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  1. Braun Audio

    Bargain #BlackDeals - Braun Audio premium speakers: Buy 1, get 2nd 50% off!

    Black Deals. For Black Week, we are giving you an unprecedented chance to own a Braun Audio speaker pair. If you buy one, you get the second for 50% off. Mix and match any of the black-colour LEs, and the second or cheaper model comes at only half the price! Valid until November 29...
  2. Braun Audio

    The Braun Audio Thread - for all things design, inspiration, product news and exclusive offers

    Dear AVForums Community, Celebrating 100 years of Braun, we are happy to join AV Forums and be able to bring you design inspiration, first-hand insights into all things Braun Audio, product news and exclusive offers through this thread. Since 1921, Braun has earned a formidable reputation...
  3. K

    SONOS Move owners: Your opinions please!

    Any SONOS Move owners on this forum? I'm looking to get one of these for my niece, her 30th birthday is coming up. It would be a joint gift from me and a couple of other family members. Keen to know what any forum members who own one think of it? I've read reviews and watched some YouTube...
  4. Highlander18

    Question Smart speaker question

    Hi all. Apologies I am not the most technically savvy. My wife wants to purchase a smart speaker (echo dot or something similar). I would like to use it to stream music to my Beolab 3 speakers. I have a lead that will go into my beosound 3200 CD player from the smart speaker. However I would...
  5. N

    Single 360 degree smart speaker suggestions

    I have removed my separates system from my 23x12 living room. Apart from the TV, all that's left is a single Echo that I'm using for radio and background music. But I am missing my Hi Fi when I sit in the room when my wife is out. I don't wish to add back wires and boxes but I'm wondering about...
  6. O

    Advice on best Smart Speaker with Bluetooth

    I’m having an extension built and would like to have a smart speaker in it (not necessarily to control lights etc) but I’d like it to receive Bluetooth so I can play music/films from my phone and turntable (which currently transmits the audio via Bluetooth to the speakers). I was looking at...
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