other methods...
  16. meagabyte

    Wanted Hive Smart Plugs

    Does anyone have any Hive smart plugs they want to get rid of?
  17. E

    Smartphone to smart night light for pennies

    Place the smartphone face up on a translucent or transparent box lid. Then use your voice to turn the smartphone torch on and off.
  18. G

    Huawei P Smart 19 Phone

    Hi I acquired the above phone which was locked to Vodofone. I had the phone locked by a local unlocking co. No problems with unlocking. I then wanted to retain my Giffgaff account ant d same number. Git new Nano sim and up and running. However, had time to tidyup the phone and noticed that every...
  19. A

    For Sale Hisense 65B7100uk smart TV for swap or sale.

    Only a few weeks old but way to big for my living room lol. Would swap for a smart 50 to 55inch TV and cash way and a cash sale These also come with a 6 year guarantee from richer sounds . reason for sale is when you come to collect it my living room is tiny and i messed up on size :D i do...
  20. J

    Smart light system

    Hi I would like to install a smart light system at home, but without smart bulbs. It is, smart switches and motion sensors I have seen sonoff ecosystem, zigbee protocol, z-wave protocol, and it goes in line with what I want has anybody installed a system like that at home? Can you give some...
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