1. Nash__

    Wanted 4K AVR for SKYQ, XBOX One S and 4K Blu-ray

    Hi I current have a Denon 3808 which I love but have recently invested in a 65” QLED, the minimum I need is pass through but full capability 4K would be great, budget is £300 max, Completely new to the 4K scene but learning as I go
  2. kingsize


    My setup is a super hub 3 wired to a devolo1200+ WiFi system. I also have a sky q setup. house 2800 sq ft though rewired. I run the 3 devolos on the 2.4 ghz band with 5ghz turned off. The router outputs both. It is I suppose a mesh system I had VM 200mbps which usually resulted in the devolos...
  3. wildebed

    SkyQ lnb and tv freesat tuner

    Will newer internal freesat tuners in LG TVs work with a SkyQ LNB?. The old Manhattan freesat box certainly doesn't.
  4. K

    Help changing fro SkyQ to freesat (Hybrid LNB)

    Hi, Apologies however I have been scanning forums for hours now and it's all getting confusing. I've currently got Sky Q along with Freesat upstairs, fed by the old style Hybrid LNB that sky used to offer. I'm looking to ditch Sky entirely next month however I'm confused as to what would be...
  5. BOBAD

    Does SkyQ 2tb box transmit in Dolby Digital?

    I've just started using Netflix on Sky and I'm not receiving signals in Dolby Digital 5.1 My Denon 2400 AVR indicates DD is being received according to the display but no sound effects through rear speakers, just normal stereo signals. Any clues please, anyone?
  6. scrowe

    Multi-Stream Enigma Receiver to replace SkyQ

    Hi, I am considering not renewing with SkyQ once my current agreement ends in Feb. I would continue using satellite for FTA channels, ideally. Where a device like the ZGemma H9 combo says it supports multi-stream is this the same thing as how the SkyQ box only needs one satellite cable, so it...
  7. T

    Recording from a SkyQ mini box to a HDR

    Is it possible using an HDMI splitter to record a program from a mini box on to an HDR?
  8. Tristan45

    Disney+ SkyQ 4k

    Looking to subscribe,to Disney+ Is it broadcast in 4k on sky Q
  9. P

    Netflix EXIT vs sign out

    I have skyQ and use netflix via the sky app but with netflix login (do not pay sky for netflix). We have 5 profiles that we move around on different TVs. we have max 2 users Say we are using 2 profiles and one is not in use, then EXIT rather than log out, so effectively still logged in but...
  10. Whitley Lad

    NEWS: Sky Q launches Amazon Prime Video app,CEO%20UK%20%26%20Europe%2C%20Sky
  11. M

    Samsung frame 50” Soundbar advice

    Good morning, I’m looking for a bit of advice as my new 50”frame is coming Tuesday from John Lewis and in the new year the new sofa, so the whole living room will be getting a makeover, we’re looking at building a tv wall to hide the SkyQ2tb uhd box and the Samsung one connect box, but also...
  12. A

    SkyQ to 4K TV and 4K Projector without swapping cables

    New member, first post. Sorry if I’m asking what is probably an obvious question. I have SkyQ which I connect to either my UHD Hisense TV or my Viewsonic UHD projector by swapping the HDMI leads at the back of the SkyQ box which is a faff. I would like to have some sort of HDMI switch to leave...
  13. P

    Sony XF9005 SET UP FOR PS5

    Good afternoon, I am new to the forum but did read a few posts when purchasing my XF9005. My question is what is the best was to use the HDMI ports. I currently have a PS5, Sky Q UHD box and my Sony soundbar running from the HDMI slots. The soundbar is running through the ARC (HDMI3) and the PS5...
  14. W

    skyQ minibox

    my sky q minibox wouldn't connect to my network, so sky sent me replacement. in the meantime it has now connected to network. sky did not ask for it to be returned and i have received the new one today.. so was wondering if I could give the old one to my daughter and if it would work in her...
  15. scrowe

    SkyQ UHD download bug

    Is anyone else noticed or suffer the same issue. This has changed in the last week. I season pass a few US shows that are available nearly immediately after live broadcast as a UHD on-demand download. So I usually access the recording, scroll down to Watch Now and find the last broadcast...
  16. Barrovian

    New to SkyQ - how to combine existing Netflix UHD package?

    A Sky Q and Netflix question... I’ve just had Sky Q installed. I already have a Netflix Ultra HD subscription and I’ve logged into Netflix on the Q box. Sky are suggesting that I link my account to Sky so it all goes on one bill, and to stop Netflix charging me separately. I’m a little confused...
  17. whitesnake11

    SkyQ adds HDR to Netflix

    SkyQ have added HDR to their Netflix app from today, it looks like a staggered rollout however.
  18. P

    Question The Netflix and SkyQ question (Sorry I did search but can't find the right answer)

    Oh Forum Oracles/Wise ones :) So I've done cancellation dance and will getting my aging and noisy Sky+HD box replaced with a Sky Q 1TB box with Ultra HD (free install, less than half what I was already paying). Except I'm only subscribing to the Sky Signature + HD as what Sky has in UHD isn't to...
  19. bingodisco

    SkyQ 2TB v2 hard drive noise in standby

    Had a new v2 2TB SkyQ box installed yesterday (silver trim, external power brick) to replace my old 2TB Sky+HD box. Very impressed by the improvement in picture quality but when the box is in standby the hard drive seems to be constantly ticking away and a quiet fan running. There's nothing...
  20. jonniewotsit

    Question Two properties sharing a SkyQ minidish

    Can two neighboring properties share one SkyQ minidish and have separate skyQ systems? Will i need a Hybrid LNB for this, if so which version ? It's a conversation area, we can just about hide one dish discretely and then run cables to both properties. We own both properties, but different...
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