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    For Sale LG 55NANO756PA 55" Nanocell 4K 2021 Model - BRAND NEW IN BOX (STILL SEALED)

    LG 55NANO756PA 55" Nanocell 4K 2021 Model - Brand New Sealed Box This 55" TV is a current LG 2021 Nanocell model which I ordered from Costco on 31st August 2021, paid £549.99 and didn't end up using (I should have just sent it back!). My plans have since changed and I have gone a completely...
  2. O

    New LG OLED55G16LA 55 Inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV won’t switch on

    Hello all and thank you for accepting me in the Forum. Took delivery of my present to my wife, hung it on the wall, plugged it in and excitedly pressed the button on the remote. Apart from the power light blinking off briefly and lighting again nothing happened. No click, noise, or screen...
  3. cylonwarrior

    For Sale Hisense 40A5600FTUK SMART TV

    I’m selling this TV. unfortunately I have lost the remote but I think you can get one online for under a tenner. It was gifted to me in March 2021 so I wouldn’t think it has any warranty. It’s in good condition. I think it’s likely had less than 24 hours on time. I have the original...
  4. evo97

    Wanted 32” smart tv

    As Above 32” smart tv for bedroom Don’t want to drive miles so Collection nr Bicester/MK
  5. khalilsebti

    how to add BISS KEY to lg smart tv ?

    how to add BISS KEY to lg smart tv ? i want to add a biss key to my tv to open some encrypted channels some one can guide me to enter that biss key pls ! Biss stands for : basic interoperable scrambling system.
  6. O

    Configuring NVR for CCTV using Smart TV (HDMI) as Monitor

    Hello, I want to use my Medion Smart TV as Monitor for CCTV. If I am correct, it will mean getting the NVR’s Virtual Keyboard onto the TV. If I am wrong, can someone please guide me?. I have linked the NVR and TV via an HDMI cable. Cameras are PoE. Thank you
  7. M

    For Sale Samsung UE40D8000 - 40 inch 3D LED Smart TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD freesat HD

    Samsung UE40D8000 40 inch 3D LED Smart TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD freesat HD Purchased from new around 8/9 years ago. Comes complete with original instruction book, AV cables, original remote control and 1 pair of Active 3D glasses (unopened). Great condition. Great picture! Even 3D...
  8. M

    Smart TV LG 75"

    Boa noite, nao sei se me podem ajudar, mas comprei uma Smart tv LG 75 "em outubro e um dia para o outro deixou de ligar. Sabem o que pode ser? Agradeço a quem me responder Obrigada.
  9. C

    What Size Screws Go Into The Back Of A 2018 Samsung 65" Smart TV

    Good Afternoon, I recently moved & somehow the bolts that go with the TV stand went missing - in particular the ones that screw into the back of the television attaching it to its table stand. I haven't been able to find it in any of the manuals or documents that come with the TV, nor in their...

    eARC Compatibility Issues? Yamaha RX-V385 & Hisense 58R6E3 Roku Smart TV

    Happy Holidays Gang! I do see others are having similiar issues and I'm trying to understand :thumbsdow I have a Yamaha RX-V385. Recently bought a Walmart Hisense Smart TV 58R6E3 (with eARC). Cables are newer 4K HDMI Atevon High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 & backwards compatible. I do...
  11. M

    LG G1 - How to get audio from Netflix Smart TV app to play through AV receiver

    Hi all, I just set up my new 65" G1 and am having the following issue that need troubleshooting. I can't get the audio from apps like Netflix/Apple TV to play through my Dennon AVR 3700H. I have the HDMI hooked up in the eARC input/outputs on the TV and AVR. Picture works when I activate the...
  12. M

    Best Smart TV Circa £300?

    Hello! Looking for recommendations for a family member on the best smart tv options around £300? I know very little about this segment of the market. 43”, wall mountable, relatively slim if possible. Will consider full HD options too. Saw mention of the HISENSE 43A6GTUK elsewhere so any...
  13. G

    Hitachi 50 inch 50hk6100uc Smart tv

  14. B

    Smart TV or Fire Cube for apps ?

    This might be a really stupid question but I just bought a Samsung QE65QN95A and was wondering if their is any difference picture and sound wise between using the apps in the TV or using the apps on my Fire Cube ?
  15. J

    Smart tv with Integrated dvd/bluray

    Hi all, I have a LG G1 in the living room which I have been very pleased with. I am getting a tv bed which allows for a maximum of 32”. Are there any smart TVs that have integrated dvd/bluray players?
  16. B

    Using Freesat EPG on LG Smart TV.

    I have an LG TV (32LU661H) which is sold as a "hotel or business" TV and wish to use it in my UK home. It is connected to a dish set up for Sky but no longer using a Sky box and fed through a quattro lnb and multiswitch and is working well except for the tuning program guide which results from...
  17. LPT

    Cant connect Wifi on JVC smart TV

    Hi all, I bought a smart 32 inch JVC TV from my friend and I can't connect to Wi-Fi. I tried everything but there is no option to search on the network settings it only shows this. Also I can't find factory reset... Do I manually have to add something, it looks very odd. Grateful for help 😊
  18. theeflash1


    Smart TV : For the life of me this tv has to be the worst TV in the world. Why : Running of something called Opera World operating system. I cannot sideload apks and or install apps from my smart phone can anyone please tell me if they can help with this?.. The only way to watch whatever you...
  19. S

    Operavision on LG Smart tv

    Does anyone know if it is possible to view the content which is on the website for Operavision (an EU supported web site) on an LG32LM6370PLA tv? This webpage is freely accessible on the net on a computer. Any help would be much appreciated. S.
  20. S

    Connect vintage Hitachi Vcr dvd to new LG smart tv

    Is it possible to connect an elderly Hatachi DV-PF5E (UK) to a new LG32LM637OPLA TV? I want to access a cache of recently discovered family videos. And perhaps play a few dvds. If this is possible what do I need in the way of leads converters etc? Scotia
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