1. jasonhb

    Question Slow Connection Speed

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone here is able to shed some light on my problem, I have tried everything that I can think of. I have gigabit broadband at home and all of my wired devices show in excess of 900Mbps download and 52Mbps upload, which is what I expect. The problem I have is that when I test...
  2. W

    Question PS4 Slim Slow Upload Speed

    Hi All, I have 400 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload internet speed from the modem. Speedtest put it at 458/23.5. Whenever I setup the network connection (wired LAN) on my PS4 Slim, I am limited to 180 down and ~4.5-6 up. The down is great but what I need is the upload since I am trying to...
  3. Artur R2

    Question Help! Plex in Kodi streaming from Synology NAS and getting "source read rate too slow..."

    Yes I know its another post asking the same question and while it might be a simple answer I haven't found it yet after spending serious time searching. Your time and input is greatly appreciated, believe me. Plus if we do resolve this I might have some hair left after all :D Problem...
  4. J

    Series 8 slow internet

    I have a Comcast service that gives me over 300 mps. I have checked this numerous times on several devices. If I hard wire (Cat6) to my Samsung Series 8 UHDTV I can only get 60-70 mps. I tried wireless but that was only 35 mps Is there a way to troubleshoot ths issue. I really am not internet...
  5. G

    Question Slow internet on Panasonic TX-55EX580B

    Hello, I'm wondering if there are any clever bods here who could come up with any suggestions on what to do to improve (fix!) the internet speed on this smart tv. Nutshell: internet speed on the TV is very slow, between 40 and 100 times slower than the broadband coming into the property...
  6. GalacticaActual

    Vauxhall Zafira 2002 elegance automatic transmission problem

    Hello everyone. So , the Mrs Zafira is playing up again. Its an automatic transmission , and every so often seems to get stuck at 40MPH. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in the space of the journey, sometimes just once while out. Revs dont go up or down and power seems to drop. Then if you take your...
  7. R

    Windows 7 pc on go slow

    My eight year old pc running on windows 7 suddenly started to do everything really slowly , everything accompanied by scrolling. I reinstalled 7 but no change,anyone have any suggestions? Please keep it simple Im,not very computer literate.
  8. Bert Coules

    Audiocassette deck running slow

    I have no idea if anyone else here still owns, let alone listens to, audiocassettes, but I have a considerable number. They've not been played for a good few years, and wanting to check through them and perhaps digitise some, I connected up a Denon cassette deck (also unused for a lengthy...
  9. C

    Slow motion

    Good slow motion can be achieved at a modest price,anyone who is interested in slow motion should know modestly priced cyberlink powerdirector software can do very good slow motion,i personaly never bother filming in slow motion mode while filming as doing it in post is better IMO
  10. DPinBucks

    Toilet Cistern Slow Filling - Advice Please?

    I wonder if anyone can help with this. The picture is the cistern in our downstairs toilet. It's a design I've never seen anywhere else. The flush is via two vacuum buttons which work the red-topped pistons; for short and full flush. They have never worked well, and we may decide to replace...
  11. fredsie

    Sky Q box slow response to Harmony remote

    Pretty much as the title. Since the Sky Q upgrade this week, the response to my Harmony remote has become extremely slow - it takes about 3 seconds to respond to a button press. Has anyone noticed / cured this? (The remote is the hub-based ultimate type). I've tried messing with the send...
  12. D

    Question Adjusting slow motion speed in editing software

    Hi Question on mates behalf: He has a camcorder and records at 50 fps he wants to slow part of what he has filmed down to 24 fps so its like slow motion the cinema, i think that's what he is trying to get at, is there a simply online conversion tool i can send him so he can get use to adjusting...
  13. DPinBucks

    BMW Sat Nav Slow Responses. FYI & Comments

    The other day I updated the sat nav on my 5-Series (I had to buy a 64GB USB stick because the download is about 100MB above 32GB, but that's another story :mad:). It went OK but took ages. Afterwards, it was incredibly slow to calculate a route, and some commands were so delayed they finally...
  14. S

    Question Sony X850E - Slow delay when changing channels

    I just got an X850E today. I have Spectrum for cable with a samsung cable box. I have it connected to HDMI 1. The resolution on the cable box is set to 1080I. When changing channels, selecting something from my DVR, any actions with it it takes upwards of 20-30 seconds after pressing a button...
  15. GreyMutton

    Question LG EG910v slow operation?

    Hi all, Answering another thread has triggered this in my mind. I bought my OLED' last summer and I love the PQ, blacks and viewing angles. The picture really is brilliant. My only issue with it is how slow the menus work. The smart functions are unusable. Always have been. I kinda just ignored...
  16. N

    Question Panasonic EX750B Slow Guide

    Since owning this TV i have both loved it and hated it. The major problem I am having right now is the GUIDE loading time, it takes a few seconds to load which is pretty bad compared to the instant guide on my old 2010 samsung TV. Sometimes the guide wont load at all, having to either keep...
  17. N

    Pioneer Amp with built in Chromecast slow and buggy ?

    I've got a Pioneer VSX-S520 with the latest firmware installed and connected to my network via a network cable. My experience of the online streaming services are they all seem to work very well except for Chromecast and the only one that's useful to me is of course Chromecast... Does anyone...
  18. MrFraggle

    Question Hisense LTDN40K321UWTS Very slow to boot.

    I have a 40" in one of the bedrooms and for the most part, after setting it up it is a pretty decent TV, lip syncing took a bit of faffing to get right but picture quality is excellent. My gripe is that it is slow to boot up and even changing channels is far slower than the Samsung's I have. Not...
  19. AshDavis3

    KS7000 65" Very Slow Repsonse

    I purchased this TV about 4 months ago. After a couple weeks, response time on the smart control became slow and it seems to have just got worse from there. Its become very annoying and happens everytime I use it. Has anyone experienced this or is there something I can do speed it up?
  20. D

    Question LG - slow wifi

    Just purchased a 55UJ635V yesterday. All setup fine, no issues. Last night tried playing some 4k content via YouTube and Netflix and it just couldn't get going really - thought it was odd, and initially was worried that my 40mb connection wouldn't be enough. Anyway, went to via the...
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