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  1. SmartLad

    Help! Smart Plugs

    I am trying to find a smart plug that will work with my washing machine (Hoover HL 1482D3/1-80). I want it to work with smartthings, so I can write a script. Similar to this.
  2. A

    Smart home switch for 3 phase electricity

    My electricity at home is 3 phase consisting of three wires each 110V and a neutral plus ground. already have switch plate and I need a smart device underneath the switch faceplate to automate. The line that goes to the switch is 110V + another wire 110V the total it will make 220V can I use a...
  3. J

    Smart switches connectivity

    Evening guys. I’m very new to Smart lighting and switches and have been trying to plan for implementing it into a house we are currently building. I thought I’d got it nailed down until today when a comment from a supplier has thrown me right off! Basically, I’m looking to use Philips Hue...
  4. VIOLET SmartSwitch

    VIOLET SmartSwitch Information & Technical Guidance

    Welcome to the world of VIOLET. VIOLET SmartSwitch is a smart home control panel which simplifies home control. VIOLET currently integrates with Philips Hue and Sonos, combining lighting and audio control into one easy to use panel that replaces and existing UK/EU single light switch. VIOLET...
  5. Scott Wright

    Echo Show 5 (1st Gen) reduced from £79.99 to £39.99

    Echo Show 5 (1st Gen, 2019 release) – Smart Display with Alexa Other variants of this product also have respective deals available. Might be worth looking into Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon Prime
  6. S

    Home amp/receiver with multiple rooms and iPhone compatibility

    Hi. I’m moving in to a new place soon and will be hitting the property and going from scratch. I’d like to set up an audio system so I can have speakers in all rooms (speakers tbc) and control from an iPhone/iPad, but be able to play music from an iPhone or guest iPhone pretty simply. I’m...
  7. PsbakerEight2

    Future proofing for smart home

    Evening all, I am at the start of the process of renovating my home. I’m planning on running ethernet cables pretty much to every socket, tv point etc in the house. At the moment I am not too interested in having a smart home but I know what I’m like and in 5 or so years time I’ll change my...
  8. M

    System guidance and build configuration

    Hi All, I’ve decided to install a smart home system using Alexa 4th gen with integrated zigby hub. I was hoping some experienced users might be able to share advice on products for the system features I’d like below? smart switches which must have manual operation for internet failure...
  9. PsbakerEight2

    Modernising an old home

    Hiya, This summer I will be getting my house rewired. While me and my electrician hack away at my house I thought it would make perfect sense to look at running speaker, AV, network and other cables around the house. I will eventually have a hub under my stairs where a network hub will be...
  10. C

    Yamaha WXA50 just arrived

    Yamaha WXA50 just arrived was reccommended by a Member here so far so good will do a good check tommorow
  11. V

    Smart Home Help for New Home Build

    Hi Everyone, We are getting closer to when we have to determine low voltage and would like to solicit your help. We currently are in a two story home running the semi smart home system via WIFI usling routines via Alexa routines, etc. and and using the various apps for SoundTouch, iRobot...
  12. Natosha Jacobs

    how smart should a smart home be?

    We are building a new home and I would like to have a few smart features. It would be convenient to be able to turn the outside lights on for security. Possibly to check to see if I closed the garage doors but other than that, I don't want to be tied to my phone to turn every light on and off...
  13. irvsax

    Smart Switch / Bulbs Problem

    So, I have been going round this for months trying to work out the best solution.... I have kitchen ceiling spots (18 of them, possible with some more to be added). They are currently on a two gang switch. I want to make them 'Smart'. I have considered various options including getting Ajax...
  14. fizzyk

    Question Best Home Security Cameras

    I am looking for a cheap and good wired home security camera. Ideally nothing more than $200. Would appreciate any recommendations!
  15. J

    Question Best home tech companies

    Hi everyone, new here. Happy to join the forums, I'm seeing a lot of people who clearly know a lot about tech! I am super interested in getting more knowledgable about the home tech companies of right now. (home security, smart home systems, smart lighting, cleaners etc etc). Of course I am...
  16. zvis

    Alternating smart wifi switches with dimmer

    Hey everyone. Say if I want a wifi-based smart switch with dimmer, but I want two alternating switches in the room which will coordinate with each other so I can dim up or down from either one, is there any solution for that? Thanks!
  17. G

    Smart Home Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice with regards to starting to get some smart controls in my own home and I am at the very beginning. 1) I have a nest hub max and a nest mini (both freebies, one from Vodafone, one from Spotify). Is looking for Google assistant compatible devices a good place...
  18. D

    Smart Home Wiring

    Hi, I am currently building a new 4 bedroom detached timber frame house and would like to pre wire it for future smart home use. I have a cupboard that I could use as a central hub. Any advice or links to sites would be most welcome from any of the members who have experience in this area...
  19. J

    Question Replace ADT Alarm with Konnected alarm - Smart Home Alarms

    We have an existing monitored ADT alarm and am fed up paying over £40 a month. I have been doing research and the idea of using a Konnected panel interface or replacement panel comes up. I see on here there are some comments about it but I wondered whether anyone had experience of Smart Home...
  20. riverboat2001

    Question Help for smart home for two people.

    All the videos and help tutorials I've watched say when "I" leave the house my system does this, and this, and finally that. Now I want to have a routine that triggers numerous actions when WE leave the house. I want to create a routine where the TV simulators (on smart plugs) turn on and...
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