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  1. J

    Toshiba 32 full HD smart tv

    Hi all, very new to this sort of thing can anybody help/advise. Ive bought my daughter a 32 inch Toshiba smart tv with full hd. I know that its a smart tv and has all the normal apps BUT i want to plug an amazon firestick in the hdmi port which is not working and although in the source section...
  2. B

    Wanted 4k Smart TV, 100hz wanted in West Yorkshire

    4k Smart TV, 100hz wanted in West Yorkshire, not set on size but no less then 32" and no more then 46".
  3. A

    55” TCL smart tv model 55s403

    If anyone can help please.. I replaced the led strips on my tv. When I turn on now after a few minutes the picture fades away but it still has backlight.. I did damage the lcd panel on top left corner so I have line across too of screen as well but still has picture.. if anyone can tell me why...
  4. F

    Changing the sound on a Smart TV

    I'm on a bit of a journey at the minute with my LG Smart TV (43UK6470PLC) and today with help from this forum I got a set of Bluetooth headphones that have completely changed the sound of the TV. I've been using a tinny TV listener for the last few months, so anything would be a big improvement...
  5. P

    For Sale 82" Q950R Flagship QLED 8K HDR 4000 Smart TV

    In immaculate condition with still over 3 years manufacturer warranty. Can send you proof of purchase £10k from Samsung and photos. Looking to sell it in 2 weeks time Anyone interested ?
  6. P

    Alexa won't find my Philips Smart TV

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your time and patience. I bought a Philips 43PUS8505/12 (The One) smart TV, which is compatible with Alexa. I have the Alexa app set up on my Iphone and I'm able to discover the smart appliances in my house. Now I am struggling with my new TV. I can not find a...
  7. Lynxx0r

    Question Voice Control with Specific Model Smart TV?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a remote (style BN59-012XXX) for my father's Samsung smart TV, specifically one with a microphone. However, the model he has (UN75RU7100FXZA) did not come with a mic remote, and instead has a remote style BN59-01315A. I bought a genuine Samsung remote that I've been...
  8. T

    Question "Panasonic TX-43FX650B LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 43"

    At the grand old age of 80 and after wearing basic hearing aids for 40 years, I have just invested in a new pair of Bluetooth aids hopefully to help me hear Bluetooth via my above TV set. Unfortunately I cannot find in the 'sound settings' menu how to set it to transmit in Bluetooth. If anyone...
  9. S

    Samsung Smart TV to Denon AVR 2500

    Hi, I'm new to this forum --- my post may be in the wrong area. I currently have a Denon AVR 2500 receiver purchased in the 90's, it still works perfectly and used in my home hotrod shop. With that said, I'm looking to upgrade my shop by adding a smart TV. I want to continue using my...
  10. M

    Question How Sony Smart TV is converting Stereo Signal to Dolby Digital Plus

    Hello, This is not regarding any problem, I just wanted to know how this miracle is going on. I have following HT setup. Sony KLV50W662F (Smart TV, non-android) to Denon X1200W setup through HDMI ARC cable. Denon is connected with TAGA Harmony 7.1 setup. Sony TV's Dolby Digital Plus output...
  11. D

    LG Smart TV USB HDD / Flashdrive compability for recording

    Hi Got an LG Smart TV : model: 27MS73V-PZQ. Quite a few years old. Every memory stick / HDD I've got and tried doesn't work for recording. TV sees the devices and can probably open files on the stick if there were any (I can drill into the drive and folders) I've tried Sandisk Extreme...
  12. H

    Question 5GHz Wifi connection for Smart TV through ChromeCast

    My Samsung Smart TV model does not support 5GHz wifi and only supports 2.4GHz, which really limits the content quality that I can stream. If I connect Chromecast (which supports 5GHz), will it solve my problem? Or is it a different topic?
  13. M

    External Keyboard for LG Smart TV?

    Lots of different external keyboards available. How do I know whether an external keyboard is compatible with my LG Smart TV? Any recommendations? Any that I should avoid?
  14. J

    Question Moving from Sky Q to Smart TV Freesat (or buy a box?)

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a simple question, I've clicked around this forum and there's a lot of clever people using terms I find hard to follow! I have just got rid of Sky Q, a main box in the living room and a mini box in the bedroom. I was going to switch to a freesat recorder, but then I...
  15. B

    Smart tv on projector

    Hi Guys My setup is a Denon receiver with 2 outputs tv output 1 and projector output 2 ! Sky , ps4, to receiver! So basically what ever goes through receiver I get on either tv or projector! My question is can I play my smart tv via my projector so if I had amazon prime for instance playing...
  16. curiousmano

    Question Connecting older B&W DM620 speakers to smart tv

    I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins DM620 speakers, my smart tv has a optical output for audio. I was wondering what would be the best way to connect the 2 together. I was thinking that I would need a DAC converter, and also an amplifier. But I'm confused about how the cabling would work. Is it...
  17. J

    Question Amp to LG Smart TV advice

    Hi guys I have some cambridge audio s30 speakers so finally decided to hook them up to my LG TV (LG 55UK6950PLB Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.). I bought this amp as wanted to connect with toslink and have the ability to play music via phone bluetooth: AMP-2 DG Stereo...
  18. M

    Question My5 on Smart tv.

    I have a Hitachi Smart T.V. My problem is that the Freeplay version of My5 ( Android ) running on this T.V. will not allow the same characteristics to run as my other laptop version on a Linux base running Chrome. For example the Linux version has more catch up episodes available, and has the...
  19. LA81

    Which 55-60 inch Smart TV £400

    Hi, I've been reading the forum for over the past week or more and am still no clearer on what TV we should be getting and with the black Friday deals we don't want to miss out on anything today. We are looking for a 55-60 inch smart TV 4K and our budget is £420 we would go bigger but with our...
  20. jamct


    I am selling my Sony KD-49XF9005 SMART TV to a relative. If I do a Factory Reset will all my Picture Settings be affected?. (The relative is not a geek :rolleyes: like me and has always said what superb PQ I have so is not likely to want or know her way around the setting....Covid lockdown...
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