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Smart Television
A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, is a television set or set-top box with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features, and is an example of technological convergence between computers and television sets and set-top boxes.
  1. rmcg78

    Question Should I still use my Google Chromecast with Google TV device on my new smart TV?

    New to the forum Recently bought a Panasonic 40MS490 Smart TV. Have already a Google Chromecast with Google TV streamer I bought two years ago? Should I continue the use the streamer even though my new TV has Chromecast built in already?
  2. G

    For Sale Samsung QN94A 50 Inch Neo QLED 4K HDR 2000 Smart TV

    Selling my Samsung QN94a 50" Neo QLED TV. In excellent condition as only been used as a PC monitor for work. Comes with stand and remote. Will upload photos soon. Collection only.
  3. asenikonomov

    Question Thoughts on a Horizon TV(Vestel)

    I have been looking at Horizon 40HL6330F for some time. It does have a Linux based smart os and is made by Vestel. I really like the price- 175€ in my country. Is it a good TV or should I avoid it?Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    Question NVIDIA Shield TV Pro vs QLED/OLED Smart TV with Dolby Atmos

    My LG TV is smart but non android based. It is 8 years old, but still working fine. I have a soundbar (JBL BAR 1300 - with Dolby Atmos capability. I am currently running all my android apps including IPTV apps, on an Android TV Box. My question...
  5. S

    Wireless headphones for Samsung Smart TV

    I have a Q6FN 55" Samsung Smart TV. Are there any recommendations for a good pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones for watching movies/shows/etc? Top end brand names? Mid range brand names?
  6. K

    Question Samsung smart TV Screen Scrambles Green Garbage

    Hi Everyone, I've Samsung smart TV which was purchased almost 8 years ago, later after 5 years of purchased it started scumbling screen to green garbage. We turnoff and then turn it back on after some time then it again works fine sometimes for an hour or sometimes more or less. What's the...
  7. M

    How does an "apk" relate to an LG smart TV?

    I have an LG OLED55C9PLA. I bought it in late 2019. I want to watch, in particular, films on Youtube on that TV. It already has Youtube but, unlike YT on my computer, it inserts ads every so often. Googling on this issue I find someone saying that an "apk" software file may be the solution to...
  8. J

    TV for Elderly

    My elderly Mum's TV has gone faulty and Im looking to get her a new replacement. Its hard to find one which isn't SMART these days. I was looking at the Panasonic TX-40MS490B Does anyone know - Is there a way of setting this up so when it turns on, it defaults to Freeview and ideally, to the...
  9. T

    Smart TV OS choice

    Looking for some advice please. I am considering replacing our 2009 Panasonic 37 inch Free Sat TV. I was somewhat startled to discover that there is now the added complexity of deciding which OS to choose. The choice seems to be between Android TV, Google TV, WebOS and Tizen and perhaps more...
  10. perfectst0rm

    Vizio smart TV zoomed in on 1080p

    When in 720p it's fine but with 1080p all channels are slightly zoomed in. Zoom setting disabled of course. Any ideas?
  11. Dr Skagra

    Question Denon DM41 Connections

    I have recently bought a DENON DM41 and I love it! However... I have just acquired a 2 year old JVC LED Smart TV - LT24C600, to replace an ancient Sony Wega CRT. So naturally I want to connect this to the Denon. Looking at the Denon manual, Smart TVs and other digital devices connect to the...
  12. D

    Connecting a laptop/keyboard to a Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV

    Can someone tell me how to connect a keyboard/laptop to a 2022 Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV? I see the internet on the TV, but no way to type or move the cursor. All the e-manual says nothing about how to connect.
  13. G

    No sound when running devices through Onkyo AV receiver to new Samsung smart tv

    Hi! I just bought a new Samsung Q70C smart TV (TQ65Q70CATXXC) to replace my 2018 Samsung UE65NU6025 in my living room. I run my surround system through an Onkyo TX-NR686 AV receiver and have never had any issues prior. With the new TV however, I only get the video and no sound for the devices...
  14. M

    SHARP/HISENSE 4K Smart TV apps

    I tried to get the PBS Passport APP for this TV and could not find it in any of the "app store" options. Is there some way I can search "Apps" option on this TV? thank, mike
  15. R

    DVD's wont play

    I recently upgraded to a new Smart TV which does not come with the component (YPbPr) connections that my DVD player uses. I have tried several different converters/scalers trying to get the DVD player to work correctly with the TV. Unfortunately each one has done the same thing. The DVD menu...
  16. Phil Hinton

    CES VIDEO: Samsung updates Tizen Smart TV OS for all! Discussion Thread

    In our final video from the Samsung First Look event, we discover the latest Tizen OS system and why it will be updated for existing TV owners as well as 2024 models.
  17. moneybanks77

    For Sale Samsung M50c 27 inch smart monitor. Sealed Brand New.

    Hi all, I have a Samsung 27 inch M50C smart monitor available. Brand new and sealed. It looks like the one below. Some specs. (You can find full specs on Samsung website) Refresh rate: 60 Hz HDMI 1.4 x 2 2 year guarantee Samsung Smart TV has a large choice of apps and services HDR: HDR10 TV...
  18. J

    hi can anyone advise me how to remove the annoying voice over from my hisense smart tv please.

    hi,Could anyone advise how i can remove the annoying voice over from my hisense smart tv please,I have tried the you tube videos but they are not working for me,Thanks.
  19. D

    Question Arcam DiVA AVR350 Reciever

    How do I configure an Arcam DiVA AVR350 Reciever to a smart tv that doesn't have a composite video connection?
  20. L

    Locking down settings (JVC TV)

    Hi I have a JVC LT-32C606(A) Smart TV in a self catering accommodation. Guests seem to love resetting the TV which causes me several problems: they don't reconnect the WiFi, they don't know passwords for Netflix etc and they leave the TV untuned. It could be that they have signed in to the...
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