1. Iqbal

    Amazon video slow load time

    Morning, I have AF9 Sony. For the last few weeks I have noticed that Amazon prime video content is taking a long time to load/play. Programmes are preceded by a circling orb. It is not a network issue as the TV is wired to the net and Netflix and others, like iPlayer etc, loading is snappy so...
  2. D

    LG CX slow internet other devices fast

    Hi I have an LG OLED CX. I've owned it for 2 years and have not had this problem before. I'm trying to figure out why my internet speed on my android and PC is 110-120 MBPS... But on the CX it's much slower. Sometimes it drops to below 10 in the evening and I have buffering issues. I only...
  3. iqoniq

    MOTs - Can you get passed with a slow puncture?

    MOT time is coming up, so I took the cars to get their tyres topped up with nitrogen. My housemate's car's front left tyre seemed to be a fair bit lower than the rest (I could feel it in the handling), and when the guy topped them up he said it may have a slow puncture and to keep an eye on it...
  4. AlexC95

    Virgin Gig1 - Some devices often only gettting 100mbps instead of 1000mbps

    Hi folks, firstly I know this may have been discussed/solved before, but my situation is somewhat unique and I am completely out of ideas (bar one which I will be trying shortly). This may be a lengthy post but I'd appreciate if people wouldn't mind reading it all as I want to make sure I don't...
  5. K

    A90J poor wifi speed

    Would anyone have any idea as to why the internet download speed on my A90J is so poor . I’ve done a WiFi speed test and it’s very slow download 18 Mbs where as my iPad Is giving over 200Mbs. It’s fibre all the way from exchange to my router so don’t understand this. I also bought the USB...
  6. W

    Slow Motion or Fast Forward

    I cancelled our cable tv after gradually subscribing to a few streaming services, and the only thing I miss is the cable DVR box and the functionality of the remote. I currently use the "Smart TV" options of my Sony XR 90J TV mainly to watch YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO MAX. But, I really...
  7. K

    Denon X1600H HDR to SDR and back very slow

    I have recently purchased the Denon X1600H as i upgraded my projector to an Epson TW-9400 projector (4K upscaled) and also purchased an NVideo Shied TV (2019) device. I purchased new premium HDMI cables to handle 4K/60Hz. I noticed a large black screen delay using Netflix when switching between...
  8. N

    Could all over 60's or 70's be offered the drugs that slow dementia down to protect them later?

    Could doing so save a lot of suffering and money for both victims of dementia and their loved ones later?
  9. chaz

    Amozon Prime SLOW

    I have Virgin set top box If I go to Neflix its is fine but Amozon Prime when I go to the lists it moves very slow why is this?
  10. D

    Very slow internet with Windows 10

    I bought a TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless USB adapter as my old adapter was slow. I installed the driver and got the same slow Speed Test result of 1 Mbps. My iPhone has a Speed Test result of 60 Mbps so it's not the router. What could it possibly be?
  11. AMCross

    Question graphics card nvidia 1650 low frame rate and running slow

    any experts on here have two pcs one i5 and other i7 both with 16gb ram and ssd main drive one son is having issues with low frame rate running unreal and i7 pc seems sluggish i5 pc running same software runs fine havent needed to use a graphics card pc for a long time so a little behind on...
  12. C

    Dual Sense Controller Update v0210 - Slow Charging

    Anyone had any issues charging the DS5 in the official dock since the recent controller update (v0210)? It was charging really fast before but now it's taking ages, even when plugged into the wall. I think I could get a full charge from about 3 hours in the dock, but I tried it yesterday...
  13. Chorltonpotter

    Anyone else findings transfers to external SSD painfully slow?

    Evening friends, I have a USB3 caddy and had a brand new 500gb ssd delivered tonight my Amazon, formated the drive (pretty slow to do) and have started transferring ps4 games over, however, it is stupid slow in doing so! I transferred Nowtv over and that took 10 minutes for a couple hundred...
  14. jasonhb

    Slow Connection Speed

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone here is able to shed some light on my problem, I have tried everything that I can think of. I have gigabit broadband at home and all of my wired devices show in excess of 900Mbps download and 52Mbps upload, which is what I expect. The problem I have is that when I test...
  15. W

    Question PS4 Slim Slow Upload Speed

    Hi All, I have 400 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload internet speed from the modem. Speedtest put it at 458/23.5. Whenever I setup the network connection (wired LAN) on my PS4 Slim, I am limited to 180 down and ~4.5-6 up. The down is great but what I need is the upload since I am trying to...
  16. Artur R2

    Question Help! Plex in Kodi streaming from Synology NAS and getting "source read rate too slow..."

    Yes I know its another post asking the same question and while it might be a simple answer I haven't found it yet after spending serious time searching. Your time and input is greatly appreciated, believe me. Plus if we do resolve this I might have some hair left after all :D Problem...
  17. J

    Series 8 slow internet

    I have a Comcast service that gives me over 300 mps. I have checked this numerous times on several devices. If I hard wire (Cat6) to my Samsung Series 8 UHDTV I can only get 60-70 mps. I tried wireless but that was only 35 mps Is there a way to troubleshoot ths issue. I really am not internet...
  18. G

    Question Slow internet on Panasonic TX-55EX580B

    Hello, I'm wondering if there are any clever bods here who could come up with any suggestions on what to do to improve (fix!) the internet speed on this smart tv. Nutshell: internet speed on the TV is very slow, between 40 and 100 times slower than the broadband coming into the property...
  19. GalacticaActual

    Vauxhall Zafira 2002 elegance automatic transmission problem

    Hello everyone. So , the Mrs Zafira is playing up again. Its an automatic transmission , and every so often seems to get stuck at 40MPH. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in the space of the journey, sometimes just once while out. Revs dont go up or down and power seems to drop. Then if you take your...
  20. R

    Windows 7 pc on go slow

    My eight year old pc running on windows 7 suddenly started to do everything really slowly , everything accompanied by scrolling. I reinstalled 7 but no change,anyone have any suggestions? Please keep it simple Im,not very computer literate.
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